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The Fight for Racial Justice Continues

May 30, 2013
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities (aka Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence) is a pan-Asian organization based in New York City that has been doing social and racial justice work since 1986. We are rooted in low-income Asian immigrant and refugee communities and work to build the leadership of those most impacted by systemic and institutional injustice and violence. We believe that policing and state violence affects everyone. As Asians, we are often disregarded or looked at with skepticism when it comes to these issues. However, we are clear that despite there being examples of success...
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Sorrow, Anger, ACTION! - A Gathering of Voices Against Gun Violence

May 29, 2013
More than 30 people are killed with guns each day in our nation, according to the CDC . June 14 is the six-month anniversary of Newtown , and nearly the fifth month anniversary of the tragic death of Hadiya Pendleton . MomsRising, PICO Network, UltraViolet, Children's Defense Fund and the National Network to End Domestic Violence invite you to join your voice with ours as we remember that tragic day and use our voices to turn anger into action. In these last six months, what have our national leaders done to help prevent such tragedies and reduce the terrible gun violence that devastates...
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TAKE ACTION: Roaring our terrible roars, gnashing our terrible teeth

May 23, 2013
Ever felt like a wild thing? Last mon th, I found myself "roaring my terrible roar and gnashing my terrible teeth and rolling my terrible eyes and showing my terrible claws," because the Senate failed to pass the Manchin-Toomey Amendment, which would have expanded background checks for gun purchases and is a measure that 90% of the public supports . Lawmakers take heed! The failure to pass background checks provoked a wild rumpus across the land, in some places directly against the lawmakers who voted against background checks. For example, in New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte faced intense...
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Gems of Wisdom from 3rd Graders on Gun Violence

May 17, 2013
I had to share this audio clip of Vice President Biden reading from a binder of letters about guns from third graders in North Philadelphia. As Biden's mother used to say, "Out of the mouths of babes comes gems of wisdom." These little kids understand, because, coming from one of Philadelphia's most impoverished schools, many of them have seen the effects of gun violence in the streets. Camilla said: "I want to discuss with you why you want to stop gun violence. I think it's because you want less people passing away." Marilyn said: "I think you should close gun stores. That's my opinion."...
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Coupons for AK47s and alcohol?

May 14, 2013
I like deals as much as the next mom, but a coupon for AK-47s, rifles and pistols and also 10 cocktails? Ridiculous, but true! LivingSocial, offers this coupon while telling customers to, “Take a break from the urban insanity—and blow off some steam while you’re at it—with this fully loaded Adventure.” LivingSocial is an Internet company that offers discount opportunities to participate in fun experiences such as cookie tastings, acting workshops, or even exotic vacations. Such offerings now include “adventures” that combine booze with firearms, promoting and glorifying a risky combination...
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Resisting Rape Culture: In Media & Street

May 13, 2013
“Respect me.” “I am more than what you see.” “I want to feel safe.” These messages we chalked on the sidewalk during a demonstration for International Anti Street Harassment Week in Philadelphia this past April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) resonate with anyone who has felt dehumanized, objectified and targeted - while walking down the street. This was my third year helping to organize a street harassment demonstration with FAAN Mail (Fostering Activism & Alternatives Now), a media literacy/activist project I co-founded with women of color. This year several young people joined us,...
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How many more mothers are childless today because our Congress isn’t brave enough to act?

May 10, 2013
Nothing is worse than losing a child. This may be one of the few universal beliefs that still holds true in every far reaching corner of the globe. And, I think most would agree that few acts of personal courage are more inspiring than the strength and grace with which many mothers who have experienced the greatest loss devote to preventing others from experiencing such anguish. In the early 1990s, when I first started working with HELP USA, a national nonprofit providing housing and human services for homeless and low income families in challenged communities, I met mothers whose sons were...
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Another Toddler Dies. A 3-Year Old in Arizona Shoots Himself in the Face

May 9, 2013
It seems like an everyday thing now. You get online or turn on the TV and there it is. Another headline of a child/toddler getting hold of a gun, playing with a gun, and dying by a gun. Some of the public and media seem to be getting tired or numb to such stories. The Arizona death of a 3-year old barely made it to mainstream media. Why? Is this kind of story no longer shiny and sexy news? I’m angry. Children –babies–are dying for no good reasons, while pompous NRA advocates are finding more ways to lobby/buy more pro-gun laws. In Arizona, the state where this child died, Governor Jan Brewer...
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Tell Chicago Public Schools: No Rape Music at Prom

April 24, 2013
I vividly remember my high school prom. We were dressed like adults and many anticipated the chance to play the part. Do you remember the scene: doey-eyed teenagers and whispers of all the possible places to spend the rest of the night without adult supervision? For young people, the energy of the night is electric and unforgettable. They will make decisions that night that can have life-altering consequences. Their judgement should not be influenced by music that encourages violence and promotes rape. The musician Chief Keef is a Chicago rapper who has received national attention for his...
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Without Economic and Safety Reforms, Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence are at Increased Risk

April 15, 2013
This blog post originally appeared in National Network to End Domestic Violence . Domestic violence victims often describe feeling like prisoners in their own homes – beaten and controlled by abusive partners, silenced, isolated and shamed, without the protections or resources to leave and find safety. For immigrant victims of domestic violence, this sense of imprisonment is even more pronounced, because their abusers have additional weapons to use against them – their dependent immigration status or lack of legal status. They threaten victims with deportation and with having their children...
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