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A New Low for Child Care Assistance

March 1, 2012
Recent headlines related to child care policy have been discouraging to say the least. In California, proposed budget cuts threaten to cut off child care assistance for 62,000 children. Florida proposes to save money by providing child care subsidies only for children under age 5, leaving young...
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Celebrate International Women’s Day for a whole week!

February 29, 2012
Each year on March 8, women from around the globe celebrate International Women’s Day. In some countries, it is even a national holiday. But here in the US, this important day is often overlooked. Well not this year! Beginning on March 1, Link TV is dedicating an entire week to showcasing diverse...
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#BeTheHelp on Oscar Night

February 23, 2012
Photo: Mimi Ho, member of Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Association, with her children, her friend's child and their nanny, Xiao Ying, who cares for them. Like the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, Oscar night is a night of American togetherness. On February 26, we'll all be serving up...

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

February 15, 2012
Hello MomsRising followers! So many of you enjoyed the CT Working Moms recent series about toxins that I want to share our latest series with you, A Day in the Life of a Working Mom (the brain child of our blogger Christa ). Each day for the next 2 weeks one of our bloggers will take you through...
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Counting Fathers as Babysitters: Why it Matters

February 12, 2012
Today’s mothers and fathers have an uphill battle. Here we are struggling to share parenting and employment in a world that still expects us to be in traditional family roles, and a government institution comes along to tell us that when dad takes care of the kids it’s "babysitting", but when...
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The State of the States is...Masculine: Women Urgently Needed in State Legislatures!

February 8, 2012
With presidential primaries in full swing, each state stands to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. As riveting as the recent political theatrics have been, the campaign season also underscores just how many important decisions are made at the state level. From education to health care to workplace...
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Will the President Choose Kids Again?

February 8, 2012
President Obama’s Past Budgets Invest in Kids - Will the Positive Trend Continue in 2013? A detailed analysis of the last three budget requests reveals that President Obama has requested on average a nominal increase of 5.2% each year for children’s programs. 2011 saw by far the biggest proposed...
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These Educators Deserve a Movie Deal

February 7, 2012
There are two stories to tell in Chester Upland School District in Pennsylvania. One is a heroic story worthy of a book or movie deal. Chester Upland, a poor and predominantly minority district, is a long way from Hollywood, but it does have a star in Sara Ferguson.
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Exchange Committed to Expanding Coverage in California

January 26, 2012
CPEHN began its Equity and the ACA webinar series earlier today. We were very fortunate to have Peter Lee, Executive Director of the California Health Benefit Exchange, as our first presenter. The event, Equity and the ACA: Establishing the California Health Benefit Exchange , featured an...
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MomsRising is Live Tweeting the State of the Union. Join Us!

January 25, 2012
Great news! MomsRising got invited to tweet at the White House during tonight's State of the Union speech by the President! And I'll be there representing us. We'll be keeping our ears open for the issues that matter every day to families, like health care coverage, unemployment insurance, fair pay...
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