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1,000,000 Women, Mostly Mothers, Are Behind Bars Or On Parole In The United States

April 5, 2016
1,000,000 women, mostly mothers are behind bars or under criminal justice supervision in the United States . Two-thirds of the women in federal prisons are serving time for challenges related to nonviolent drug abuse. They need treatment and counseling, not incarceration. Our justice system is...
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The Wage Gap: Short-Changing Women and Families

April 4, 2016
Let's fast forward to the year 2059. My 11-year old daughter Lucy will be 55, and my two-year old twins, Cecilia and Eleanor, will turn 45. It's fun to contemplate all that they might achieve over the next four decades. It's not so fun to think about the fact that it will take this long —4 0 years...
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Hey Congress: Opioid Abuse is Still an Emergency

April 1, 2016
More Americans die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes. That’s one of the reasons President Obama was in Atlanta this Tuesday speaking at the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, the largest national collaboration of local, state and federal agencies, business, academia, treatment providers, counselors and advocates impacted by prescription drug abuse and heroin use.
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Tipped workers need a pay raise

April 1, 2016
How long has it been since you’ve had a raise? For some workers, it has been entirely too long. Today – Friday, April 1, 2016 – marks the 25 th anniversary since the minimum wage for tipped workers has been increased. For 25 years now, the minimum wage for an estimated 5.3 million workers in the U...
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Running a Business and Being a Mom is a Daily Struggle

April 1, 2016
This post first appeared on Facebook. It's 10pm. The babies are in bed and I'm trying to get some work done. I've noticed I haven't shared much personal on Facebook lately. Trying to share more other than articles I've read and honestly, I wanted to bring something up that I've been thinking about...
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They are forgotten: Hunger and homelessness in South Dakota

March 30, 2016
Do poverty, hunger and homelessness exist when there is no one around to see? A tiny South Dakota town that probably 99.99 percent of Americans have never heard of is living testimony that the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Located in the poorest county in America , the enclave of...
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What Happens When We Count Care In?

March 28, 2016
Counting Care In - a free webinar on April 14 about valuing care and raising women's status.
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Wage Inequality Grew in 2015 - for the 35th Year in a Row

March 25, 2016
A new report confirms what many Americans feel every day: the wage gap between the top and everyone else continued to grow. To ensure a rising tide indeed lifts all boats, we need to raise the minimum wage, eliminate the gender wage gap, and expand overtime protections.
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Pregnancy Guidelines Your Doctor Wasn't Taught in Medical School

March 24, 2016
As a pregnant woman, there’s much to experience, much to do, and much to learn. You’ll navigate everything from whether you can still eat your favorite deli meat and change your cat’s litter, to the principles of your birth plan. Thankfully many women can count on dedicated prenatal care providers...
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Congress Insists on Cuts to Offset Emergencies and Food for Children but not for Corporate Tax Breaks

March 18, 2016
The same members of Congress who pushed for corporate tax breaks without offsets are now the ones calling for cuts to low-income programs to reduce the debt.
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