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    Raising the Voices of Native American Families: A MomsRising.org Blog Carnival with National Congress of American Indians

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    Native American, First People, Alaska Native, Tlingit. All of these words describe me, and none of them describe me. I am a tribal councilwoman, a mother, a daughter, a modern Native woman. I am a fighter, defender, and advocate for my people.

    As a Native woman, life for me is about balance just like I was taught by my elders. Day and night, Raven and Eagle, there needs to be balance. I currently live in urban Washington, DC – far away from my home in Alaska. Far away, but not far from my heart. Honoring my culture is a daily priority and I am always aware that I am a Native representative to those who have not had the opportunity to be close to Native people.

    It is in this spirit that I am introducing this blog carnival hosted by National Congress of American Indians and MomsRising.org. Below you will find a series of blog posts by Native peoples across the country who wish to share about our way of life and to help ensure that future generations of Native people can have the opportunities to learn our traditions and cultures and be proud to be Native.

    Contributing Writers:

    Andrew Bentley, National Relief Charities
    Native American, American Indian or Indian?

    Deborah A. Miranda, Writer/Poet
    Ask For Directions

    Gary Stroutsos, Musician
    Making Knowledge Out Of Sound: The Enduring Legacy Of The American Indian Flute

    Helen Oliff, National Relief Charities
    “Indians are Persons” Under the Law

    Jacqueline Pata, National Congress of American Indians
    Balancing the Raven and Eagle

    Jessica Ordon, Native Voices @ the Autry
    Spotlight on First Look Series: Measure for Measure

    Kelly Gibson, National Relief Charities
    A Trail of Togetherness for Hopi Elders

    Kirsten Easton, Native Voices @ the Autry
    Getting to Know Lori Favela

    Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Beyond the Mesas
    Job Shadowing My Father, and My Path to Tenure

    Murray Lee, National Relief Charities
    Native American Day & Columbus

    Native American Netroots
    American Indian Heritage Day: 11/29 Let’s Eat!

    Neeta Lind, Organizer, Writer, Pundit, Activist
    My Mother’s Story: Flora Sombrero Lind 1923 – 2010

    Ojibwa, Historian/Anthropologist who writes for Native American Netroots
    17th Century Books About Indians

    Randella Bluehouse, National Indian Council on Aging
    Native American Month Family Story: My Mother: 5 Foot Tall Super Hero

    Sarah Howard, MomsRising.org

    Timothy Lange (aka “Meteor Blades”), Daily Kos
    DNC Speaker Denise Juneau Leads Montana’s Public Schools with an Emphasis on Indian Education for All

    Trace A. DeMeyer, Author
    Anger Turned Inside: The Fight For Native Families

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    December 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm by Anita

    These are wonderful stories.



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