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    Demand the NRA & Congress Stop Blocking Commonsense Gun Regulations That Protect Us All

    Posted December 14th, 2012 by

    We are beyond heartbroken as we think of the kindergarteners and others that died today in Connecticut. Today is the 3rd day this week when there’s been a mass shooting in our nation.

    We are parents.  Many NRA members are parents.  And none of us want to live in a nation where children are gunned down.  #Todayistheday for the NRA and for Congress to step up and start proposing laws that protect children and all people.

    *Sign on to our open letter to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and to Congress urging them to make today the last day that they block commonsense gun regulations that protect all of our families:

    It’s time to put kids and commonsense first.  One long-time NRA member just emailed us this message: 

    “I started crying when I heard about the elementary school shootings in Connecticut. I’m a proud grandma of two preschoolers.  I look at my grandchildren and think ‘there but for the grace of God go they.’ “

    “I’m a card-carrying member of the NRA. I’m from West Virginia. I’m a proud hunter and a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. And I firmly believe that the NRA must act to help make sure this madness ends. No one needs an assault weapon for hunting. Period.  We have to work together for common-sense solutions. We can have both a 2nd Amendment and make sure our school children are safe.” – Dee, West Virginia

    Today is the day to stand up for kids and families.

    Today is the day for the NRA and for Congress to start promoting commonsense gun regulations that protect each and every member of our nation, from our smallest to tallest. Demand that they do right here:


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    December 15, 2012 at 9:51 pm by Dec

    How in the world has Motherhood or “Moms” become a business? An organization?

    Whenever I see the word Mom on the internet I know there’s a blogger behind it. I want to know how these maternal organizations get time to blog and blog and blog and blog and blog. I fall asleep every time I attempt to read a book.


    December 15, 2012 at 9:37 pm by Kristin

    It’s time for a million moms march… how many more people should be killed by people with guns before we stand up and demand for better gun control… we are one of the only developed “first” world nations that does not have strong gun control. enough is enough. it’s time to stand up.


    shannon Reply:



    Carol Kesaris Reply:

    @Kristin, I believe we should march on the Mall now to make our voice known against access to these weapons. Enough already.


    December 15, 2012 at 3:13 pm by Steve

    Kristin, as a teacher, newspaper writer and dad, the only way to stop this is with the power of people. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say a thing about owning guns; it only allows for forming a militia. I don’t think a ban all guns should take place but these semi-automatic weapons are toys that video game freaks use in their mass carnage. A responsible hunter is just that and shouldn’t be included in this discussion. I used to hunt as a youngster and I remember how they taught us to carry our guns. What we need is power and I mean power from people. Voices like Oprah and President Clinton, Mike Tyson and the list goes on, that can force these fools in Congress to draft the 28th Amendment prohibiting these types of guns. Prohibition was enacted in our history and later overturned and so can the 2nd Amendment be modified, even though it’s interpretation is totally misguided. It’s time to take a stand and end this carnage, at least from these types of weapons.


    Hondo L. Reply:

    The USSC has ruled AGAINST your interpretation in a major ruling in 2008 and in a couple of more minor rulings since then Since the 2008 ruling Federal Appellate Courts have consistently (and appropriately legally) followed the Constitution by overturning local and State attempts at gun control beyond that were within the scope of the 2008 and later 2010 USSC rulings. I am shocked at the number of people here (and on the numerous other “petitions” – and they are not even LEGAL petitions) that believe it is a simple matter of Congress passing some laws to take care of these situations (or even worse, those who say that President Obama should “pass laws”… Presidents don’t pass laws. Congress passes laws, the President signs them into law, and the executive branch enforces the laws). I am amazed at the number of people who are (no pun intended) up in arms about this issue and yet have NO idea as to how our system of government and law and Constitution works. Many have even brought up the “Brady Bill” as an example of what could be done. Sorry. The Brady Bill was passed – and then intentionally allowed to expire – BEFORE the 2008 USSC decision, and today would legally be overturned by the Courts as being unconstitutional!

    You bring up the Prohibition Amendment and its “repeal” as an example (first of all US Constitution Amendments are NEVER repealed, they are always “on the book”, but are in effect overturned by a newer Amendment to replace their legal status). The main point here not that the process took an existing Amendment and overturned it, but that outright prohibitions (of alcohol or recreational drugs or personal firearms) do NOT work. And therefore the Prohibition Amendment was overturned.

    And creating new Amendments (see Article 5 of The Constitution) is NOT a simplistic process (nor a guaranteed one: we have six proposed Amendments that were passed by Congress but not ratified by the States and NINETEEN Amendments that were proposed by the States and NOT passed by Congress due to a lack of adoption by a super majority of States required)… Amendment proposal in question can ONLY be proposed by the passage of said proposal by two-thirds of BOTH Houses of the Federal legislature OR by the calling of a National Convention by at least two-thirds of the State legislatures. To then become part of the Constitution, the proposal must be passed by both legislative Houses of 3/4ths of the States or by a passage by 3/4ths of the States in mandated “State Ratifying Conventions” (I am not aware of the latter process ever being employed… Congress determines which method is used. And to my knowledge it has always been the former method).

    Now, being realistic, let’s look at the facts. While the more populous States tend to be Blue States and the majority of their registered voters MAY approve of strict gun control and most of the lesser populated States tend to be Red States (and Red State registered voters by far tend to be extreme supporters of the current Second Amendment), the fact of the matter is the Amendment proposal process and Amendment approval process speaks not of POPULATIONS, but of number of STATES. And the further fact is that while Blue State total populations are higher and that Red States tend to be the lower populations (excepting the far NE states that tend to be consistently liberal and Blue… see “Electoral College” under Wiki shows a regular map of the US based on geographical realities… and what the US would look like if it was based on population levels and their number of electoral vote count… very interesting) and that Red States and Blue States are basically 50-50 in number – or higher for Red States – as shown consistently in all election cycles since at least 2000. In the 2012 Presidential Elections, their were 26 Blue States and 24 Red States (2008: 29 Blue, 21 Red; 2004: 18 Blue, 32 Red; 2000: 20 Blue, 30 Red – even though Blue candidate won the popular vote;
    1996: 31 Blue, 19 Red, 1992: 32 Blue, 18 Red; 1988: 10 Blue, 40 Red; 1984: 1 Blue, 49 Red; 1980: 5 Blue, 45 Red, 1976: 23 Blue, 27 Red… ). Over the last ten general elections, the average has been – rounded off – Blue States 21 and Red States 29… doing just the last five cycles to – to remove the Reagan landslides – the Blue States 25 and Red States 25. The key feature of these election cycles has been that the core group of Red States has been the same, about 23 states as located in the Deep South and Texas and most of the Plains states out to and including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah – and strangely enough Indiana.

    As you can see, 20 states make up 40% of the total number of states. Also remember that 66.6% of the states (34) are required just to get the Amendment proposal initiated. I can guarantee you that ALL of the CORE group of Red States would be against such a proposal – plus very likely 3 – 5 Blue States (based on prior gun rights polls) would be against such a proposal. So my belief is that there would be an insufficient number of States (less than 2/3rds) to get the proposed Amendment even initiated. And if by some very remote chance, 34 States were obtained to initiate ratification of proposed Amendment, recall that 3/4ths number of States legislatures would be required to ratify that Amendment and get it officially a part of the Constitution. That means you are talking 38 states… With only 13 states needed to deny it. Count the consistently Red Deep South states (8-9) and Indiana (1) and the combination of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas (5) along with Utah and Alaska (2), you come up with a total of 16… not even counting another 7 Red States almost assuredly voting “No” as well as at least 5 “outdoorsy” Blue States were hunting and gun ownership are pretty sacred rights.

    Bottom line: extremely unlikely to get such a proposed Amendment even by possibly officially proposed much less ratified and adopted. Simple political facts of life.

    P.S. I personally am not simply liberal, but a Progressive Socialist (and very liberally spiritually, being a Universalist by Belief)… and I support the current Second Amendment and its USSC 2008 ruling).

    P.P.S. The mass shooting / massacre in July of 2011 in Norway by a single shooter dwarfed the Sandy Hook shootings. The suspect detonated a homemade car bomb (a 960 kg, or over 2000 pounds – simply amazing that car bomb deaths weren’t much more extensive), made with fertilizer mixed with fuel oil – diesel fuel/kerosene – hard to ban those substances – by a government building in Oslo. That killed 8 and injured at least 209 – 12 very seriously- (many others lightly wounded went on their own to local doctors, emericare centers, etc.). The gunman – dressed in a uniform resembling a police officer – then 90 minutes later motored over to Utoya Island where a teen youth camp was located where armed with a Ruger Ranch Rifle (same caliber and 30-round magazine capacity – with several magazines as the AR-15 used at Sandy Hook) and a 9mm Glock 34 pistol (also with several extra high capacity magazines) and proceeded to kill SIXTY-NINE people, almost all teens between 14 and 17, and wounding another 110 (55 very seriously) for a total casualty count of 77 killed and 319 wounded (67 very seriously). This was the deadliest attack in Norway’s history since World War 2. Also recall that Norway’s population is a fraction of ours so it is not surprising that over 25% of all Norwegians personally knew someone killed or wounded in the attacks.(I wonder how many weeping uncontrollably mommies wept at that time, or even bothered looking beyond their own American local news to be aware of this happening, or shrugged it off as “too bad, but then THEY aren’t Americans)

    Anyway, point #1: Norway has very strict gun control laws on the books. Guns can only be obtained for hunting purposes or sports club target shooting, must be registered, licensed, cannot be carried concealed, etc)… and yet this incident happened.

    Point #2: As revealed in the Norway attacks there are methods of attack that can be much more horrific than those with using firearms. Had the Sandy Hook shooter instead taped a long fused pipe bomb to the school door to gain entry and then with two large sized shoulder bags filled with short-fused pipe bombs and pipe bombs taped to homemade Molotov Cocktails filled with homemade napalm and as he walked down the hallway simply toss one of those (especially the pipe bomb / MC combination – into each classroom as he walked by, well, the casualty levels would have been many TIMES higher. And as to confrontations by adult(s) on agendas to stop and overpower him, simple possession of a 10% strength Grizzly Bear defense rated Pepper Spray (or regular strength Pepper Spray combined with CS tear gas spray) in a large size canister on a lanyard attached to his wrist would have immediately incapacitated any such attacker(s) – and in turning the next corner, simply toss a lit pipe bomb (having a chomp on a strongly lit cigar really helps) back to where they are writhing on the ground as you turn the next corner. So there you go. And when you do run out of (very easily constructed with readily available materials — and all known all across the Internet) munitions and are getting surrounded and finally overwhelmed, well, simply detonate that suicide vest hidden under your bulky jacket – and take some more out since you’re going to off yourself anyway! So a couple HUNDRED (or more) dead and many, many more wounded – a vast segment very seriously – and ALL without the presence of even one gun (read up on how freedom fighting insurgents – we call them terrorists – use IEDs, booby-traps, improvised explosives, etc. in their struggle to rid themselves of foreign invaders… with a significant number of these devices, known openly for years, easily made with readily available materials… a huge majority of our combat casualties occur from the result of these blast damages than do from bullets fired from firearms (which are true automatic fire assault rifles, light and medium machine guns, submachine guns and sniper rifles… yet over 70% of our casualties – including fatalities – caused by explosives blast damages (blast force, shrapnel, and burns). BTW, 87 young men and women were murdered – with many, many more wounded – when exit doors were blocked and a deranged man poured a can of gasoline down the stairs of the one available stairwell as an available exit – and then lit it with a Bic (March, 1990). Heck, go to Wiki and look up the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing (169 dead -
    19 under age 6 – and over 680 wounded (April, 1995)… and not even ONE firearm involved. And also look up the Bath School disaster where a disgruntled individual spent months planting and burying explosives (mainly readily available blasting dynamite) in and under the basement of the Bath School in Michigan. In May of 1927 he went to the school (after first beating his wife to death at their home and setting their house and all farm buildings on fire to – successfully – draw away the sole local fire department) to set off the detonators and then left. He returned some short time after the massive explosion in his explosives filled car to arrive after a rescue crowd had gathered and many slightly injured children from school were gathered about. He then drove up near the gathered crowd and detonated his car bomb – killing and injuring yet more (including himself). Oh yeah,a firearm WAS used in this one – he used his lever-action Winchester rifle to set off the explosives in his shrapnel filled (nails, screws, gravel, etc) car… but then he could have set off the detonator with a hammer or heavy wrench! NO ONE WAS SHOT BY A FIREARM!!! 38 children (age 6 – 14) 2 teachers and 4 other adults – not counting the perpetrator – were killed at the school, for a total of 44 murdered victims (45 counting his wife) and at least 58 injured – mainly seriously and a majority children. Some 85+ years later, the Bath School Disaster remains THE WORST SCHOOL-RELATED KILLINGS in America’s history (and the casualty rate could readily have been much higher as a search of remains of school found an additional 500 POUNDS of dynamite buried in basement that had failed to detonate; experts estimated that if had done so that the casualty rate would have likely been double!!! But still… 45 killed (including wife at home, with 58 wounded, most moderately to severely injured)… bigger than Shady Hook (27 killed – including mother at home, with 2 adults lightly injured – treated a released) and even bigger than Virginia Tech (32 killed with 17 wounded).

    Point #3: What you have in these situations are deranged losers who become copy cat killers (and therefore use guns as everyone else is – plus we, the American culture and society, have made guns “sexy”). They want to be KNOWN, for once to be a SOMEBODY who will be remembered. And the hype that brings along the next occurring incident is all the media hype and candle light vigils and petitions that are “feel good” but totally not legally acceptable petitions (Do you know that presidential and congressional staffs don’t even accept these??? They can’t!), all of this is just planting the seeds in other disturbed minds and provide encouragement for those deranged types where the thought has flitted through their minds once or twice.

    Point #4: If you REALLY want to do something to at least TRY and realistic accomplish something, initiate a petition where the petition signer makes a PLEDGE to establish / help establish a committee in their US Federal House of Rep District to obtain LEGALLY recognized petition forms with (you will have to provide it in the “petition request email” so they know what the proposed Amendment will – in general – read) and then that they will develop localized grassroots organizations that will actually get out there and obtain a sufficient number of VALID signatures (your Board of Elections – local or State – will gladly let you know. Then try to get 10-20% more signatures than needed (as some will turn out to be invalid… Always!)…. But your initial and biggest problem will be to get even just ONE OUT OF TEN of your petition signers / pledgers to actually get out there and follow through on their pledge (which is sad when you realize that a Pledge is like an Oath).


    December 15, 2012 at 2:26 pm by William James Van Vechten

    How can I read this open letter you refer to? I signed on just on trust that you have written something I can agree to. But I’d much rather read it first. Please post a copy of the letter!


    December 15, 2012 at 11:07 am by Erin

    We should be doing more to prevent things like this in schools to poor innocent children but I believe too many are turning to go the wrong direction to do this. I am sorry but I can not sign this I do not agree with it. Why make more laws when our government can not uphold the ones they have. Murder is illegal but yet it happened. Gun Control is like a lock on a door, it only stops the honest. Criminals do not follow laws hence why they are criminals. I will not give up my right to defend myself with the same force as a criminal would use against me. Gun Control laws only make a criminal’s objective safer for him or herself.
    “You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time… It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control. I happen to know this from personal experience.”
    ~Ronald Reagan
    ”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest possible limits. … and [when] the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”
    ~St. George Tucker


    December 15, 2012 at 5:43 am by Cameron Wade

    Stop being idiots. The 2nd Amendment was there to stop our govt from enslaving us. It was and is a tragedy about the school. See who is behind it? Like 911. Just like Germany. Socialists. Banning guns is like banning big spoons and forks for fat people. Stop being ignorant and pushing slavery. Stop trying to trample on Civil Rights by sucking the life out of tragedies.


    December 14, 2012 at 11:07 pm by Heather

    I’m not a mom, but I want to help get these assault weapons banned. Will you please let me know what I can do? I’ve been crying all day about those children in Connecticut. I can’t even begin to imagine what those parents are going through…then all the funerals….OMG…this is so completely awful.


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Heather, I do not believe its the NRA’s responsibility to prevent mass shootings! I believe people need to parent their kids … Even when they’re adults its out job to mentor them! This shooting was appalling and I am grieving for the parents! BUT … Removing certain guns or even all guns is NOT the solution! We’ve removed god our creator from society – yet we’re surprised when society behaves wickedly??!!
    Get real people! And get back to God! We will continue to see wickedness in our country until we do!


    Heather Reply:

    @, Oh puh-lease…people with guns kill people. This doesn’t happen in other countries that have laws against guns. The United States has 9000-12000 deaths every year due to gun violence. Most other westernized countries have less than 200. Puh-lease don’t start preaching to me about God, Satan, the devil, wickedness and godlessness. Puh-lease. People with guns kill people. Puh-lease do not write me back with more preaching.


    Nemo Reply:

    @Heather, What about the guy who killed a teacher and about 20 students in China last week. He used a knife. Do we need knife control? Register them? Ban them? Come on, a gun is an inanimate object. It does nothing on its own. How about car control for drunk or reckless driving.

    How about the mall shooting last week in Clackamas, Oregon last week. The shooter hit 2 people and when he realized an armed citizen was taking aim at him, killed himself.

    Guns do not kill people, People Kill People.


    Heather Reply:


    There are laws against drunk driving that were established by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The Amber Alert was established to help find kids who were kidnapped. The guy in China who had knives only injured the kids; didn’t kill them. You might change your mind if someone you care about was killed by an assault weapon in a mindless and senseless act of gun violence, as I have. People with guns kill people. Period. I feel truly sorry for you if you don’t understand that.

    Dawne Cowles Reply:

    @Heather,America PLEASE go to INFOWARS.Com

    Anonymous Reply:

    @Heather, No assault weapon was used in the shooting just pistols


    Heather Reply:

    @, YOu have no idea what you are talking about. Read the article:


    December 14, 2012 at 6:59 pm by Lori laraway



    December 14, 2012 at 6:37 pm by Sandra Perez

    And what can we do about those who still believe that ‘gun control’ is not the issue. That we need to blame the individual? Or that we need ‘criminal control?


    December 14, 2012 at 6:34 pm by Joe Mayhew

    Ok, I’m just done; I can’t bear to hear of one more child, mother, father, human being killed in mass by guns. I want common sense gun laws and yes this is the best time to talk about it. We need legislation to BAN- Hi Round Magazines, Assault Guns, Cop Killers Bullets. I want in depth back ground checks, removal of guns from those convicted of domestic violence, removal of guns of those proven to be mentally unstable. I want a national data base so guns and ammo can be traced and anyone who buys a large number of weapons can be indentified to ensure we are protected. Common Sense Laws!


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Joe Mayhew, extremely well stated!


    Anonymous Reply:

    @, I support this 100%.!


    Anonymous Reply:

    @Joe Mayhew, Go ahead ban all firearms and the next mass killing what are we gonna blame then


    K Reply:

    @Joe Mayhew, Joe: help me understand something…how is it that congress was able to pass legislation to save the banks during the melt down, and to do it in practically 3 days… Yet, to stop the slaughter of innocent children, we have to wait until….January, because we need to “discuss, debate, think, examine options, consider the opinions of the red states, etc., etc., etc”?

    I think it’s a really disgusting day in America when congress says to our children: “Sorry kids. We can’t stop the massacre of babies in their schools right now. Come back in January.”



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