Dorthea Thomas

    What Happens When Sisters Go Green?

    Posted November 29th, 2012 by

    Between both civil rights and feminist movements, women of color have always been catalyst of change in our nation. Climate change have disproportionate impacts on communities of color and these issues are hitting women the hardest globally. Ignoring the problems of environmental and climate justice is not an option in these communities. Women of color are the agents of change in grass root organizing and also on the family level as the providers and consumers of our nation and beyond. The mothers, daughters, and sisters of our families are strong enough to be the backbones of our family, bring about positive change in our community, and are the same ones who also keep hope alive.

    During these economic times, it’s challenging for women to find a stable job with benefits that can actually support their family. The fight for clean air is a fight for energy efficiency and clean fuel alternatives that will protect the health of our families and produce jobs right here in our Nation. Women groups and organizations all over the world are speaking up for the health and safety of their families by protesting in mitigating industrial pollution. The sooner we address the issue of air pollution caused by incinerators and coal-fired plants the closer we’ll get to making real progress on global warming.

    With green industries on the rise, it will also become the perfect time for greater economic opportunity for women. Green jobs will also help narrow the wage gap, allow work-place flexibility, and are innovatively sustainable. These jobs have both high wages and good benefits that will help all women succeed in today’s economy. When sisters go green by educating others about the impact of climate change, empowering others to make a difference, and effectively producing change for a better quality of life they bring about a world of change.

    Dorthea E. Thomas
    NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Ambassador for MI
    Hope for GREEN, Creator

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