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Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Law Would Help Employers Do Good and Do Well #FAMILYAct

December 12, 2013
When fast food workers bravely took to the streets in September to protest the unlivable wages that many earn, the media shone a spotlight on the exploitative and unsustainable practices of some large employers. But while these unscrupulous businesses deserve all the attention they are getting, they don’t represent the majority of business owners. In fact, many workers are lucky enough to work for businesses that truly care about them—businesses that know the value of their employees and want to do what’s right for them, including ensuring access to paid leave. As Rob Everts , co-executive...
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Take It From Moms: America’s Families Need the FAMILY Act

December 12, 2013
Stephanie was the sole breadwinner for her family when her twins were born three months early and had to be hospitalized. The Wisconsin mother did not have access to paid family leave through her employer, and she couldn’t afford to lose any income by taking unpaid leave. So she went back to work right away, commuting two hours each weekday for two months so she could spend nights at the hospital. When her mother was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, Theresa from New York had accrued some paid leave, which she used to travel to South Carolina to support her mother and take her to doctor’s...
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Introducing the #FAMILYAct: A MomsRising Blog Carnival

December 12, 2013
At MomsRising, we hear from our members every day about how lack of access to paid family leave (including maternity and paternity leave) has created economic instability for their families. But it’s not surprising that we hear from so many people: In the U.S., only 12 percent of workers have access to paid family leave. This is despite the fact that study after study has shown the many benefits of paid family leave to families, to tax payers, to businesses, and to the economy. That is why we are so excited that the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (the FAMILY Act) will be introduced in...
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TAKE ACTION: Sick days save lives

December 12, 2013
Winter is on its way and it's bringing the flu. There are many things we do to try and protect our families from flu. We get vaccines, we wash our hands, we convince the little ones in our lives to sneeze or cough into their elbows... but oftentimes we can not do the simplest and best thing we should do to fight the flu - we can't stay home. Fortunately, we can fight the flu, before it starts, by getting Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act, a national standard for earned paid sick days! For most people the flu is...
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TAKE ACTION: Go time for paid family leave

December 9, 2013
Guess what? It’s "go time" for paid family leave! Two weeks ago I wrote to tell you that Congress was soon introducing a paid family leave bill, including maternity/paternity leave, called the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act). You can read more about this below. Now, the time has come! The FAMILY Act will be introduced by Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. DeLauro this Thursday! Introduction is happening on Thursday, Dec. 12! Make sure your members of Congress know you want them to vote YES and sign on as co-sponsors of the FAMILY Act.
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Generation Zero—Why Millennials, And All of Us, Need Family-Friendly Laws

November 26, 2013
A survey of recent University of Pennsylvania Wharton School graduates reveals that many young adults are planning to solve the work/family crunch by removing family from the equation. Only 42% of the undergraduate class of 2012 plans to have children, compared to 78% of the class of 1992, according to research by Stewart Friedman, author of the new book, “Baby Bust.” Of course, this is only one privileged subset of the population. However, the overall American birthrate has recently declined as well to below the replacement rate (although it now appears to be stabilizing). Friedman reports...
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November 20, 2013
How much do you value the workers of PA? Each work day, I drop off my 2 year old at her daycare so that I can go to work. They make sure that she is safe, fed, gets exercise, learns her colors, and interacts (nicely) with other children. In other words – what they do is priceless and enables me to provide for my family. Her teachers are part of only 27% of childcare workers who receive paid sick days. It is because they are given this respect as a whole person, as parents themselves, that turnover is low and morale is high. It gives them the will to happily sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” for...
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Bringing Dads to the Table…and the Home

November 20, 2013
Cross-posted from A Better Balance's Blog. At first, Josh Levs thought his employer’s policy on paid family leave was a simple mistake. His company, Time Warner, offers new mothers ten weeks of paid time off after giving birth. Women and men who have children through adoption or surrogacy also receive ten weeks of paid leave to bond with a new child. Biological fathers, on the other hand, only receive two weeks of paid leave. When Levs pointed out this discrepancy to his supervisor before the birth of his daughter, he realized that it was not an oversight at all. His boss refused to give him...
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TAKE ACTION: Plus baby, minus paycheck?

November 19, 2013
“When I had my first child I had to return to work within 3 weeks. I was teaching High School science…I only had 2 weeks of paid vacation so I used all of it. I only had a third week off because my daughter’s birth came at spring break.” – MomsRising member Holly from Colorado Unfortunately, Holly's situation is not uncommon in the United States, the only industrialized country in the world without a national paid leave policy . Only 11 percent of Americans have access to paid family leave through their employers. Yes, the 20-year-old Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows some employees to...
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Must Be Nice... Wish I Had a Kid

October 30, 2013
If you've not only heard about - but really thought about - the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance that was just passed in San Francisco, you know what we're getting at with this title. If you're still celebrating the legislation that will go into effect on January 1, 2014, you may want to stop reading as we expose the plain truth that will cause your bubbly to go flat in about 3.5 seconds. We'll start at the top and say that the intent of the ordinance is ultimately good - to attract more families to the San Francisco area, keep them there, and make it less likely that these Californians...
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