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In Sickness and in Health? LGBT New Yorkers Need Family Leave Insurance

June 22, 2012
In the year that has passed since Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the New York Marriage Equality Act, thousands of same-sex couples have vowed to take each other "in sickness and in health." Yet because of discriminatory and inadequate federal laws that deny LGBT spouses the protections guaranteed to their heterosexual counterparts, many LGBT couples are experiencing setbacks as they strive to honor their marriage vows. While we wait for the federal government to catch up with history and stop discriminating against LGBT families, Governor Cuomo and the New York Legislature can provide...
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California Leads the Nation in Helping New Dads in the Workforce

June 15, 2012
By Vibhuti Mehra, Labor Project for Working Families Last month, I wrote about a state-by-state analysis that ranked California as a leader among nearly all other states in the country because of its policies to support working parents. California was one of just two states to earn a grade of “A-” for providing important protections to new parents beyond minimal federal standards. Now, a new state-by-state analysis released for Father’s Day affirms California’s success in supporting and protecting employed fathers when a new child arrives. The special report, Dads Expect Better: Top States...
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Men, Divorce and Happiness

May 25, 2012
Some bits of news to slip in before the long holiday weekend , when you’ll surrender to the seductive aroma of the grill and a tall glass of your favorite iced beverage with sunscreen at the ready. Ahhh. Social scientists have documented men moving into traditionally “pink collar” jobs like nursing and teaching. The pace has accelerated since the recession started, and it is not clear if men will flee primarily female job sectors when employment improves and more jobs become available. Some men report that family obligations played a role in their decision, and the trend is seen across all...
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Expecting a Baby, Not A Lay-Off: ERA Report Shows Accommodating Pregnant Workers A Win-Win

May 21, 2012
By Noreen Farrell, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates Two stories. Two radically different endings. Maria and Angie work for different employers in different states. Both were thrilled when they became pregnant. They were confident that they could continue to perform their jobs during their pregnancies. Like many pregnant women, Maria and Angie eventually sought minor accommodations for pregnancy-related restrictions. Maria was given a stool and worked late into pregnancy. Angie was refused occasional lifting assistance and was forced from work just a few months into her pregnancy...
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What's a Mother's Worth?

May 13, 2012
By Riane Eisler and Shireen Mitchell Should Mother’s Day just be about nice cards and pretty flowers? Or should it be about giving the people who care for us, and the essential work they do, real worth? How did we do this Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day Tea in the East Room of the White House, May 10, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert) In our wealthy nation, millions of mothers – largely women who devoted all or part of their lives to taking care of others – face an old age of poverty. U.S. Census data show that they are twice as likely to be poor than older men. We would all...
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The Gifts Mothers Really Want

May 12, 2012
My favorite Mother's day gifts from my sons were their original stories, songs and poems. But what I needed when they were infants and toddlers was something children can't deliver: affordable time off when they were born and when they were sick. So for all those candidates and elected officials interested in the women's vote and eager to prove their support for motherhood and families, here's a sampling of what mothers want and need, not just one day a year but every day: The right to care for a sick child or personal illness without losing our paychecks or our jobs. Moms need leaders to...
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For Mother's Day: A Present That Values Families

May 12, 2012
Mother's Day unifies the nation as we all scurry to find the right Hallmark card, fancy flowers or some proverbial chocolates to honor she who labored us into this world. The treats, however, can't sweeten a bitter fact: our country, while touting that it values families, gives scant evidence of doing so, particularly when it comes to infants and their care. Our public policies in these arenas could, but don't, give mothers (and fathers) who work outside the home what they need to nurture our next generation. To create healthy, thriving families and communities, we should start when children...
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Breakfast in Bed is Nice, but a Seat at the Table is Invaluable.

May 11, 2012
Meet Annie Spiegelman, a Bay Area mom who blogs as " The Dirt Diva " on matters of love, gardening, and cultivating a healthy planet. Just in time for Mother's Day, Annie shares her interview with Rachel's Network Co-Director Laurie Syms on the evidence that women in Congress, regardless of party, support the environment at rates that outpace their male counterparts. A Rachel's Network report entitled "When Women Lead: A Decade of Women's Environmental Voting Records in Congress," compares the environmental voting records of Congresswomen and Congressmen from the 107th through the 111th...
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TIME: Ask the RIGHT questions!

May 11, 2012
TIME Magazine just became another self-appointed arbiter of “Mommy Judgment” by trying to inflame the Mommy Wars with their exploitative cover of a young mother standing like a mudflap girl and breastfeeding her 3, maybe 4 year old. The byline: “Are you Mom enough?” The answer is, as soon as you have a baby, YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH! TIME is sadly out of touch with what Moms really want. It’s time to ask, “Are we Mom-friendly enough?” In my circle of “Mom” friends, we largely think that the “Mommy Wars” are over. Until, of course, some stupid news outlet uses the Mommy War to try and sell magazines...
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VIDEO: We made something just for you :)

May 10, 2012
Do your kids argue? Or did they when they were younger? Here's a hilarious Mother's Day fantasy just for you! Click here: Happy nearly Mother's Day!!! - Kristin, Joan, Monifa, Elisa, Ashley, Nanette, Sarah, Julie, Sarah, Anita, Ruth, Claire, Donna, Mary, and Gloria
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