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For Moms & Moms-to-be the Personal Is Political

December 30, 2010
Cross posted from the Young Women's Leadership Program Blog: Words of Wisdom from Worldly Young Women As I scrolled through my newsfeed on my Facebook page this week I came across a posting written by a friend who has two young children that read, “I make $4.26 a week after daycare. Oh, the joys of parenthood.” My immediate reaction and my subsequent comment on her post read, “No, more like: Oh the joys of a society that says it values family but then doesn’t give us paid maternity leave and doesn’t create more affordable childcare options!” Ever since reading the Motherhood Manifesto (read...
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Shame on US: Congress defeats bill to protect girls from dangerous child marriages

December 17, 2010
The US House of Representatives just defeated S. 987 (The International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act), despite passing unanimously in the Senate. By failing to pass the Child Marriage bill, our country turns a blind eye to practices enslaving children into marriage. Here's the update from the Washington Post's Post Partisan blog . Tell Congress: Girls need books, not husbands Ironically, the background published at for the Republicans in Congress makes a good case to PASS the bill: "The United Nations Children's Fund estimates that 60 million girls in developing...
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The Promise of Postsecondary Education for Parents

December 16, 2010
Education, and particularly higher education, provides many individuals with hope for a better future. The power of this simple truism was brought home to me while working on Striking a Balance , when I discovered that the union for hotel workers in San Francisco ( HERE Local 2 ) had developed a scholarship program to fund prep courses for college admissions tests. The catch? The program was for the daughters and sons of union members, and not the members themselves. The members are mainly immigrant women, and their vision for a brighter future involves higher education for their children. A...
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Is your family one of the 12 million?

December 16, 2010
I see myself in this stat. Have you been there too? I'm one of millions of parents across this country who depend on child care. Without child care, I don't know how I'd be able to get to work and provide for my family. I am not alone: Nearly 12 million children under age five regularly spend time in child care. [1] This week is our last week to stand up and say families depend on early learning programs like child care and preschool. States across the country will close preschool classrooms and add more children to child care waiting lists unless the U.S. Senate invests in early learning...
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The Real Meaning of A Christmas Carol

December 14, 2010
I've been thinking over at Raising Generation O lately about the Christmas Spirit. About giving , and teaching children about gratitude and charity, but also about fairness, justice, equity--and how these relate to the season's spirit. At the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Caro l (the real, unabridged, print version)--spoiler alert--Tiny Tim doesn't walk. The real miracle is that Scrooge's heart is changed. And in fact, Scrooge's spiritual transformation may be more profound and significantly more complicated than the pat miracle that appears at the end of some dramatic versions of the...

Bullying: Are you The One?

December 6, 2010
Children are dying. A bully is making their lives miserable. A bully is threatening them. Humiliating them. Being mean.
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When is Parent Day?

November 17, 2010
I remember when I first started teaching sometime in the late 1800s when one of the moms of one of my 4th graders came to the class to apologize. She had always been The Room Mother for her kids, but this year she was working outside the home, and she was apologizing...
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Little Stalker

November 10, 2010
I recently talked with a mom whose seven-year-old son, Jacob, would become enamored with girls at school and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Once he fell for a girl (usually a year or two older) he’d transform into a little stalker, relentlessly wanting to play with them, constantly trying to strike up a conversation and even sneaking up to kiss them when they weren’t looking. It didn’t seem to matter whether the girls told him “no” politely or abruptly Jacob was undaunted in his pursuit of their affections. Jacob didn’t have any problem taking “no” for an answer in other social situations...
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What's your experience with child care?

November 9, 2010
While the election is still being pondered by political pundits, real life goes on... including the struggle of real life parents to get affordable access to quality early care and education for their kids so they can get to work. But that struggle may get a lot tougher. In the next few weeks, Congress will be debating investments in early care and education (child care, preschool, HeadStart, etc.). During this debate, Congress will mainly be fighting over statistics--but our kids are more than numbers, and Congress needs more than statistics in order to get a real understanding of parenthood...
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Give Pundits a Time Out!

November 4, 2010
Political pundits are spinning away in the wake of the elections, making guesses about what the election results say about the will of the voters. But it's too critical a time for our country to let the paid pundits have the last word. Moms (and dads!) know more than any political pundit about what's really going on across America! Let's skip the middle man/woman and tell our members of Congress directly what's on our minds. *Click here to give members of Congress the straight scoop about the most important issues for your family right now--and, if you have them, any ideas about how your...
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