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What was that about pools and polls?

November 6, 2012
"Voting makes a better world!" - Anna, age 13. "Parents vote so that their children can have good leaders, and a good president, and better laws." - Adasa, age 10. "It's important for parents to vote because it's our future." - Connor, age 16. "If people didn't vote, there would be no president." --Elisandra, age 5. And two of our favorites: " If we don't go to the 'polls,' we can't swim ." - Vivi, age 3, mixing up polls with pools. " Mama, mama, mama ." - Bea, age 13 months. Election Day is TODAY and it's time to get out there and vote! Bring your kids with you to the polls! Make voting a...
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Your Guide to Avoiding Election Day Snafus

November 6, 2012
IT’S HERE! Election Day is today (November 6th!) and it's time to get out there and vote! It can be enough of a challenge just getting to the polls today, but it’s so important. Make sure that you have everything you need this election day to make your voting experience go smoothly. Find out: What's on your ballot How to find your polling location How to do election day voter registration Tips on breastfeeding at the polls Election day activities for kids ...and more, in this handy guide to avoiding election day snafus: Check your ballot: Plug in your address and you can preview your ballot...
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GMO: why you owe your kids a Yes vote on Prop. 37

November 5, 2012
Let's cut to the chase: 1/ there's no such thing as a scientific consensus on GMO ( genetically modified organisms ) safety—but a battle of opinions supported by studies that each side unsurprisingly deems irrefutable or deeply flawed 2/ GMO benefit nobody today but the IP owners of the patented seeds (or rather, their bottom line)--not the consumer, not the small farmer, despite the biotech industry's claims to the contrary: the former is unwittingly acting as a guinea pig, the latter is enslaved to patented seeds whose false promises have already driven many to suicide . As a consumer, I...
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Four Key Policy Priorities for Women Missing from Election Debate

November 5, 2012
By Caroline Dobuzinskis and Mallory Mpare As we head into the elections, and looking forward, what are some of the less-talked about issues that will be important to women after November 6? Women are often those making family decisions on education, child care, and health care. They are also more likely to serve as caregivers for children or older relatives. Perhaps as a result, they tend to be more likely to support providing services for families, children, and the elderly. The wage gap, women in the workplace, and access to reproductive health services have received much of the focus in...
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Find out where to go to vote

November 5, 2012
So you think you can dance, er, vote!? YOU CAN! But do you know WHERE you need to go to vote tomorrow? We do! And we can help you! *Get the latest information on where you need to go to vote tomorrow sent directly to your cell phone (where you need it most!) by clicking here: (And if you want to sign up to receive this information directly from your phone, text the message “Vote” to the number 747464, which spells RISING). We can just see you now: You're gonna be the best voter this country has ever seen. You've got your voting...
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November 5, 2012
It's all over the news. Polls are showing that the elections are close. Huge numbers of people are expected to vote on Tuesday, with friends, family, neighbors and others casting their ballots. But…with an unprecedented number of moms juggling work and family on Election Day, extreme weather, and voter suppression tactics being used that often impact moms more than others,[1] we want to make sure that every mom who is eligible to vote, can vote. Tomorrow is Election Day, and nearly every adult in America knows it. But knowing it's Election Day and voting aren't always the same thing. After...
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November 6: The Time to Take a Stand

November 5, 2012
As the fastest-growing group of voters in the country, Latinos could make the difference in several key battleground states in the closest presidential election in years. An estimated 12.2 million Hispanics are expected to go the polls on Tuesday. As the largest nonpartisan national Latino voter registration organization in the country, which has registered more than 90,000 new voters in the last few months, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) knows how eager Hispanics are to participate in this election. But the only way we can turn “could” into “did” is for our community to take a stand...
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A Teachable Moment About the U.S. Election - Thanks to Foreign News

November 5, 2012
Driving this morning with my nine year-old, as we half-listened to the BBC news on the radio, yielded a nice teachable moment. They advertised their round-the-clock election coverage of the U.S. Presidential race. It sounded momentous and a little urgent. I took their tone for granted, but I’m glad my daughter, Sophia, didn’t. Here’s how the conversation followed: Sophia: “Mommy, why would the BBC care about the U.S. election? It’s not their country.” Me: “That’s such a good observation. It’s our election, but the whole world is watching.” Sophia: “Why?” Me: “The United States is the...
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Call me?

November 2, 2012
"Hey, I just met you, so call me maybe…” is on our running playlists, and calling is on our minds because the election THIS COMING TUESDAY! There's no "maybe" about it: We're definitely calling--and we'd love it if you did too! THE LOWDOWN: MomsRising staff, volunteers, friends, family, neighbors, and others are each taking a few moments between now and Election Day to call busy moms across the nation to remind them that the election is this Tuesday so they can make a plan to vote! Want to make a few calls? It's easy. All you'll be doing when you call is reminding busy moms that Tuesday is...
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Vote Like Your Future Depends on It

October 31, 2012
This election season is extracting an enormous toll from candidates and citizens alike. Pressure is always intense in a Presidential year, but this year is different. Airwaves and Internet hammer away with news of poll after poll, minute campaign details and endless tit for tat. The presidential race, Senate and House races — even local campaigns — all occupy space in national media. Twenty e-mails appear in my inbox by noon each day, all URGENT and all pleading for funds. The money flow is mind boggling. According to , state races alone have raised almost $1.2 Billion...
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