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    We did it! Thank you for helping push paid sick days across the finish line in NYC!

    Posted June 27th, 2013 by

    We have great news! We won! After a long fight, more than one million New Yorkers have brand new access to paid sick days! The City Council was up late and passed the law at 2:32 this morning.Moms-Kick-Germies-Butt-in-NYC

    Thank you to every one of our members and coalition partners for making this win possible! You sent thousands of letters and made hundreds of phone calls to City Council members. You signed petitions, rallied at City Hall, and shared your stories to explain how important earned sick days are to moms and our families. You even hand-delivered messages addressed to Speaker Christine Quinn to convince her to let the vote go through.

    We did all this because as moms we know that access to earned paid sick days is not only vital to the economic security of countless families, but also makes good public health policy. They are also an important part of making a more humane New York.

    No one should ever have to choose between losing a day’s pay and staying home to recuperate from illness or to care for a sick child. That’s not good for families, it’s not good for employees and it’s not good for business.

    We applaud the New York City Council for having the courage of their convictions to pass the earned paid sick days bill into law.

    We won’t stop fighting until sick days are a standard workplace protection for all. Let’s take this win across the country! Tell your US members of Congress to follow in the steps of NYC and pass the Healthy Families Act.

    Together we are a powerful force for moms and families!

    (1) NYC Sick Days Become Law

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