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DREAMers: Mothers look forward to your success with the Deferred Action process, and we urge caution when applying !

August 10, 2012
While we continue the momentum towards passage of the DREAM Act, mothers across the country are standing in support of the 1.76 million immigrant youth who will be able, starting August 15, 2012, to seek a form of administrative relief from deportation. This first step in the long-awaited deportation relief for youth who came to our country as children is an immense victory for families across the nation. With that said, MomsRising , an online and on-the-ground family-oriented advocacy group of more than one million members across the nation, urges people to be very careful and thorough when...
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When Immigration Enforcement Equals Inhumane Enforcement

July 20, 2012
Cross-Posted at America's Voice: I'd like to believe that most Americans, perhaps with the exception of the hard-core nativists, like Rep. Steve King and Romney advisor Kris Kobach, knows our nation’s immigration policies need to be fixed. But behind these failed policies are real human beings: those who make decisions about how to enforce the law, and those whose lives are affected by their decisions. Two disturbing stories from this week show how bad decisions at the hands of the bureaucracy can have extreme consequences for real people. And, while no parent should lose his or her child --...
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#ImHere For Immigrant Women. Are You?

July 12, 2012
For millions of immigrants, here — the U.S. — is home. But for many immigrant women, home is not safe. The last few years have brought a steady decline in the human rights of all immigrants to the United States. Our broken immigration system and cruel anti-immigrant laws have had particular impact on immigrant women and the families they’re raising. Many immigrant women are sole breadwinners — yet they earn 13 percent less than their male counterparts and 14 percent less than female U.S. citizens. Many families have already been separated by deportation or indefinite detention, often without...
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Pop Quiz: Pick Out the Immigrant

July 10, 2012
Editor's Note: For live coverage of this speech, please see this C-Span clip . This week the U.S. Supreme Court declared the immigration policy of the state of Arizona, a policy that Mitt Romney has called a “model for America,” to be largely unconstitutional. I applaud the court for stating that immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. The “show me your papers” law allows police to demand that individuals prove they are legally in this country. This law is not just a problem for people who are undocumented. It is not just a problem for immigrants. It is not just a problem for...
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What the Supreme Court Ruling On SB 1070 Means For Children and Families

July 9, 2012
In April 2010, Arizona passed SB 1070, the first state law aimed at enforcing immigration laws in an effort to reduce the undocumented immigrant population. A federal district court enjoined the law one day before its implementation, and a final appeal reached the U.S. Supreme Court. Since the passage of SB 1070, five other states have passed similar immigration laws, including Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Utah. THE U.S. SUPREME COURT DECISION On June 25, 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down three of four provisions of SB 1070 based on the grounds that federal law...
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Racial Profiling of Immigrants Has Consequences For All Communities

July 6, 2012
As a fellow for New America Media , the country’s largest collaboration and advocate for 2,000 ethnic news media outlets, I was tasked with finding an immigrant woman to interview for a story. Oh boy. As I began searching, I was shocked to hear from so many documented immigrant women who were afraid to speak to me for fear that they would be apprehended by local police or immigration authorities. These women came from all parts of the world -- El Salvador, Nepal, Kenya and Haiti -- and now live on both coasts of our country. They have reason to be fearful. Racial profiling of immigrants has...
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Shackled and Detained: A Pregnant Woman's Story

May 24, 2012
Juana was nine months pregnant and driving home from a prenatal checkup when she saw the flash of police lights behind her. Without explanation, she was pulled over and asked to show her driver’s license. Juana gave the officer her consular ID and car’s registration. Still without explanation, or warning, she was arrested. Juana begged the police officer to let her go. Her three children were in the backseat, and she was only days away from giving birth. But no. Juana was taken into custody at a Tennessee County jail. It was there that Juana, totally alone, went into labor. See Juana tell her...
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To Rep. Sandy Adams: Victims of Domestic Violence Deserve Better Than Your VAWA Bill

May 24, 2012
Cross-Posted at America's Voice and Daily Kos : It’s painful to watch. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL), a victim of domestic violence, has let herself become the spokesperson for the grievously flawed and dangerous Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed by House Republicans. But asserting that “VAWA must protect all victims,” as Adams does in a new op-ed in The Hill, isn’t enough. Her bill has to actually do so. Protecting all victims has been the premise of VAWA for twenty years. But the GOP bill doesn't do that. Even Adams admits that the GOP bill weakens protections for Native Americans, the...
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Latinas in the White House and Beyond

May 21, 2012
In a few hours I will be joining a cohort of my hermanas, Latina bloggers at a meeting at the White House. Some of these women I have had the honor and priviledge to know and work with for years. A few I am even working with at present on the deployment of the Latino Voice survey to make sure the Latino voice is heard and counted, especially during this very important election year. And yet others I look forward to meeting for the first time in person tomorrow. As I mentioned in the Game Changers interview last week, there are several issues of import to the Latino community that are top of...
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On Violence Against Women Act, GOP Works with Mail Order Bride Industry Against Immigrants

May 18, 2012
Cross-Posted at America's Voice : “Russian Women are no longer the best kept secret of the cold war” notes the website of Encounters International , the mail-order bride company that is lobbying hard for the passage of the scary Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) -- the version that passed the House of Representatives earlier this week. An actual reauthorization of VAWA passed in the Senate last month by a 68 - 31 margin , in a rare show of bipartisanship. As I previously reported , the VAWA reauthorization provides Republicans with a unique opportunity to advance a...
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