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6 ways to stress less & simplify this fall

August 28, 2014
If you’re feeling some anxiety around the all the transitions, scheduling, and driving that usually accompany a new school year, take a deep breath, pause, and consider the following ideas for a simpler, less stressful school year.
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No One Ever Expects a Child to get Cancer-- and Why That Must Change

August 27, 2014
The commercials air every holiday season. They’ve featured an adorable little boy trying to make a lunch date with Jennifer Aniston , a giggling mischievous cherub teasing Robin Williams , and another hanging out with Olympic champion snowboarder Shaun White. These kids are cancer patients and their celebrity pals implore viewers to make donations to St. Jude’s Hospital. Every year I’d come across them while channel surfing and think, “Thank God, we’re not one of those families. Thank God we don’t have to deal with that!” That was until we were. Our 11-year-old daughter had been complaining...
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Ensure Fair Wages for Home Care Workers for Women’s Equality Day

August 26, 2014
Today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. It has been almost a century since that historic occasion, and women have made enormous progress toward political and social equality. But when it comes to economic equity, many women still find it impossible to earn a decent living. We all know the stats—women still earn 77 cents on the dollar, when compared to their male counterparts. Wage discrimination is particularly egregious among women in domestic caregiving occupations. Home care aides, for example, who...
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Don’t lose your ACA health coverage!

August 19, 2014
If you received a warning notice in the mail or know you have a data inconsistency with your original marketplace health insurance application, read the below blog post from and get your paperwork in to the marketplace ASAP by September 5th!
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Expanding Medicaid: Better Health, Jobs, and Economic Activity for States

August 11, 2014
See the original blog post at the FamiliesUSA blog by Dee Mahan and Andrea Callow . *************** 24 states have chosen not to accept federal funds that would provide affordable health insurance to more low-income residents by expanding Medicaid. A recent report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Missed Opportunities: The Consequences of State Decisions not to Expand Medicaid , outlines health and economic opportunities that residents in non-Medicaid expansion states are missing. Based on that data, this graphic shows how residents of each of those 24 states would benefit from...
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It’s Breastfeeding Month. Here’s How Getting Covered Could Help.

August 8, 2014
The American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months of their lives and that breastfeeding continues for the child’s first year. Unfortunately, a lot of moms who have tried nursing their children can tell you that’s often easier said than done.
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Getting Your Grown Kid to Sign up for Health Insurance

August 8, 2014
Health insurance isn’t always first on a young adult’s mind. But money often is. So parents, what happens when you explain to your grown kid that having health coverage can be key to protecting their purchasing power, in addition to health? Many listen and enroll.
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Pregnant Police Officer in Florence, KY Pushed Off the Job Due to City Policy

August 5, 2014
Office Lyndi Trischler is pregnant, lives with her one-year old daughter, and will soon have to move out of an apartment she can no longer afford because she’s been pushed out of her job. This is all because her employer, the City of Florence, Kentucky, will not permit any City employees to work with medical restrictions, unless they have been injured on-the-job.
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Take Action!

Quick signature! Texas needs to treat pregnant women better

August 4, 2014
Imagine losing your baby because no one would respond to your cries of help when you went into labor. Nicole Guerrero was pregnant, having contractions, and left in a Texas county jail cell to fend for herself. She was denied medical care, and tragically her baby died. MomsRising is calling on Texans to speak out against this horrifying story. Please add your name to the petition!
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Strengthening Families’ Health with WIC Breastfeeding Support

August 4, 2014
Despite being an age-old practice, some might say that breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally for every mother. Moms could benefit from hearing first-hand, personal experiences and advice from a trained breastfeeding peer counselor.
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