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My Mother Made Me Fat

September 29, 2009
If it hadn’t been for the Big Macs that Joannie ate pretty much three times a week, she wouldn’t have gotten fat. If she hadn’t been exposed while in her mother’s womb to chemicals x, y and z, Joannie wouldn’t have had the propensity to get fat. And if Joannie’s mom had eaten more sensibly, both...

Rub a Dub Dub: Watch out for chemical-induced rashes in the tub

September 23, 2009
The products are advertised as “extra gentle” and “for sensitive skin,” yet new medical papers indicate that many children’s bath products contain a chemical preservative that can cause chronic skin problems that are often misdiagnosed as eczema or other diseases. Quaternium 15 - a chemical found...

We all want Healthy Stuff!

September 17, 2009
Do you have friends or co-workers who use women's handbags, buy children's toys, car seats, or even have a pet or two? Well, yeah, that covers just about everyone we know! None of us want these products to expose us to toxic chemicals that are associated with health problems, but it turns out some... On the Go

September 16, 2009
Searching for a new car? Back to school clothes shopping with the kids? Don’t miss out on the new Healthy Stuff database just because you’re on the go!
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CA Assembly Fails to Pass BPA Bill

September 14, 2009
As you all know, I and other members on the MomsRising team have been fervently working to pass a bill in California that would help eliminate the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby and toddler products like bottles and sippy cups. I thought I would let you know how the vote went on...
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The Foxes Guarding the Chickens: BPA, EPA & the Chemical Makers

September 12, 2009
This week would have been a great occasion to have a camera crew at the National Institutes of Health, to capture EPA officials meeting with the densest gathering ever of the cream of America’s toxic chemical producers and users. They came together – with no sign that the new administration had...

Urgent -- CA Toxics Bill Needs Your Help Now!

September 10, 2009
The California State Assembly has until today to pass a bill, SB 797, that would ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby products like bottles and formula cans. As the Los Angeles Times noted today , the formula and packaging industry have launched a ferocious campaign against this bill...
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A New Pediatrics to Heal Sick Children (and Keep Well Kids Healthy)

September 10, 2009
A New Pediatrics to Heal Sick Children (and Keep Well Kids Healthy) If your baby were suffering from colic, would you treat him with artificially dyed and sweetened simethicone (the chemical in drugs such as Mylanta and Mylicon) or first try an emulsion of fennel seed oil? If your young daughter...

You are the Target of a Toxic Chemical's P R Blitz

September 4, 2009
This past spring, the companies that make and use the chemical bisphenol-A, BPA, convened a meeting in Washington, DC, to devise a reassuring media campaign, which they have just now launched. Young mothers aged 21-35, such as MomsRising members, are the target. The meeting minutes noted that their...

Lead in lipstick: FDA gives moms the toxic kiss off

September 3, 2009
It took nearly two years, but FDA has finally published its study on lead in lipstick, and the findings are not reassuring. FDA found up to four times more lead in lipstick than previous reports. Even less reassuring is the fact that FDA spent two years studying the problem, only to discover that,...