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#FoodFri Tweetchat: School Meals + Physical Activity? Yes, Schools Have Rules for That!

February 27, 2015
Did you know that every school is required to have a Wellness Policy, covering topics like school celebrations and rewards, physical activity, and nutrition education? It's true! According to recent updates, schools also have to engage parents in the policies. This is a perfect opportunity for parents, like you and I, to get involved! To help you engage with your school, and learn more about the policies, MomsRising is holding a #FoodFri tweetchat this Friday, February 27, 2015, to discuss the updated School Wellness Policy rules. Joining us on the chat will be @CSPI. Feel free to ask...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Let's Celebrate School Food Heroes!

February 16, 2015
This month, is celebrating school food heros. They are highlighting people who have gone above and beyond to ensure that all snacks in schools are Smart Snacks . In celebration of Valentine's Day, they named these amazing heros "Smart Snacks Sweethearts". As you might know, Smart Snacks in Schools are the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutrition standards for food sold in school snack bars, vending machines and a la carte lines. Join #FoodFri with @MomsRising and @Prevent_Obesity on Friday, February 20, 2015 to learn more about Smart Snacks in schools and celebrate Smart...
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Planting a Seed

February 12, 2015
1. The early years… the seed is planted Image courtesy of Words in my food lexicon - white rice (I eat mine with butter and sugar – none of that salt and pepper crap), white flour (for making biscuits and frying chicken), white bread, and white sugar. Words NOT in my food lexicon - whole wheat, whole grain, and organic (this hadn’t been invented yet, at least that I was aware of). Mashed potatoes were flakes in a box. Fish came from a can. You took that canned fish, mix it with my mom’s special ingredients, and fried in Crisco. Saddle this croquette next to fried potatoes,...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Let's Chat about Teeth Friendly Foods for Kids!

February 11, 2015
This week we’re chatting about healthy teeth foods in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month ! Oral health and food go hand and hand; as a result, we’re bringing out the big guns to answer your questions! Join #FoodFri on Friday, February 13, 2105, at 1pmEST. Our panelists, @teeth_matter and @DeltaDental, will be available to answer your questions and share insights on food and oral care. Spread the word and invite a friend (or two!). Together, we can defeat monstor mouth! Click the photo to download the PDF . To join and follow the conversation on Twitter use the #FoodFri Hashtag...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: #NYC Introduces a Healthy Happy Meal Bill!

February 6, 2015
The Healthy Happy Meal Bill presented in NYC by Council Member Ben Kallos and drafted in partnership with parents’ groups, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the American Heart Association is currently before the New York City Council. The bill would tie toys and other incentives that come with kids’ meals to minimum nutrition standards. It would not, however, ban toys sold with kids’ meals. Rather, it would merely put a stop to the practice of incentivizing unhealthy eating among children. Join #FoodFri with @MomsRising , @BenKallos and @RobinVitale on Friday, February 6, 2015,...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Restaurant Kids' Meals, Food Marketing and YOU!

January 23, 2015
With more and more families eating out, children are getting about 25% of their alloted calories from fast-food chains and restaurants. Given the role that they play, parents are seeking healthier kids' meal options. It's critical in the fight against childhood obesity. Join #FoodFri on Friday, January 23, 2015, as @MomsRising chats with @CSPI about Wendy's recent decision to drop soda from its kids' meal and learn what this means for families and kids! This tweetchat is a celebration, as well as an opportunity to discuss what we have planned in our battle for healthy children's meals. Join...
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Mud Run for Kids, Brain Breaks, and More: Vote and Win a Prize!

January 21, 2015
Healthy kids need to move it, move it. That’s why Salud America! is presenting six new #SaludHeroes who helped give Latino kids more physical activity. WATCH and VOTE for your favorite play-promoting #SaludHeroes by Jan. 27, 2015, and be entered in a random drawing to win a FREE T-shirt and jump rope! #SaludHeroes are: Mud Run for Kids. Elementary teachers Fred Bailon and John Soto started mud runs for students to help fight obesity in San Antonio, Texas, which is mostly Latino. Taking a “Brain Break” in Class. A principal launched brain breaks and new physical activity programs at Simon...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Strengthening Healthy Schools

January 16, 2015
With children consuming almost half of their daily calories at school, strengthening schools so that they can provide healthy school meals, can help stem the tide of childhood obesity in the United States - which incidentally has tripled over the last 4 decades. Together, with schools, Moms (And Dads!) can strengthen healthy schools to make sure our children have the best opportunity to live a healthy life. Join #FoodFri with @MomsRising and @AHA_Vida on Friday, January 16, 2015, at 1pm, EST as we share ideas, resources and inspire one another to strengthen healthy schools for our children...
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Environments are Critical - Stop the Foodie Victim Blaming

January 14, 2015
“What these families should be doing…” And that’s where she lost me. It had been a full day at the healthy food summit, full of well intentioned but misdirected physicians, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs spouting off on how we can make better choices and encourage others to do the same. It should be noted that the presenters were all white. It should be noted that they all listed their alma mater(s) on the program and held higher paying jobs. It should be noted that they all had the freedom to spend an entire mid-week day at a college campus talking about how lower-income families, mostly...
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2014 Food Wins!

We’re Showing Off, Taking a Bow and Celebrating #2014!

December 23, 2014
With the year coming to a close, we took a look back and can say unequivocally, it’s time to show off, take a bow and celebrate 2014 for all we accomplished, together , on food related issues. We’re Showing Off… In 2014, MomsRising and its Good Food Force members worked in support of healthy school lunch. During the summer of 2014, Congress attempted to roll back the new nutrition guideline for school lunch that Moms supported through an amendment in the appropriations bill that allowed schools to opt out. Via #SaveSchoolLunch, MomsRising, and its members, voiced their displeasure, placing...
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