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"Twilight: New Moon" Director Shows Impact of Anti-Immigrant Law on Alabama Families

February 17, 2012
Last September, a federal court judge allowed a sweeping immigration crackdown law to take effect. That legislation, which was signed into law by Alabama's Governor Robert Bentley in June of 2011, quickly progressed into a unrelenting nightmare for immigrant families living in the state. Many in America had no idea what was happening, and many still don’t. The stories out of Alabama range from sad to scary to completely horrific. Mary Bauer, the legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, reported that a mother in northern Alabama was told she could not attend a book fair at her...
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Arizona Bill Would Bar Shackling of Mothers Giving Birth

February 15, 2012
PHOENIX --Lisa Marie Cookingham, an OBGYN doctor at several hospitals in Maricopa County, often sees cases of incarcerated patients being shackled to their beds during labor—a practice, she said, puts women and their unborn babies at risk. “I experience first-hand the harmful practice of shackling prisoners,” she testified at Arizona’s Senate Public Safety and Human Services Committee in support of a bill to ban the practice statewide. Mother’s, Baby’s Care Compromised Cookingham testified that as recently as two weeks ago correctional officers refused to take the shackles off a woman in...
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Children Express A Powerful Wish for the Holidays: Allow All Families to Stay Together

December 27, 2011
“I think that no one should live in fear of being deported and separated from their families. I believe that the way we are in our families, taking care of each other, is how we should live in the world. My family is partly immigrants, but we have the privilege of having citizenship. I want to use my privilege so that deportations don’t ever happen to another immigrant family.” Gabriel, 11 years old, Portland, Oregon Listening to 11-year-old Gabriel talking about why he’s concerned about the impact of immigration enforcement policies on families—even through his own family has U.S...
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A Victory for Fairness and Respect in Our Nation

December 22, 2011
At MomsRising we're always looking out to make sure that mothers and families are treated fairly in our nation. In 2009, we saw a video that shocked us : two young children crying, alone in a car, reaching out for their mother who'd been taken away by deputies wearing ski masks after being stopped for a minor traffic violation. The images were haunting. A nightmare, right? Never in America? Wrong. A local NBC news report at the time described the incident through the eyes of a witness, "…the deputies were wearing ski masks and detained the children's mother for about an hour while her...
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The Next Citizen's Movement -- Respectful Dialogue

December 6, 2011
by Tojosan on On December 4, 2011, the Livingroom Conversations Website went live and I co-hosted a demonstration Living Room Conversation gathering with my conservative partner Amanda Kathyrn Roman. I'm still feeling the glow. I expanded my understanding of where we might find common ground across party lines around reducing the influence of big money in politics, and people participating in the conversation expressed interest in a future Living Room Conversation about immigration. What a pleasure conversing respectfully and...
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Five Myths About California DREAMers

November 28, 2011
What is a California election without some good old-fashioned scapegoating? We Californians are innovators in so many ways: home to the first personal computer, the nation’s first recycling program and ground zero for the Americans with Disabilities Act. But we also have this nasty history of exploiting and scapegoating minority groups, like immigrants . We saw the latter play out this past Black Friday, when conservative legislator, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia) played to the shopping crowds by offering them the opportunity to win Target and Best Buy gift cards in exchange for their...
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Children Left Behind: Number of Children in Foster Care Due to Parents’ Detention Climbs

November 22, 2011
Emily Butera is the Senior Program Officer for Detention and Asylum at the Women's Refugee Commission Maribel was driving in Virginia with her one-year-old child when she was pulled over by a police officer, who asked to see her driver’s license. A Mexican citizen living in the U.S. without a visa, Maribel was arrested for driving without a license. She was quickly transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody and agreed to be deported. Maribel only wanted to take her child—a U.S. citizen—with her. Her child, however, was placed in foster care because Maribel was not...
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Let the Conversation Begin....

November 14, 2011
The day Arizona Governor Brewer signed SB 1070 was the day that I decided to leave "traditional" journalism to pursue a career as an independent journalist reporting on issues that impact the Latino community. My hopes are to tell stories that accurately portray the community and bring a balanced and fair dialogue to the negative rhetoric. Recently, I moved back to my hometown of Chicago after having worked at CNN for 4 years and another 4 at Univision. My career in mainstream media has been full of ups and downs – a bit of disillusion and a bit of triumphs. What motivated me to become a...

A Wish for the Holidays

November 9, 2011
Do you have a wish for this holiday season? I do. I wish that all families can stay together. That’s why I’m participating in A Wish for the Holidays, a campaign to gather 5,000 letters from kids asking our nation’s leaders to ensure that families stay together. For me, holidays all boil down to spending time with my large extended family. Honestly, I don’t know how we all crowd into my Gramma’s 2-bedroom, one-story home, but most holidays, we manage to all squeeze in and enjoy a crazy day full of laughter, teasing, eating, and sharing. Like that one Christmas, when an innocent game of White...
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Frightening Children in Alabama

October 17, 2011
I do not understand deliberate cruelty. I understand it exists. I understand that those who practice it can often justify it as excusable and even noble. But cruelty to a child? This is beyond all understanding.
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