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Two chances to join MomsRising on Capitol Hill

July 20, 2014
We are going to be up on Capitol Hill twice bringing the voices of moms from around the country to members of Congress—and we would love for YOU to join us at one or even both of these events.
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Teaching Children About Poverty

July 16, 2014
By Elise Schreier , Blogger for A friend of mine recently published an article in the Washington Post ( This is what happened . ..) about her experience using food stamps via the WIC program. Her decent into poverty was a swift one, and the image so vividly painted in the article is of her arriving to pick up WIC checks in a Mercedes. Her story has elicited a highly-charged response full of both criticism and praise but, at the core, it is a call for non-judgment. A reminder of how any one of us could have found ourselves in those shoes – and being poor does not come with an...
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Faith above Facts: One Mom’s Career in Sex Law, Part 3

July 15, 2014
Putting faith over fact, 5 conservative Catholic men on the Supreme Court have opened a Pandora’s Box: your boss now gets to interfere with your birth control decisions. In its sharply divided 5-4 ruling in Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS ramps up the War on Women.
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When the Unexpected Happens: Supporting Moms and Families on WIC

July 11, 2014
This speaks to being a mom, to paid family leave and in general to the way we view "poor" people and our ideas of how that person should be defined.
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Take Action!

Tell your Senator to co-sponsor the FAMILY Act!

July 10, 2014
Did you know that only 12% of Americans have access to paid family (maternity/paternity) leave in the United States? And that having a baby is a leading cause of poverty spells in this country? Do you find that appalling? Me too.
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Great Work Cultures Big Tent Initiative -- Moving from Command and Control to Respect and Empower

July 7, 2014
Turns out that pretty much all the good work culture practices that are good for moms are good for everybody. And movements are more powerful when they inspire everybody!
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Working Families Join a Critical National Dialogue: My Message to the White House Summit

July 7, 2014
I had the privilege to take part in the recent White House Summit on Working Families , and I wanted to share with you three points I shared with the 1,000 people who attended (about a quarter of whom were union members). The summit was in a prestigious ballroom in Washington, D.C. Many of the people in the room were high-powered business leaders interested in family-friendly workplace policies to help them recruit and retain the most sought-after workers in their fields. But I asked everyone to mentally draw a one-mile radius around the hotel and think about all the workers within it—...
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Moms who DREAM

June 27, 2014
I never thought sending a Facebook “Friend Request” could impact me they way it did. One day on my Facebook wall, I noticed an organization called “DREAMers Moms”, so I sent them a friend request. I quickly received a response that they wanted me to come to a meeting in Miami, Florida. I was changed forever… The meeting overwhelmed me, and I was able to catch it on film for “Documented” (which airs June 29th on CNN). Seeing the sacrifice these mothers made for their children so they could have a brighter future, the ability to go to college, build careers they never imagined, and build their...
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Take Action!

Sign our thank you card to keep the MOMentum going!

June 26, 2014
Do you have a second to sign a very important thank you card to the White House? Click here to sign on to the thank you card now! Why the card? Well, we (and you) just had a… drumroll please…. MAJOR VICTORY!
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Michigan moms want fairness

June 26, 2014
My family has been in Michigan for generations and I am proud to keep up that tradition as my wife Colleen and I raise our two daughters here. Michiganders share a set of values – a strong work ethic, integrity and fairness – that I’m happy to pass on to my daughters.
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