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I Am Voting For My Son's Health, His Future

October 30, 2012
I'm the proud mother of two wonderful boys with bright futures. Unfortunately, one of my sons has a serious pre-existing condition: cystic fibrosis. For him, access to health care is the key to that bright future. That's why I'm voting in November's election and why I'm urging everyone who cares about kids with pre-existing health conditions to vote too. Parents of children with pre-existing conditions have to act today to protect our kids' futures. According to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation , approximately 30,000 children and adults have cystic fibrosis and about 1,000 new cases are...
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The Elephant in the Living Room

October 29, 2012
There's an elephant in the living room, and she's getting impatient. While many politicians stand ready to support the stabilizing impact and economic importance of gender equality overseas; too often those same politicians turn their backs on gender equality policies here at home. In the last debate, for example, which centered on foreign policy, Governor Romney had no qualms saying that pushing forward "gender equality" is one of the top four ways that the U.S. can help push back terrorism in other countries. Elephant family discusses how to support the kids and make trunks meet while...
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October 26, 2012
By the time you read this, we will have survived the third and final debate and we’ll be in the final countdown to Election Day. But I can’t help it, people: I’m still shaking my head over Mitt Romney and his binders full of women. Of course I am thankful, along with so many voters, for the comedy it inspired. Yet at the same time, I’m saddened by what it says about how far we women have really NOT come since Virginia Slims launched its 1968 ad campaign with the catchy tagline, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Funny how that particular jingle should spring to mind, with its dark double message...
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How many women will be elected to Congress?

October 25, 2012
We know that women in public office bring their life experiences to the task of policymaking, which is why it's so urgent that we elect more women -- and more moms -- to Congress. To raise the visibility of this year's record 163 women nominees for the US House, The 2012 Project, where I'm campaign manager, is sponsoring a contest to predict the number of women elected to Congress. Our goal is to hit 20 percent women in Congress, which means electing 87 women total in the House on Election Day. How many women do you think will serve in the next Congress? Don't miss the chance to win fabulous...
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URGENT: Time is running out for the 2012 election!

October 24, 2012
The 2012 presidential election will be over in less than two weeks. We don't want to wake up on Wednesday, November 7th wondering if we could have done more to get out the Mom Vote in this election. So for the next 13 short days we're working practically around the clock to make sure moms' voices (and votes) are heard in this election. Can you help? A contribution of $20.12 or more will enable us to take our MomsVote campaign full force into election day: *We're almost to our fundraising goals, but we can't stop in these final days. Moms...
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Decorative Gourd Season - Electoral Pumpkin Style

October 24, 2012
I love this time of year because a whole bunch of my favorite things all come together: Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, cooler weather, elections and… electoral pumpkins! What the what? What is an electoral pumpkin? A weird band? A polling firm? No – electoral pumpkins are my go-to election season stress reliever. Let me explain. A few years ago during a particularly stressful campaign, I found myself doodling and sketching out campaign signs while looking across a table at a pumpkin and thought – I’m gonna put this campaign sign on a pumpkin and…voila! Since then, I've really come to think...
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The federal budget: A high-stakes love story

October 24, 2012
In 2011, I taught two summer courses, directed a federal budget research organization and paid taxes. Taxes are the dues I pay for living in a democracy. Like you, I contribute at the local, state, and federal levels. I want us to fall a little bit in love with the federal budget and there’s no better place to begin than understanding where our federal tax dollars go. So, I’d like to tell you a story – my story – of how the federal budget – our tax dollars – affects my life. Meet my children. My daughter is six going on 33, a courageous, big-hearted cyclone. My son is four. In one instant,...
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It's time for moms to ask the questions!

October 23, 2012
Are you headed to a town hall event, election forum, or did you just run into a candidate at the grocery store? Take along our handy list of sample questions that you can use to ask the candidates about issues that are important to women and families. Find out where your candidates stand! And, you don't have to ask your question in-person. On Twitter? Check out our list of sample questions in Tweet-form below (Scroll down). You can cut and paste these directly into Twitter and Tweet them to your candidate. Let us know what happened! Did you ask a candidate a question or two? Let us know how...
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Women, Binders, Dinner, Oh My!

October 19, 2012
What a week! The "binders full of women" quote exploded in a wide ranging national conversation . It appeared everywhere from Facebook images going viral to people writing hilarious reviews of binders on Amazon . But while pundits analyze the "binders" issue, we at MomsRising have some additional women's economic security policy questions that must be addressed. You see, after the second presidential debate we know where candidate Mitt Romney stands on women, "binders," and home-cooked meals, but we don't know where he stands on key women's economic security policies like access to earned...
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We don't spend money on binders

October 17, 2012
That’s what we’re talking about! Last night MomsRising members cheered and jeered while watching the presidential debate and finally – finally – put a serious dent in our presidential debate BINGO cards. Healthcare, childcare, fair pay, flexible work, clean air, and family economic security were all discussed, and we were able to check the box on several of our “bonus” words too, including immigration. SEATTLE, WA- MomsRising members and kids gather at a restaurant for pizza, BINGO and debate watching. *Let's keep it up! Can you lend a hand to turbo-charge our MomsVote effort? https://action...
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