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MomsRising members, kids, and the Tooth Fairy went to Capitol Hill to tell Congress: Reduce Childhood Hunger

November 24, 2015
Over the summer, MomsRising members signed-on to our open letter asking Congress to give as many children as possible access to nutritious, healthy food with a strong reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, referred to as the 2015 Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR). The...

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Permission Granted: 5 Ways to Find Rest this Holiday

November 24, 2015
Does the thought of hanging lights and attending holiday work parties make you want to grab your sleeping bag and run for the nearest cave? 2015 has been intense for many of us. Often, we felt over-scheduled, overworked and we rarely got the chance to unplug. We navigated big career and life...

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Good Food Force Update: Holiday Round-Up: Recipes, Crafts, Holiday Stress, Shopping Tips, more!

November 23, 2015
The holidays are here, friends. We're sharing a round-up of healthy holiday tips, recipes and crafts below! As always, please read and share, and have a great week. 1. TIPS & RESOURCES 5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season , by Migdalia Rivera With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to...

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A Major and Growing Role of Americans' Diets: Snacking #FoodFri

November 20, 2015
Snacks play a major and growing role in Americans’ diets. Though sugary drinks, chips, and candy are among the most common snack choices, snack time doesn’t have to mean unhealthy foods. From revealing the role Big Food has played in changing Americans’ snacking habits to sharing healthy snack...

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Squash: Cook It, Craft It, Grow It

November 19, 2015
Perhaps no vegetable has a more unappetizing name. But squash is actually an incredibly tasty, versatile and nutritious veggie, that's also fun to grow. And of course there are some fun squash crafts, too. But first, some squash trivia to get our juices flowing! 1. True or false: there are two...

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What you need to know about #AntibioticResistance

November 16, 2015
This week, the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention are recognizing World Antibiotic Awareness Week and 'Get Smart' on Antibiotics Week , respectively, in efforts to address a major and growing threat to public health: antibiotic resistant infections. These...

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America's Crisis: Military and Veteran Food Insecurity #FoodFri

November 12, 2015
Heroes. This is the word that comes to mind when I think of our military and veterans. Their patriotism keeps our nation safe. Their sacrifices maintain our security. Unfortunately, our heroes are unable to provide enough food for themselves and their families. There are food pantries serving...

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Voices of the Good Food Force: Dara Cooper

October 28, 2015
We're inspired by amazing food activists like Dara Cooper, who was an honoree at MomsRising's Food Power event in NYC last year. Dara is an activist, organizer and currently the director of the NYC Food and Fitness Partnership at Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. The Partnership works to...

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Good Food Force Update: Farm to School, Interview with "Cafeteria Man"

October 27, 2015
DYK it's national Farm to School Month? Check out some handy resources below! We're also sharing stories from moms speaking out about the importance of federal nutrition programs. As always, please read and share, and have a great week! 1. TOP STORIES AND QUICK ACTIONS Join us in celebrating Farm...

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Farm to School: Let's Get Fresh Foods In Our Kids Schools! #FoodFri

October 23, 2015
October is National Farm to School Month and we're joining in the fun with a farm to school themed #FoodFri chat! Join #FoodFri on October 23, 2015, as @MomsRising chats with @USDANutrition and @FarmtoSchool . We'll be chatting with Moms and Dads, like you, as well as organizations that are...

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