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    Fathers on Family Leave: A MomsRising Blog Carnival

    Posted June 12th, 2013 by

    Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on the joys, struggles, challenges and epiphanies that come with fatherhood. I’m honored to introduce this Blog Carnival that focuses on the early days of fatherhood – Fathers on Family Leave, with revealing stories from dads about their introduction to fatherhood.

    Like me, there are other fathers for whom the arrival of their children was revelation to the important demands of child care. However, I had the privilege of paid family leave – a privilege that seems to bestowed by chance in this country. Based on data the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 11 % of private firm workers and 16% of state and local government employees have access to any paid family leave at all. Only 40 % of workers have access to unpaid, job-protected leave, but many can’t afford to take time away from work without pay, and far far too many parents struggle with absolutely no job-protected leave, paid or unpaid. To put this in an even more apparent context, the U.S. remains the only industrialized country without a paid family leave policy.

    As you read our stories, you will understand why researchers state that paid family leave can improve breastfeeding rates, increase earnings for women and reduce costs for recruitment and retraining.  Keep the conversation going by leaving comments and sharing the posts.

    Brandale Randolph, Project: Poverty
    Fathers have become unicorns

    Peter Walz
    Investing in families pays off

    Scott Kurashige, University of Michigan
    Real Nurturing Leave

    Adam Sotak, Democracy North Carolina
    An Organizing Dad

    Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University
    Marvin, Tammi, Misha and Daddy

    Jared Make, A Better Balance
    Supporting LGBT Workers and Their Families in Times of Need 

    Tom Stocky, Facebook
    Reflections on being an at-home dad

    Stan Kimer, Total Engagement Consulting
    The Evolving Role of Men Regarding Work and Family Leave

    Kevin Rogers, Action North Carolina
    Unanticipated rewards

    Charlie Dotson

    David Leonard, Washington State University, Pullman
    Priorities? America’s Family Values

    AUTHOR, Center for American Progress
    Odd Man Out. Why isn’t anyone else taking paternity leave?

    Grant Dotson
    Family leave and self-employment

    Brady Bogenreif
    It takes time

    Ellen Bravo & Stewart D. Friedman
    A Father’s Day gift that keeps giving

    David Uy
    Family Leave Meant A Strong Start for My Son, My Family and Me

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    April 3, 2014 at 7:06 pm by Kathleen

    No paid family leave for fathers is an act against women too, as well as parenthood and family support.


    June 17, 2013 at 1:49 pm by Bob Chrales

    When a father has done all that he can to nurture his children and the mother doesn’t appreciate or understand the man she has. He works hard, helps around the house, supports his children and also, cares for her needs. Some women don’t know or understand the role of a women or mother, It’s done haphazardly and predicted by her past (growing up as a child and relationships) what she thinks is right?

    I married into a family where both sets of grandparents and step grandparents did not support their grandchildren, or the parents of those children. There are many African American families that govern the life style and development of their children at getting even with “White America” for what was done to the black race. I have seen and heard racism in black churches, family gatherings and associates the hatred verbally. President, Obama isn’t the panacea for African American Families and is currently doing American an injustice.

    Until our young black men stop writing /tattooing themselves like human billboards and showing their underwear we are in for a huge fight/change.

    It pains me that I am no longer married to my ex-wife of 23 years due to her inability to support the role I wanted to fulfill called “FATHER”….! There are men out there who got fool by the façade of the lady called women and mother, my heart goes out to you!

    It is called, the nature to secretly control. There is an old story from many years ago the women that started it all her name was EVE!



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