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Gun Violence, Honesty, and Responsibility

June 12, 2013
We can make America safer. But first, we need an honest conversation about the unacceptable current level of gun violence; and we must acknowledge that reducing firearms injuries and deaths is our shared responsibility. Too often, our values of liberty and safety are pitted against one another. Simply, this is a false choice; we can pursue and protect both. For the sake of our nation and the families that see sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers taken every day, we must have an honest conversation free of hyperbole and hysteria and a serious public policy discussion aimed at reducing...
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Keeping Our Babies Safe

June 12, 2013
I vividly remember the day my son was born, almost 24 years ago. A fleeting, but frightening thought seeped into my hopes and dreams for my beautiful baby boy—“How will I keep you safe from going to war?” The Vietnam War, with images of killing fields and the gruesome draft was the reality of my younger years. Our generation of parents has been lucky, killer drafts have not touched our babies. But guns have. When my son was 16, one Sunday afternoon we went to the local mall to buy him jeans at the Gap. At the time, he had just gotten his learner’s permit, so I reluctantly handed over the keys...
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Sacrificing Children for the Love of Guns

June 12, 2013
Look at this picture, part of several released by the New Orleans Police Department on May 13. Is that a small child running alone from the shooter ? So young, so small, and already he's had to learn to escape a bullet. The man is aiming a gun into a crowd attending a New Orleans Mother's Day Second Line Parade. He and his partner wounded 19 people. Another person was injured when she fell. Suspects have since been arrested for the shooting along with alleged gang members , accomplices after the fact. Somebody shoots; somebody gets arrested. Most people think that's all there is, but I keep...
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We Won't Stop Fighting to Demand Action

June 12, 2013
Credit: Demand Action Earlier this year, my company’s blogger network, The Mission List , worked with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s organization, Demand Action , to raise greater awareness about issues of gun violence in America and to urge our friends and representatives to act. Despite the excellent work of Demand Action and so many citizens, meaningful legislation to address gun violence in America has failed thus far. It has failed despite the 30 people who are murdered every day with a gun. It has failed despite the massacre of children at Newtown six short months ago. It has failed...
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I am speaking to the future

June 12, 2013
When I speak about the violence that occurred on October 28th, 2002, I do so with the understanding that I am speaking to the future, not the past. Always unsure of who is listening and the impact of my words, I speak these words to all of you that I will never know: you are the person whose life my words will save one day, and neither of us knows it at this moment. But I love your life as much as I love my own, for I have seen firsthand what it means to die because of gun violence, and have lived the ten years since, carrying the weight of that knowledge in my heart and in my very being. On...
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Promise to my mom

June 12, 2013
As an educator working in a first grade classroom, I watched in horror on December 14, 2012, as the images of Sandy Hook flashed across my phone, my television screen, my Facebook and Twitter feeds. As someone who grew up in Newtown, I watched in shock, and then enormous sadness, as I saw the images of my beautiful town, my schools, and my church. My mother, Peggy Gloria, is a retired paraeducator from the Newtown school system. We’ve had many tearful conversations since December 14th. It was my mother who asked me the question, “When will we stop putting politics before the safety of...
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Thoughts Of A Father On The Newtown Anniversary

June 12, 2013
It happened again. This time it was in Santa Monica, where a young man just shy of his 24th Birthday, went on a shooting rampage. He had reportedly been " hospitalized for treatment after allegedly talking about harming someone ," in the past, but because of a Congress that has chosen to do nothing in the face of this threat to our " general welfare ," an assault weapon was likely not even a challenge to obtain. I have worked on this issue as an advocate for 4 years now, and have written about it in columns and/or blog posts going back a dozen years. But it is in recent years that the fight...
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Newtown Action Alliance Honors Our Victims by Demanding Change

June 11, 2013
Newtown is mostly quiet again now, especially in the tiny business center of Sandy Hook - just around the corner from the site where our shuttered elementary school still stands. You can’t see Sandy Hook School from the road, and the driveway remains closed and guarded. But people all around our country and even the world understand the significance of this site, and feel a reverberation of the events that took place there on December 14th, 2012. The terrifying mass murder of innocents was carried out within minutes but will be felt for decades. It left the people of Newtown and beyond...
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Will Mothers Be the Champions of Gun Control?

June 11, 2013
This story originally appeared in Mamiverse . Two months have passed since the Newtown tragedy, and while most of us are able to continue our lives as usual after our initial shock, disbelief and horror, the parents of the 20 children killed that day cannot. The families of the teachers killed that day cannot. The health and law enforcement professionals who arrived on the scene cannot. The community of Newtown cannot. And the rest of the country should not. As I listened to the State of the Union address last week, I was not surprised that so many parents, myself included, tweeted and...
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Is Gun Safety Really Better in the U.S. Compared to South America?

June 11, 2013
On December 14, 2012 innocent children and educators were victims of Adam Lanza, a mentally disturbed man who had easy access to guns and ammunition that should only be accessible to the military; no civilian should have access to this type of artillery. The United States' gun laws are too lax, and this needs to change. It is surprising to know that countries in South America have better gun control legislation than the USA, and moms there may have to worry about pickpockets or robberies, but they do not have to worry about a gunman shooting up kids in school. Maybe it's time we learn from...
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