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SHARE YOUR STORY HERE (and read others): Have you juggled breastfeeding and work? How did it go? Share your stories from the frontline of motherhood here! (And, while you're at it you can sign the Statement of Support for Breastfeeding Mothers now by clicking here.) *How to share your experiences: If you're on the homepage, then just click the blog title above, or click on the "Read full post" link below to get to the blog page for sharing. To add your story, scroll down to the end of this blog--through all of the comments/blog text--to the "Post a Comment" section. Fill in the blanks with your text. Then when you are finished don't forget to click the "Post Comment" button at the very bottom of the page. strongly encourages our visitors to post comments in response to blog postings.  We value a diverse range of opinions and perspectives.  Our goal is for this space to be educational, thought-provoking, and respectful.  To this end, we reserve the right to edit or remove comments that include personal attacks, obcenity, vulgarity, or profanity.