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Every Friday, at 1pm, EST, MomsRising hosts a Twitter chat centered around food. This past week we discussed Public Policy’s Role in Reducing Childhood Obesity.  Our featured panelist, @LHCommunities, answered a number of questions, to get you as excited as we are, about the various ways that policymakers can, and have, used public policy to stem the tide of childhood obesity.

 With 274 contributors, and almost a thousand tweets, our Public Policy’s Role in Reducing Childhood Obesity #FoodFri chat was chock full of information and a few light hearted tweets. If you missed the chat, no worries! Although your presence was missed,  we understand you may not always be able to join in. As a result, we've  highlighted a few of the chat's tweets below.

Leadership for Healthy Communities RWJF |

 At MomsRising, we can't help but rejoice whenever we read the below tweet. And, we're not alone! Moms all over the United States voiced their opinions about healthy school meals in MomsRising's National School Lunch Week with Healthy Food blog carnival!


A1: The new school lunch standards are transforming meals for the better, and impacting millions of kids every day! #FoodFri

— MSD CENTER (@msdcenter) January 17, 2014


Doubt the impact policymakers, and public policy, has on childhood obesity? Read on!


A1: Broad policy changes-healthier schools, workplaces and communities-are having an impact #FoodFri

— LHCommunities (@LHCommunities) January 17, 2014

If you agree with the below tweet (or any other!), feel free to hit the Retweet button!

A2: Policymakers have the right and responsibility to ensure communities have access to healthy foods and safe places to get active.#FoodFri

— VoicesForHealthyKids (@Voices4HK) January 17, 2014

Interested in your local policy? Prevention Institute provides search tools to find out more.

Good public policy helps shape our enviros to make healthy options easy! Find what's happening near you: #foodfri

— Prevention Institute (@preventioninst) January 17, 2014


Although we never condone violence, we were excited to see our #FoodFri reach extended all the way to Liverpool!


#FoodFri hello from across the pond I hope you don't mind me joining in our kids are becoming obese & govt. need a kick up the backside

— Liverpool weightloss (@LWeightloss) January 17, 2014

We have to admit, we're not surprised at the reach of this #FoodFri tweet chat. Public policy impacts all aspects of our lives, including our economy...

A4: Healthy food markets & activity-friendly cities can help create jobs and stimulate local economies #FoodFri

— LHCommunities (@LHCommunities) January 17, 2014

school programs...

Low/no cost ideas: school gardens, #farmtoschool programs, #jointuse agreements, #healthyfood school-wide policies. #foodfri — Prevention Institute (@preventioninst) January 17, 2014

and public safety.

A5: Reducing crime & improving public safety can make it easier for people to get outside & be active #FoodFri — LHCommunities (@LHCommunities) January 17, 2014

By opening up a dialogue, #FoodFri allows the sharing of resources.

A9: Establish local obesity prevention councils; implement joint-use agreements; promote farmers’ markets #FoodFri

— LHCommunities (@LHCommunities) January 17, 2014

As well as, the sharing of ideas.

.@dianalimongi @MsLatina YES! And educators and other school employees too, so four-pronged :) #FoodFri — Bag the Junk (@BagtheJunk) January 17, 2014

@mslatina its nots just urban areas, its poor urban areas bc wealthy urban areas abound with healthy options

— Andrea Bonilla (@dreabonilla05) January 17, 2014

Join us. We're a friendly bunch!

@MomsRising Hola! let's chat #foodfri

— Diana aka LadydeeLG (@dianalimongi) January 17, 2014

Our next chat is Friday at 1pm, EST. Just add #FoodFri to each tweet. Together, we can, and will, change how food is viewed! Need a reminder? Feel free to leave your Twitter name below and we'll shoot you a reminder.

Till Friday!

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