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Google unveils some cool new GOTV tools

October 10, 2014
Google is making it easier for people to vote! If you search for "How do I vote" or "register to vote" or lots of other things you'll get localized, detailed information on how / where to vote, including (at least for Minnesota) information on how to check your registration status. Try googling "...
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I’ll Give You One Very Good Reason to Vote: the Minimum Wage!!

October 10, 2014
Do you need a good reason to vote on November 4th? How about the fact that 2/3 of minimum wage workers are women and they only earn $14,500/year!
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Voting in NC this year?

October 9, 2014
This is an important election year in North Carolina. In addition to a high profile US Senate race, North Carolinians will be voting on members of Congress, the entire NC General Assembly, members of the NC Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and District Courts as well as a number of local races. The...
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Our Hand on the Scales of Justice: Bringing Balance

October 6, 2014
Some people are losing hope that we will ever overcome some of our nation’s most troubling social and political challenges. But there is hope. The answer lies in ensuring that policymakers and policies reflect the full cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, spiritual and political diversity...
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Mes Nacional de La Herencia Hispana - El poder de las Mamás Latinas

October 6, 2014
El 15 de septiembre se dio inicio al Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana. Durante todo un mes, hasta el 15 de octubre, cada año se celebra la cultura, historia y tradiciones de los Hispanos en Estados Unidos. El sitio oficial explica el origen de esta celebración: “La...
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Hispanic Heritage Month Reflections: Latina Mamás Are Powerful

October 6, 2014
September 15 marked the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Throughout the rest of this month and until October 15, there will be celebrations all over the country honoring the culture, history and traditions of U.S. Hispanics. The U.S. government’s website
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Secret Life of FMLA: Shifting the Family Leave Conversation from She to We

October 2, 2014
I was out the other night with some of my colleagues and we were discussing ideas about what could help create a more supportive work culture at our university. The only two women at the table spoke about the need for more family friendly workplaces, specifically the need for paid family leave. We...
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Yeah, my kid votes. Does yours?

September 30, 2014
I’ve tried to raise a responsible, engaged American, and I’ve worked hard to make sure she appreciates her privilege as a U.S. citizen to have a voice in our democracy, and her duty to exercise it.
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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

September 24, 2014
Well, they did it again. Senate Republican leaders last week blocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) bill that would let students refinance their college loans. It’s not the first time. They also did it in June. Don’t they understand that student loan debt is an emergency? It totals $1.2 trillion...
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Thank a Suffragete: Celebrate National Voter Registration Day!

September 23, 2014
This weekend I will have the privilege to sit with my early childhood education advocate peers in the same room at Cranalieth as Susan B Anthony, Rachel Avery and many other suffragetes when they worked through fighting for a woman's right to vote.
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