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Zhu Zhu Pets, and much much more.

December 7, 2009
The hottest news across my Facebook and in-box this morning was the GoodGuide findings of dangerous metals and the chemical antimony in the season's most popular holiday toy, zhu zhu pets . The manufacturer is standing by their product. Stay tuned! (UPDATE: CPSC found the product is safe ). But moms, has this other important link also been all over your Facebook? If not, it should have been. This weekend, in another great piece in the NY Times , woman-friendly columnist Nicholas Kristoff asks: What if breast cancer in the United States has less to do with insurance or mammograms and more to...

The Death of BPA?

November 23, 2009
At MomsRising, we've been working for years to keep kids safe from toxic Bisphenol-A (BPA) in food containers and bottles. We've generated tens of thousands of letters to Congress and state legislatures, and sent pages of petition signatures to manufacturers. We've made progress -- but we still have a ways to go! The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing BPA, and they are scheduled to release their recommendations next week. The more of us working together right now to finally rid food containers of toxic BPA, the better. That's why we're partnering with CREDO Action on this last-minute...

Where the mop hits the classroom floor

November 21, 2009
My usual approach to grassroots activism is to focus on making laws better: paid family leave, toxics, breastfeeding, you get the picture. Pretty much the usual issues that rightfully rile up today’s moms in the U.S. (that Moms Rising has thankfully plunked in the center of the proverbial “kitchen table”). But this time, I’m redirecting my efforts to where the rubber hits the road. Or, more to the point, where the mop hits the classroom floor . Baking soda, vinegar and plain soap are my cleaning supplies at home - plus a little elbow grease (ok, sometimes a lot if it’s been awhile). I don't...
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Pumpkin pie and pesticides? New iPhone App for healthy food lovers.

November 18, 2009
Personally, I like my cranberries and pumpkin pie chemical-free. Pesticide Action Network's new What's On My Food? iPhone App makes the invisible problem of pesticides more visible, showing which pesticides are found on what foods, and how those chemicals can harm human health.
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Um...What's Chemical Security and Why Should I Care?

November 3, 2009
Chemical security is probably not something you think about every day, nor should it be! As parents, we have enough to worry about. That’s why we need government and businesses to do their jobs to minimize the risks our families face from toxic chemicals. Did you know that this summer in North Carolina, a mom died when she was exposed to an ammonia spill on her way to work? According to The State, a South Carolina newspaper: “Thirty-eight-year-old Jacqueline Patrice Ginyard — Treecie to family members — died in a bizarre chemical accident as she drove to work. A toxic fog of ammonia leaked...

Of Teenagers and Whales

November 1, 2009
Children's health is connected to the well-being of our world.

Pretty Scary: New Report Finds Heavy Metals in Children's Face Paints

October 28, 2009
When it comes time to transform your child into a red-nosed clown or green-skinned witch this Halloween, what you don’t know could hurt you. The Campaign for Safer Cosmetics recently tested ten face paints commonly used for children’s Halloween costumes, and the results weren’t pretty. Ten out of ten paints contained lead, and many of them contained other allergens as well, including nickel, cobalt, and chromium. Yes, the FDA argues that the level of lead in our cosmetics, including face paints, is within a safe range, but then the CDC says “No safe blood lead level has been identified.” Who...
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Your doctor and nurse carry a chemical burden just like yours..and your children's

October 8, 2009
If your doctor is blase' about toxic chemicals, give him a copy of this report.

UPDATED! Dear Kraft-- a form letter isn't good enough.

October 6, 2009
In August more than 32,000 MomsRising members and sent a letter to the CEO of Kraft asking her to keep harmful chemicals out of Mac and Cheese. Here's the main point of the letter: I applaud the decision you made to remove synthetic growth hormones, artificial colorings like yellow #5, and chemical sweeteners like aspartame from the Kraft products that you distributed in other countries in 2008. It was an appropriate and consumer friendly response to changes in consumer sentiment overseas which were influenced by studies highlighting the risks that these synthetic chemicals, hormones and...
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My Mother Made Me Fat

September 29, 2009
If it hadn’t been for the Big Macs that Joannie ate pretty much three times a week, she wouldn’t have gotten fat. If she hadn’t been exposed while in her mother’s womb to chemicals x, y and z, Joannie wouldn’t have had the propensity to get fat. And if Joannie’s mom had eaten more sensibly, both waistlines would be slimmer. Fat people most likely are programmed to become fat before taking their first sip of milk. Today’s news is, that pesticides are among the chemicals responsible for this reprogramming. Two of three U.S. adults are now classified as overweight. Type II diabetes has increased...