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Exchange Committed to Expanding Coverage in California

January 26, 2012
CPEHN began its Equity and the ACA webinar series earlier today. We were very fortunate to have Peter Lee, Executive Director of the California Health Benefit Exchange, as our first presenter. The event, Equity and the ACA: Establishing the California Health Benefit Exchange , featured an informative presentation and a question and answer session with participants from across the state. Lee began by discussing different components of the Affordable Care Act and its potential to improve the lives of millions of uninsured Californians. Of California’s approximately 5 million uninsured, 76...
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MomsRising is Live Tweeting the State of the Union. Join Us!

January 25, 2012
Great news! MomsRising got invited to tweet at the White House during tonight's State of the Union speech by the President! And I'll be there representing us. We'll be keeping our ears open for the issues that matter every day to families, like health care coverage, unemployment insurance, fair pay, paid sick days and paid family leave, child care, the environment and more. And we need your ears too! Tweet with us @MomsRising in conversation on Twitter starting at 9:00 PM EST tonight. Photo by Flickr user If you don't tweet, please join the conversation right here on the blog! Leave your...
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Harold Perrineau and Other Hollywood Parents and Children Support Today's "Help"

January 23, 2012
Photo by Emily Welsch. "My grandmother was a domestic worker," said actor Harold Perrineau ( Lost ), co-host of the #BeTheHelp Children's Art Party presented by the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) in Los Angeles this Saturday. "Today, we love the nanny who works with our family. We're thrilled to support efforts to bring fairness to this important workforce." Perrineau then smiled as his daughter raced by with a noisemaker in the kid-friendly playroom at the Treehouse Social Club. Perrineau and his wife Brittany hosted the event along with fellow Hollywood parents Gina Torres (...
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Labor Protections are Long Overdue

January 23, 2012
My grandmother was a domestic worker, my mom hired nannies to help raise my brother, sister, and I, and as a working mom I employ childcare providers to take care of my own young daughters. I support AB 889, the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights Campaign, because I value this vital, but often disrespected, work. Domestic workers have been systematically excluded from many basic labor protections many of us take for granted. Domestic workers and farm workers were left out of the National Labor Relations Act in the 1930’s to appease Southern segregationists. It wasn’t until the 1970’s...
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Creating Opportunity Starts with Children

January 20, 2012
As this election year continues to unfold, we’ll hear more and more about jobs, creating opportunity and the future of the nation. Children, too, must be part of that dialogue. Thursday afternoon, I participated in the MomsRising live Tweet Chat with the White House on Unemployment Insurance and the Administration’s priorities for families for 2012. Unemployment was front and center because on Feb. 28, federally-funded unemployment benefits will expire for millions of long-term unemployed workers still trying to find jobs in this difficult economy. Struggling families need the benefit of...
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6 Health Care Stories to Watch Out For

January 18, 2012
What will the big stories be for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2012? Access, affordability and quality win the day. The ACA year opens with a scintillating GOP primary and election year intrigue; and the Supreme Court hears arguments on the “individual responsibility” requirement and the constitutionality of the Act. Don't forget what the Affordable Care Act means for women: * Free preventative screenings like mammograms * Your children cannot be denied for a pre-existing medical condition - a new benefit already in place right now * The end of higher medical insurance costs just because...

Digital Bootstraps for Analog Problems -- A Reply to Forbes Columnist Gene Marks' "If I Were A Poor Black Kid"

December 22, 2011
A truly clueless if well-intentioned column by Gene Marks titled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” in Forbes magazine is getting righteously ripped from journalists all around the web . They’re correctly pointing out how bereft Marks’ column is of history, research, practical awareness, racial sensitivity, or the sheer realities of hunger or even homelessness that low-income children face. Marks seems to suggest that kids from impoverished backgrounds – all too many of whom are African American – can simply access computers and lift themselves up by their digital bootstraps to use free websites...
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Why I'm (Pre)Occupied with Miley Cyrus: Does Hannah Montana Still Matter?

December 6, 2011
It's been easy for people worried about the sexualization of little girls to feel unambivalently distressed about Miley Cyrus as Disney's Hannah Montana. But how should we feel about her now that she's made this great music video about Occupy protests around the world?
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Child Care is Unskilled Labor?

November 30, 2011
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Kelly Coyle DiNorcia is the author of this post. Her bio is here with another piece she wrote several weeks ago. In the car the other day, I was listening to NPR. Brian Lehrer was interviewing Robert Guest, the global business editor of The Economist and author of the new book, Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism . Here is a quote from Mr. Guest that has been sticking in my mind, and I’m hoping that the smart and savvy...
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Tell the super committee: Protect investments in America's children

November 17, 2011
“Think of the debt we’re leaving the next generation,” deficit hawks will often remark. Yet sometimes the cuts they propose are our most important investments in the next generation. We need to make sure that when we balance the budget, we're not leaving behind a different kind of a debt: a human deficit. Next week the congressional “super committee” faces a deadline to reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion. This is a critical time to tell Congress to protect the programs that protect kids. Everything from Pell Grants to food stamps could be affected unless we act. You can use our new...
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