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Gross Domestic Product - What if you got paid to raise your children?

April 4, 2014
The idea to write a play about motherhood came to me when I was writing my last play, Flipside and nursing my second child. Actually, it had been gestating since the day I was nursing my first child and complaining to my HartBeat Co-Artistic Director Greg Tate that the intersecting struggles of child care, career and being broke were making motherhood feel impossible. To this my wise friend said, "Well that's what's behind the movement for counting childrearing as part of the Gross Domestic Product. Think about how much easier this would all be if raising children was valued for what it is -...

We've Got a Math Problem -- but Help May Be on the Way!

April 3, 2014
I remember sitting down with my mom doing my math homework almost every night. One night I was tasked with creating a budget for a family of four -- I remember my mom being elated that I was learning the importance of budgeting from such a young age. I’ll admit at first the purpose was a little lost on me. But as we plugged in the income, and subtracted monthly costs like food, rent, the basics, the added cost of child care was a nut the two of us couldn’t crack alone. Now more than ever do we need to address major policy issues that have been damaging to women and families for far too long...
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Scrambling for Stability: The Challenges of Job Schedule Volatility and Child Care

March 27, 2014
For Karen, a part-time package delivery person and mom to a one-year-old, making child care arrangements is a weekly exercise in scrambling. That’s because Karen receives notice of her schedule only one week in advance, and her shifts fluctuate. The volatility of her schedule makes everything harder. Karen struggles to find friends and family to care for her baby on short notice. And when she can’t work the magic necessary to arrange child care on the fly, she is disciplined at work for being late or missing a day. Karen’s story, recounted in a 2011 report from the Institute for Workplace...
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Pennsylvania Selfies to Advocate for Early Learning: #IAmPreK

March 25, 2014
Are you PreK in PA ? Please use your voice for those too young to advocate for themselves. This past weekend longtime early childhood education advocate, Sharon Easterling of the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC) stood in front of over 1200 people and asked for one little favor of each of us to help move mountains for our youngest learners in Pennsylvania - "take a selfie." She explains, "To achieve our goal that every preschooler in Pennsylvania will have access to a high-quality early learning program, public or private, we must raise the visibility of...
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ICYMI: Cavity-Free Kids Webinar

March 17, 2014
Did you know that your child’s dental health is critical to their overall health, their success in school, and more? Did you know that getting your child’s dental health off to a great start begins as early as prenatally? In case you missed it, MomsRising teamed up with the Washington Dental Service Foundation and their superstar educator Tammy Questi, for a super-charged webinar on cavity-free kids! Check out the recording of the webinar here to get caught up on the ins-and-outs, the tips and tricks on how to get your kids to brush their teeth and keep cavities at bay! Part 1: http://cc...
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High Quality Pre-K Gets the Spotlight in Pennsylvania

March 13, 2014
One of the best places to be in my state on any given day is in the classroom of a high quality pre-k program. There you will hear laughter and intriguing conversation. There you will see smiles and brows furrowed in curiosity. There you will reassured and valued for your unique gifts. There you will be encouraged to learn from mistakes and given a chance to try again and again and again and... There you will receive invitations to play, learn, explore, and grow. When you leave this classroom you will be ready to succeed. Sadly, not every child has such a high-quality early learning...
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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Fund Our Littlest Learners

March 11, 2014
I remember sitting with my mom at the kitchen table learning how to balance a budget for a family. Those memories seem so distant! Now as an adult, I wonder how I'll ever make ends meet, now that child care costs more than college tuition in most states. [1] MomsRising has been lifting the voices of mothers to urge the President to prioritize funding to make sure our littlest learners get the best start in school and life. And we were heard! President Obama released his federal budget proposal last week, which greatly expands funding for high quality early learning for babies, toddlers and...
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President Obama's New Budget Invests in Early-Childhood Education, Child Care Tax Credit

March 5, 2014
President Obama released a $3.9 trillion budget proposal for fiscal year 2015 on Tuesday. The president’s budget contains initiatives that would be widely popular with the American people, according to opinion polls, including job training, education, and closing corporate tax loopholes. However, the president still favors expanding military spending – even as we withdraw from Afghanistan and research suggests that the American people do not approve of devoting an astonishing 57 percent of discretionary spending to the military. Here are the top five things to know about Obama's budget: 1...
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Fact: The Child CARE Act Would Help Working Families Pay for Child Care

February 25, 2014
Fact: There are more households with working parents than ever before. Fewer than 1 in 3 children today have a full-time, stay-at-home parent . Fact: Child care is incredibly expensive—disproportionately so for low-income families. The average cost of full-time care ranges from $3,900 to $15,000 a year, depending on where the family lives, the type of care, and the age of the child. Low-income families who use paid child care spend over 32 percent of their income on child care every month [PDF] (five times the percentage that families living above 200% of the federal poverty level spend)...
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A Valentine for Afterschool

February 14, 2014
Valentine's Day is all about showing the people you love how much they mean to you. It's about expressing how you feel to those who make your life richer and more meaningful. This year, moms around the country are sending Valentines to their afterschool programs. It’s no wonder that afterschool programs hold a special place in the hearts of many busy parents. As a mom myself, I know how important it is to be sure that when they are not with me, my children are safe, supervised, learning and engaged. Afterschool programs do all that – they provide a space for children to expand their horizons...
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