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School Food Advocacy 101

January 30, 2015
Our kids spend most of their waking life at school, so the food they encounter there can have a real impact on their health. If you're feeling concerned about some aspect of your child's school food environment - take action! Here are some general tips for effective school food advocacy: Keep your cool. Food is an emotional issue for most people, and questioning how someone feeds the children in their care can touch on all kinds of sensitivities. So no matter how annoyed or angry you may feel about junk food at your child’s school, first take a deep breath! Remember that the teacher passing...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: What's In Your Fruit Snacks?

January 29, 2015
Looking for a healthy treat? Don't be deceived by claims of "fruit" in your snacks! Fruit snacks are everywhere: supermarkets, convenience stores, lunch boxes, cafeterias, vending machines... But the truth is these brightly colored processed foods tend to be all snack and no fruit. Join #FoodFri at 1pm, EST, on 1/30/2015, with @MomsRising and @CSPI to share and learn the truth about fruit snacks and healthier alternatives to snack on. Feel free to invite a friend (or two!) by clicking below! Tweet: Don't be deceived by claims of "fruit" in snacks! Join #FoodFri 1/30 @ 1pET to learn more: http...
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Who Makes Our Food?

January 27, 2015
More than 100 years ago, after Upton Sinclair worked undercover in Chicago meatpacking plants, he revealed the abuse and exploitation of immigrant workers in the industry—including the tragic story of a worker who fell into a rendering tank. Public reaction to his great book, “ The Jungle ,” forced federal measures to make food safer—but not workers safer. There shouldn’t be any separation between good food and good jobs, because working conditions in the food system are everyone else’s eating conditions. Unions represent workers throughout the food system—farm workers, meat cutters, poultry...
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Wendy's, Soda, and Faith

January 26, 2015
So what does a soda in a kid's meal have to do with faith? Thanks to the powerful advocacy of MomsRising, Wendy's announced last week that soda would no longer be an option in the meals that it markets to children. This is good because sweetened drinks (like soda) are the largest source of added sugar in a child's diet. A 12oz soda typically has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. According to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a fifth of teens drink the equivalent of an extra meal in sugar-sweetened beverages every day. But this move is also a powerful values statement from Wendy'...
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REAL FOOD Money Saving Tips

January 25, 2015
Weekly I prepare real food meals for my family at least 6 nights of the week. I try to keep our weekly grocery bill at $150 which is very doable when following these tips. REAL FOOD Money Saving Tips Menu Plan – when making a menu plan you are not going into the grocery store and just picking up all sorts of foods off the shelves. When you menu plan you are only getting the foods you need for the week and are less likely to have foods go bad because you didn’t use them. Use Foods You Already Have – Before you begin menu planning look through your pantry, fridge and freezer to see what you...

Open letter, closed door in breastmilk bank controversy

January 23, 2015
For-profit corporation Medolac has announced the cessation of their plans to launch a Mothers Milk Co-op in Detroit, Michigan in response to breastfeeding activists’ demands for public accountability. As a Clinton Global Initiative to increase breastfeeding and economic empowerment in Detroit, Medolac announced its plans to establish a Mothers Milk Coop. Under its plan, the Co-op would pay mothers $1/ounce for their breastmilk, which would be sold to hospital NICUs for $7/ounce. Details of the proposed plan were made public in a New York Times Motherlode piece , which generated concern about...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Restaurant Kids' Meals, Food Marketing and YOU!

January 23, 2015
With more and more families eating out, children are getting about 25% of their alloted calories from fast-food chains and restaurants. Given the role that they play, parents are seeking healthier kids' meal options. It's critical in the fight against childhood obesity. Join #FoodFri on Friday, January 23, 2015, as @MomsRising chats with @CSPI about Wendy's recent decision to drop soda from its kids' meal and learn what this means for families and kids! This tweetchat is a celebration, as well as an opportunity to discuss what we have planned in our battle for healthy children's meals. Join...
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Mud Run for Kids, Brain Breaks, and More: Vote and Win a Prize!

January 21, 2015
Healthy kids need to move it, move it. That’s why Salud America! is presenting six new #SaludHeroes who helped give Latino kids more physical activity. WATCH and VOTE for your favorite play-promoting #SaludHeroes by Jan. 27, 2015, and be entered in a random drawing to win a FREE T-shirt and jump rope! #SaludHeroes are: Mud Run for Kids. Elementary teachers Fred Bailon and John Soto started mud runs for students to help fight obesity in San Antonio, Texas, which is mostly Latino. Taking a “Brain Break” in Class. A principal launched brain breaks and new physical activity programs at Simon...
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What parents can do to support a healthy school day!

January 21, 2015
Parents have a big role in making the new standards a success. Here's how you can help:
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Strengthening Healthy Schools

January 16, 2015
With children consuming almost half of their daily calories at school, strengthening schools so that they can provide healthy school meals, can help stem the tide of childhood obesity in the United States - which incidentally has tripled over the last 4 decades. Together, with schools, Moms (And Dads!) can strengthen healthy schools to make sure our children have the best opportunity to live a healthy life. Join #FoodFri with @MomsRising and @AHA_Vida on Friday, January 16, 2015, at 1pm, EST as we share ideas, resources and inspire one another to strengthen healthy schools for our children...
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