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Overtime isn't just about fair pay; it's about time away from home too

August 12, 2015
By Wendi C. Thomas, Writing Fellow, Center for Community Change What bothers Brittany James most about the 15-hour days she worked for Chipotle Mexican Grill isn’t the overtime pay she says she was due but never received. What James will never get back is the time. The birthday celebrations she...

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Helping Black Boys Survive: What a Difference a Smile Makes

August 7, 2015
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. – Frederick Douglass “If I tell you a smile could save a life, would you believe me? A smile can save a life. There was a gentleman, a young gentleman … named Kevin. Kevin was one of those children who did well in school and had great...

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Got All the Way to the Final Tournament--But Disqualified Because a Player's A GIRL?!

August 5, 2015
The Charlottesville Cavaliers youth basketball team was knocked out of the annual National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA) annual tournament this past weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, not because they lost, but because one player is a girl . In previous years, 10-year-old Kymora...

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12 Reasons Why We Do the Work We Do Together

August 5, 2015
Congress wants to cut spending on programs that help low-income children and families. These 12 reasons show why we need more investments in these programs, not less.

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Working families in Memphis share their questions for GOP debate

August 4, 2015
By Wendi Thomas Center for Community Change Writing Fellow Ten Republican presidential candidates will take the stage in Cleveland Thursday for the GOP’s first televised primary debate. When they do, many voters in Memphis, the nation’s poorest large metro area, will be listening for solutions to...

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My Story: I'm a Grandmother and a GenderAvenger

August 3, 2015
by Bea O'Rourke I'm getting ready to celebrate August 15th, 2015, the 95th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Women finally got the right to vote thanks to those early GenderAvengers who rejected complacency, pushed hard, and risked all for equal places at our society's tables. It has been worth it...

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Mis comentarios acerca del caso de #SandraBland

July 30, 2015
Me llamo Nina Pérez y estoy aquí hoy en nombre de / Mamá y de nuestro más de un millón de miembros para expresar que tenemos el corazón roto porque una madre más ha tenido que sepultar a un hijo demasiado pronto. Ninguna madre debería tener que enfrentarse a esta...

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My remarks urging Attorney General Lynch to investigate the death of Sandra Bland

July 30, 2015
My name is Nina Perez and I am here today on behalf of MomsRising and our million plus members to say that we are heartbroken that yet another mother has had to bury her child too soon. No mother should have to face that tragedy, or have to live in fear that their child will be harmed at the hands...

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due for New Policies

July 28, 2015
Why does my inbox have messages saying that Maine’s new law against shackling pregnant women is an “accidental win”? True, the governor of Maine let this and a number of other progressive bills become law without his signature, and then claimed to have vetoed them . But if activists hadn’t run such...

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MN at one end, MS at the other: See How Your State Ranks for Child Well-Being

July 27, 2015
The new 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book from the Annie E Casey Foundation assesses child well-being in the states. See how your state ranks.

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