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Another Toddler Dies. A 3-Year Old in Arizona Shoots Himself in the Face

May 9, 2013
It seems like an everyday thing now. You get online or turn on the TV and there it is. Another headline of a child/toddler getting hold of a gun, playing with a gun, and dying by a gun. Some of the public and media seem to be getting tired or numb to such stories. The Arizona death of a 3-year old barely made it to mainstream media. Why? Is this kind of story no longer shiny and sexy news? I’m angry. Children –babies–are dying for no good reasons, while pompous NRA advocates are finding more ways to lobby/buy more pro-gun laws. In Arizona, the state where this child died, Governor Jan Brewer...
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Tell Chicago Public Schools: No Rape Music at Prom

April 24, 2013
I vividly remember my high school prom. We were dressed like adults and many anticipated the chance to play the part. Do you remember the scene: doey-eyed teenagers and whispers of all the possible places to spend the rest of the night without adult supervision? For young people, the energy of the night is electric and unforgettable. They will make decisions that night that can have life-altering consequences. Their judgement should not be influenced by music that encourages violence and promotes rape. The musician Chief Keef is a Chicago rapper who has received national attention for his...
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Without Economic and Safety Reforms, Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence are at Increased Risk

April 15, 2013
This blog post originally appeared in National Network to End Domestic Violence . Domestic violence victims often describe feeling like prisoners in their own homes – beaten and controlled by abusive partners, silenced, isolated and shamed, without the protections or resources to leave and find safety. For immigrant victims of domestic violence, this sense of imprisonment is even more pronounced, because their abusers have additional weapons to use against them – their dependent immigration status or lack of legal status. They threaten victims with deportation and with having their children...
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Say “Not Again” to Gun Violence in America: A Song and a Perspective from a Dad Abroad

April 10, 2013
I am very grateful to MomsRising for the opportunity to share my music and thoughts with all of you. The repeated, tragic shootings in our country have pained me. I am a proud father of three wonderful teenage daughters. Though a native New Yorker, from the Bronx, I do not live in America, nor have I been impacted personally by any of the many horrific events. I feel deeply for those who have suffered personally through these events, and applaud their courage to speak out and become activists for what is such an important cause: reducing gun violence in America and protecting our children in...
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Interfaith Call-in Day to Prevent Gun Violence

April 9, 2013
Over the past few months we have come together in the faith community many times to stop gun violence. We made a difference: our congregants made more than 10,000 calls to the Senate on February 4th in our Faiths Calling campaign. Since the Senate debate and vote on a gun violence prevention package is imminent, we are working hard to ensure our next call in day on April 9th rings loudly throughout the chambers of the Senate. We need you to help ensure our collective efforts are a success. April 9th Faiths Calling – Interfaith Call-in Day to Prevent Gun Violence 1-888-...
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Have Moms Forgotten About Newtown?

April 5, 2013
Just three short months after the tragic shooting deaths of 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School... Just weeks after a Chicago infant was killed in cross fire... And just days after President Obama made an impassioned plea to the American people to “remember how we felt 100 days ago, and make sure that what we said at that time wasn’t just a bunch of platitudes, that we meant it”... I woke up to this front-page Washington Post headline: “Gun measures may be in jeopardy in Congress – Post-Newtown push falters.” (Online headline) What?! When I look at my kids and think about those...
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Zina's Story: How Weak Gun Laws Turn Domestic Abuse Into Murder

April 3, 2013
Women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be murdered with guns than they are in any other developed nation. This violence is directly related to our weak gun laws.
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Speak louder Than Gun Fire

March 28, 2013
A couple of weeks ago, I met a woman named Louisa during a protest in front of the NRA’s national headquarters. As I walked beside her, waving my sign that said, “ Smart Gun Laws, Safe Families ,” I asked her, “Has anyone in your family ever been impacted by gun violence?” Literally stopping in her tracks, Louisa replied in astonishment, “Are you joking? Who on earth hasn’t been?” Her voice shaking, Louisa proceeded to tell me about her 18-year-old nephew, Ian, who fell asleep in a neighbor’s game room and ended up being shot by intruders. His death devastated their family, leading his father...
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Tears and Prayers at the NRA

March 19, 2013
I have thought a lot about what happened to/with me at the vigil at the NRA on March 14 —and how my story might help inform and move people. I’m offer here a little more detail for what I hope is a contribution to the issue of the price families pay for America’s approach to guns, which is oddly both cavalier and arrogant. I hope something good comes of my sharing my story. Tears and Prayers at the NRA On March 14, the third-month “anniversary” of Newtown, I went with the Reston-Herndon Alliance to End Gun Violence and members of my members of my United Christian Parish Justice Taskforce for...
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NRA Has Fairfax Police Throw Out Moms

March 14, 2013
This just happened: The NRA had the police escort mothers, children, and families off the premises when we attempted to deliver over 100,000 messages from moms across the nation today. We were stunned. We hoped the NRA leadership would meet with us (or at least accept the messages) because moms across the country are concerned about gun safety, and so is the American public. Even the NRA's own membership supports some tightening of gun laws with 74% of NRA members supporting universal background checks. Our pledge to protect our children and our communities from gun violence...
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