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    We’re saying #thanksobamacare for improving heath care for our families!

    Posted November 29th, 2011 by

    Why do some people treat Obamacare like it’s a dirty word? It means more kids covered by health insurance, better access for women to health care and Congress having the same health care as the rest of us. That deserves a big thank you, and we’re out to prove it.

    At The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education we are spearheading a campaign called “Thanks Obamacare.” This effort highlights Obamacare and the ways it helps America’s families, individuals and small businesses. The one thing we know for sure?  It is about CARE.


    Visit to check out our new campaign. On the website, you’ll find the top 10 reasons to Thank Obamacare and a timeline of the implementation of the law.  These are the things that people are not talking about enough, like the fact that insurance companies can’t kick sick people off coverage and now people can stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26.

    The truth is, Obamacare lowers the cost of care, expands access to care and improves the quality of care. We want to take ‘Obamacare’ back from the anti-reform naysayers because the reality is Obamacare has been a huge boost to families across the U.S.  It is making it easier and more affordable for all of us to get the healthcare we need, when we need it.

    Please help us spread the word. Tell us why you say Thanks, Obamacare on Twitter (when you do, be sure to use the hastag #ThanksObamacare).  You can keep up with the campaign by following @ThanksObamacare on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

    There is a lot to Thank Obamacare for.  Please help us spread the word. Share the video tweet why YOU want to say #thanksobamacare.

    And stay tuned for more over the next couple of weeks.  We have a top 10 myths about Obamacare section coming to the website, an interactive game to help folks understand life with Obamacare a little better and we’ll be gathering and sharing real stories along the way.
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    November 30, 2011 at 11:21 am by Melissa

    Lowers the cost of care? Seriously, my insurance costs has increased across the board. Oh, that’s right, it’s the people who take advantage of the “entitlement” programs that I pay for that actually benefits from this program! The only thing I agree with is the “pre-existing conditions clause”, that is something that is common sense. The rest is a bureaucracy designed to take choice away from the individual… thus controlling the cost of care. I’m not willing to sacrifice the healthcare of my family by putting it in the hands of the government. I would rather work three jobs before that happens and pay for the cost out of pocket… at least I would still have a choice!


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