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I’m Sick, I Have Insurance, But I Can’t Take Time Off From Work to See the Doctor!

July 29, 2010
Workers have always needed to care for their children, families and elderly relatives, and at the same time, be productive, responsible employees. For women, this breadth of responsibilities is felt with greater pressure, as women are more often the primary caregivers at home in addition to their paid outside employment. But today, when workplaces don’t provide the basic labor standard of paid sick days, the economic security of women and their families is at risk. Because childbearing and family care responsibilities lead to time out of the paid workforce, women are more likely to work in...

Moms On Capitol Hill NOW For Paid Sick Days!

July 28, 2010
Last month we asked MomsRising members like you to share your experiences with paid sick days - how having access to earned paid sick days has helped, or how NOT having them has hurt. The response was overwhelming! Moving story after moving story flowed into our offices. And now we're moving those personal stories around in places where they can make a difference. MomsRising super volunteers are in D.C. TODAY to hand deliver these stories from every state in the nation directly to members of Congress. These stories make the issue of paid sick days impossible to ignore. The human costs...
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The White House Talks, Is Congress Listening?

July 28, 2010
This year the White House, in cooperation with the Council on Women and Girls, hosted a conference on Workplace Flexibility. The conference came on the heels of a report by the Council of Economic Advisors on the benefits to employers of offering paid leave and flextime, official guidance on caregiving discrimination by the EEOC, and – perhaps most importantly – a $50 million line item in the FY2011 Department of Labor budget to create a State Paid Leave Fund to provide grants to states to establish paid leave programs. Advocates celebrated. And then we waited for Congress to act. We’re still...

Paid Leave Makes Horse Sense

July 28, 2010
Vacations are good for your health . And, you don’t need to get away to any fancy Caribbean retreat to get the benefit of time-off from work. But it helps if you are a horse. In New York City, that is. The City’s Health Department has proposed new rules for those horses hitched to carriages that carry tourists around parts of town. If implemented, the horses would get 5 weeks of job-protected vacation . During their time off, the horses would continue to enjoy their standard payment – room and board, along with grooming. It is a reasonable business decision to invest in these workers since...
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Prescription for Preventive Health Care: Add Paid Sick Days

July 28, 2010
The Obama Administration’s recently announced regulations mandating health plans cover preventative care without charging co-pays to the consumer are a significant step forward, but they alone won’t ensure Americans get the preventive care they need. A critical component of preventative care is access. For individuals who have finite time off work and no paid sick days, accessing the preventative care that will keep them healthy is more easily said than done. Many can’t access care simply because they cannot afford to take time off of work. Eighty percent of low-income workers do not have...
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A case for paid sick days for N.H. workers

July 28, 2010
Paid sick days — it sounds like a good idea for employees, but it's also good for businesses. Healthy workers are essential to a strong economy and to business success. When workers are provided with paid sick time, they demonstrate increased job satisfaction, commitment and morale. Their employers reap the benefits of high performance and productivity. New Hampshire lawmakers are now considering HB 662, which would make it mandatory for businesses with 15 or more employees to offer three paid sick days. This is an amendment to the original bill which asked for five days in companies with 10...

When You Have Paid Sick Days, But are Punished for Using Them

July 28, 2010
The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) recently released a survey on paid sick days that has people talking. The survey shows that the vast majority of Americans support legislation requiring employers to provide paid sick days. Most people feel that paid sick days are a basic right – the same share as believe minimum wage and overtime laws are important. And they’re right – everybody should be able to take a day off when they’re sick, or when a family member is sick, and not have to worry about losing a paycheck or losing their job. It’s just common sense. As the leader of the Illinois...

My Back to School Checklist: Add Paid Sick Days?

July 28, 2010
The long, lazy days of summer are slowly winding to a close and school supply lists are starting to pop up in mailboxes across NC. In amongst the crayons, glue, and binders our kids will need this fall, there’s the ever present request for Kleenex. If you’re like me, you groan a little every time you see this silent reminder of what else will be coming home from school with your kids this fall. In addition to learning to share on the playground, they’ll be sharing germs with each other and eventually with the rest of the family! Most children average between six and ten colds a year, which...
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Tiffany’s Story: Why Having Paid Sick Days is So Important for Her and Her Family

July 28, 2010
Tiffany is an office manager and a single mom. Her 13-year-old son has severe asthma and allergies. At her current job, she receives paid sick days, which she is able to use to care for herself or her son when he has an asthma attack or a respiratory infection. Tiffany is relieved knowing that she can take the time to care for her son without fear of losing her job. Unfortunately, that was not always the case for Tiffany. Prior to her current job, she worked at a number of different companies. Despite her hard work, she was let go from each of those jobs after missing work to care for her son...

The View from Capitol Hill

July 28, 2010
In my job, I get to explain the entire narrative of paid sick days to our nation’s lawmakers and their staff. It’s a rather simple task because most people intuitively get it—and often they have an experience to share. The other day, as I walked into one of the House of Representatives office buildings, I chatted briefly with a Capitol police officer, whom I see whenever I am running in for meetings. After we exchanged hellos, he asked me what issue I was working on. I told him that I was working to help establish a basic standard of paid sick days so that working people aren’t forced to...