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On MomsRising Radio This Week:

September 14, 2014
On the radio show this week, first up we hear from the researcher whose data sparked a New York Times article with this title: "The Motherhood Penalty vs. the Fatherhood Bonus --- A Child Helps Your Career, if You’re a Man."
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Women & Men Advancing Gender Equality Together

August 19, 2014
Carla Goldstein talks about building a stronger partnership between women and men; partnership that acknolwedges and embraces our interdependence, and that builds on our mutual interests in achieving gender equality.
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Faith above Facts: One Mom’s Career in Sex Law, Part 3

July 15, 2014
Putting faith over fact, 5 conservative Catholic men on the Supreme Court have opened a Pandora’s Box: your boss now gets to interfere with your birth control decisions. In its sharply divided 5-4 ruling in Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS ramps up the War on Women.
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#RADIO this week! — #YesAllWomen

June 2, 2014
We start the show talking about Maya Angelou's impact and also about the explosion of the hashtag #YesAllWomen in the aftermath of the violent sexist rampage that left many dead in Santa Barbara recently. Then we hear from Jose Antinio Vargas--Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, filmmaker, and the founder of Define American ,-- about his new film, Documented, the crowd reactions to it, and what his mother has to say. Next up we get the lowdown from the woman behind Viva La Feminista. Last but far from least we take an in depth look at gun culture in America and what we can do about it. *The...
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The Mother of All Worries

May 7, 2014
I am the daughter of a Jewish Mother, so that means my mom has spent almost every day of the last 45 years of her life worrying about me. And I have given her plenty to worry about. Nothing majorly epic—I’ve never had a baby out of wedlock, or developed a crippling drug habit, or murdered anyone—but any gray hair sprouting from that woman’s head is 100% directly because of me. She never has to worry about my brother, the successful lawyer. She only has to worry about me, the unsuccessful whatever I am. It wasn’t always as bad as it is now, though. There was a nice 4 year period where I didn’t...
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#RADIO this week! — Sexism, Brain Development, the Grammys, and Effective Volunteering!

February 2, 2014
This show starts with uncovering the impact of sexism in the media. Next up we hear about brain development and what you can do to help the little ones in your life thrive. Then we get the inside scoop on the controversies and highlights from Grammy awards. Then we close the show hearing how you (YES YOU!) can make a difference with your volunteer time. *Special guests include: Imran Siddiquee, The Representation Project; Dr. Sarah Roseberry Lytle; dream hampton, award-winning author, documentary film maker, and MomsRising team member; Gloria Pan, a Senior MomsRising Campaign Director. *The...
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#RADIO this week! -- War on Toxics & Poverty - What you can do about it!

January 13, 2014
This show starts out hearing about flame retardants in your furniture and why you should be paying attention to this; then we jump into hearing about Representative Donna Edwards New Year's resolutions for action in the coming year in Congress. We follow her interview with an in depth look at the "War on Poverty." It's been 50 years since President Johnson unequivocally declared a "War on Poverty," and we're going to find out what's happened -- and what still needs to happen now since nearly a quarter of young families today are living in poverty. *Special guests include: Dr. Arlene Blum,...
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#RADIO - This Week! New Year's Resolutions - Celebrating 2013 Victories & Looking Toward 2014

January 6, 2014
This show is all about the new year and new year's resolutions. We cover what we're resolving to do in the new year, both personally and politically; as well as the victories we're celebrating from 2013. *Special guests include: Lisa Maatz, American Association of University Women (AAUW); Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and Caring Across Generations campaign; Jo Comerford, National Priorities Project; Monifa Bandele, MomsRising. *The following guests join Kristin this week on 1480 AM WeAct Radio, which also can be heard via additional broadcast stations, as well as on...
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#Radio This Week! -- Our Economy, Our Families, Our Congress, And Our Nation

December 23, 2013
This show starts out getting the inside scoop on the labor movement America, then we jump to hearing about the big conflict in Congress over unemployment insurance. Will 1.3 million people get left out in the cold? From there we move to explore the growing inequality in our nation and what you can do about it. And in closing we have an in-depth interview with a leading immigration policy expert. Will there ever be a legal path to citizenship? Tune in to find out. *Special guests include: Carol Joyner, Director of the Labor Project for Working Families (LPWF); Christine Owens, Executive...
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#RADIO this week! - Creating Change! From music to legislation to social media and more.

December 10, 2013
Hear the inside scoop on gun violence in America, listen to as U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi shares what’s really happening in Congress, explore the brilliant campaign that led to Marissa Alexander being released from prison, and catch up with Krist Novoselic, bassist and co-founder of the band Nirvana and chair of FairVote. *Special guests include Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America; Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi; Esther Armah, political commentator for MSNBC, international journalist, playwright, creator of...
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