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    It’s working! Moms are being heard!

    Posted February 21st, 2013 by

    Great news! Moms’ voices calling for common-sense gun violence prevention laws are working! Today, we’re hearing that support among lawmakers for universal background checks for gun purchases is really gathering steam, with even the likes of Senators Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Joe Manchin of West Virginia (both “A” rated by the NRA) at the negotiating table to work out a solution.

    Our singers from the World Children’s Choir, in their beautiful turquoise chiffon dresses and tuxes, were stopped everywhere by people wondering why they were wandering the halls of Congress and requesting to take photos. Here, they are photographed with the Jewish War Veterans.

    We’ve got MOMentum and now is a critical time to keep up the pressure!

    Can you supercharge our campaign to achieve common-sense gun violence prevention laws by contributing today?

    Our voices are powerful. On Valentine’s Day, moms, dads and a choir of kids (really! a choir!) descended on Capitol Hill to deliver thousands of unique, heartfelt valentines directly to our leaders. Each of the valentines highlighted the message that moms and families overwhelmingly want to see common-sense gun regulations and an end to gun violence. Our Valentine’s Day gun safety activities were covered by close to 100 media outlets, including NPR, CNN, Univision and the San Francisco Chronicle.

    None of this would have happened without your support. Please help us keep this powerful campaign going!

    MomsRising is more than half way to our goal of $20,000 to continue bringing forth moms’ voices for common-sense solutions to keep our families safe. Help get us across the finish line! Pitch in today:

    *Each donation, no matter how big or how small, gets us one step closer to our goal and together we are a powerful force!

    In the Senate Russell Building, where they sang for Sen. Reid’s staff, the choir kids were spotted by Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, who personally invited them back to his office to perform for his staff.

    We know we’ve already made a mighty impression on Congress. But we need to keep up the pressure. We can’t be silent. Together we can make sure that Congress takes real steps to reduce gun violence.

    Together we are a powerful voice for our families and communities.

    Responding to Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s personal request, MomsRising made a special visit to her office to deliver valentines and our petition to her in person. The choir kids serenaded her with a song for peace.



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    February 21, 2013 at 8:57 pm by Jessica

    I’m going submitting this comment again, in hopes of an answer this time as I would really like to hear your thoughts…

    Can you elaborate on why these proposed common-sense gun laws don’t include educational/licensing components? We require education and testing before we allow the operation of a vehicle, why not bring that into the equation instead of focusing only on restrictions that seem little more than window dressing. Responsible gun owners, and advocates, could surely find no argument against measures insuring that citizens are educated about firearms and that those who choose to own them meet basic safety, storage (especially homes with children etc) and use qualifications. This would go a long way towards ensuring that fewer firearms make their way into irresponsible hands as opposed to expanding a background check system that only ensures guns don’t end up in the hands of, proven, criminals.


    Gloria Pan Reply:

    @Jessica, there are many ideas floating around, including your idea of education/licensing, as well as requiring gun owners to have insurance. Why aren’t they on the table? The expert consensus seems to be to secure what seems possible right now and to leave aside for the moment aspirational ideas that have no chance in the current policy-making environment. Remember, even Democratic lawmakers who support the President on every other item of his agenda are waffling over gun regs, particularly those from states where gun culture is very strong. Licensing just has no chance right now. But things are changing pretty fast, and the amazing citizen engagement since Newtown is working – we are seeing various lawmakers being rattled from their previously intractable gun positions. It’s not impossible that your idea could make it to the negotiating table in time.


    Anita Reply:

    Thanks so much for providing your insight, Gloria.


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Gloria Pan, thank you so much for your response Gloria!


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