HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

    Take Part in National Women’s Health Week!

    Posted May 13th, 2013 by

    Secretary Sebelius shared the following message especially for MomsRising members to launch National Women’s Health Week.

    Learn more about National Women’s Health Week here and join MomsRising in playing Healthy Moms BINGO!



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    May 13, 2013 at 12:54 pm by Ashley Boyd

    Thanks for sharing this video! As you say, so often, moms neglect their own health while taking care of everyone else. We need to make time for ourselves and our health too! Thanks for this important reminder!


    RealityCheck Reply:

    Sec. Sebelius should start addressing the health of women who are employees of her agency. Unfortunately the Department of Health and Human Services does not support the family medical leave act in practice. Some employees who have had to take this leave to take care of ill family members or for their own health have later been fired from the agency because they took the leave. There are employees who have been so severely abused by management officials because they took FMLA leave that they’ve become ill, committed suicide, and have become permanently disabled. If Sec. Sebelius wants to do more than provide lip service to women’s health who are the family’s sole provider, She must start with the employment practices of her agency. From the FDA, NIH, CMS, SAMSHA, to the Secretary’s office, Sec. Sebelius appears to condone workplace bullying. When women are the only bread winner management officials should not be permitted to create hostile working environments. If the Secretary is serious about addressing Women’s health and the health of the children that these women support, she would take the lead on promoting healthy work environments. This Department has unfortunately caused the deterioration of the health of too many current and former employees.



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