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Even Republicans like their ACA plans!

July 28, 2014
Even Republicans like their Affordable Care Act plans! A recent poll by The Commonwealth Fund showed that overall, 78% of Americans who signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act are satisfied with their coverage. Even 74% of the Republicans who signed up say they are satisfied with their new plans! The Affordable Care Act is working. Nationwide, the rate of uninsured Americans is dropping at a record pace. The reason is clear - new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act have made health coverage affordable and accessible to millions of adults and children. It is important...
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NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?

July 28, 2014
People are outraged over the news that the NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?
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Dear Sears and Walmart: About Your Breastfeeding Faux Pas, A New Pilot Project Could Save You (And Other Businesses) Millions

July 23, 2014
We all watched with shaking heads this week as a Sears security employee posted screen shots of breastfeeding mothers that he captured from Sears security cameras. The twitterverse unleashed its fury, citing the obvious concern about violating the privacy of these unsuspecting mothers and the obvious stupidity of an employee who should know better.
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Tell Congress: Continue funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program

July 23, 2014
It’s always nice when an investment pays off! And that’s the case when it comes to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). It was passed in 1997 with bipartisan support from Republicans and Democrats and, along with the Medicaid program, has helped cut the number of uninsured kids by half, from 14% down to 7% . This is a big deal. Kids who have health insurance are less likely to get sick and more likely to get preventative care (including immunizations and dental care) to keep them well. It also ensures they get the treatment they need when they do get sick, injured, or have a...
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CHIP'ing Away At Getting Kids Covered

July 23, 2014
I’ve written extensively about my experiences with febrile seizures. From the first one that rocked my world to the latest just a few short months ago.
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Appeals Courts Split On Legality Of Subsidies For Affordable Care Act

July 22, 2014
Editor's note: MomsRising has been working to ensure every family has access to quality affordable healthcare because we know how important it is for women and children. The subsidies offered under the Affordable Care Act play a critical role in making this goal a reality. In fact, 85% of the eight million Americans who signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act received tax credits for premium assistance. It is important for families to know that this ruling will not affect the financial assistance they have received (and will continue to receive) as this case continues...
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The Next Effort to Gut Health Reform – A Tale of Two Decisions

July 22, 2014
By Dania Palanker, Senior Counsel, National Women's Law Center Today, two circuit courts ruled on whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows individuals enrolled in health insurance through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace to receive federal subsidies to help with health insurance costs, specifically premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld these subsidies, finding that the IRS interpretation providing subsidies through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace is “permissible construction of the statutory language.” Hours earlier, a panel...
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Patient Advocates Speak Up for Patient Safety

July 17, 2014
Earlier this week over 30 national patient safety advocates signed a letter to Congressional delegates urging that a Congressional Committee on Patient Safety and a National Patient Safety Board be created. Each one of us that signed the letter are a member of Consumers' Union Safe Patient Project. Their press release is here: You can read the full text of the letter here: TODAY at 10AM there is a Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Patient Safety. John T...
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Let's Recognize California's Hidden Heroes!

July 16, 2014
We all have heroes in our communities. They may not be wearing a cape or a mask, but they still know how to save the day. Many Californians have been Hidden Heroes: Working tirelessly to help their friends and family get affordable healthcare so they can live healthier lives. Before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 22% of California’s nonelderly adults were uninsured—that number has now dropped to 11%. (Yay progress!) And over three-quarters of uninsured children in California are eligible for Medi-Cal, but just not signed up yet.[2] Getting the word out to families about what...
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Faith above Facts: One Mom’s Career in Sex Law, Part 3

July 15, 2014
Putting faith over fact, 5 conservative Catholic men on the Supreme Court have opened a Pandora’s Box: your boss now gets to interfere with your birth control decisions. In its sharply divided 5-4 ruling in Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS ramps up the War on Women.
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