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Duh, employers. Let sick workers stay home

August 19, 2009
On Tuesday the Centers for Disease Control released its new toolkit, Preparing for the Flu: A Communication Toolkit for Businesses and Employers , which includes recommendations from the CDC, and a letter cosigned by the Secretaries of Commerce, Health and Human Services, and Labor. Their advice? Plan ahead and "encourage sick workers to stay home without penalty." You'd think this would go without saying, right? What employer would want someone with the swine flu to show up at work? As it turns out, lots of them. Today, nearly 1/2 of the workforce doesn't have paid sick days. And, to make...

It Only Looked Like Business As Usual

June 16, 2009
From Your (Wo)man in Washington Blog Another Hill hearing room, fresh-faced staffers buzzing in the background, Congressmen and women at their microphones, witnesses seated at the witness table. June 11 was just another day for the Nation's Capital of the World's Greatest Democracy. Except it wasn't. The bills in question would make paid leave a reality for (at least some) American workers. The Healthy Families Act, providing 7 paid sick days a year, has never before gotten a hearing, even though it's been introduced year after year. The FIRST Act, offering states federal funds to establish...
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Big hearing tomorrow for Paid Sick Days!

June 10, 2009
Together, we're creating powerful momentum in the fight for paid sick days. But having the support of the Congresspeople who introduced the Healthy Families Act isn't enough to win this essential protection for working families. We need more Congresspeople on board with us.

We lost the battle in Connecticut, but...

June 5, 2009
On Wednesday at midnight, the gavel struck marking the close of the Connecticut Senate Session, and the end of our campaign for the Paid Sick Days bill this year. Despite an unbelievable amount of dedication and hard work, our push for Paid Sick Days came up just one vote short in the State Senate. But we still have lots to celebrate...