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What's the deal with the fiscal cliff deal?

January 3, 2013
On New Year's Day 2013, Congress listened to voices of millions of mothers and families and passed "fiscal cliff" legislation that makes the wealthiest in this country pay more of their fair share. Who helped win the day? You did! Our nation needs your help again. There is another Congressional fiscal deadline in TWO MONTHS. *Tell the new Congress NOT to balance the budget on the backs of children and families as they face this new deadline: In the recent fiscal cliff Congressional crisis, your letters, stories and calls helped ensure that...
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Congress: No Playtime Until You Do Your Chores!

December 30, 2012
We interrupt our regularly scheduled holiday relaxation to bring you a critical message: Moms (you!) are needed to help alleviate a severe case of Congressional foot dragging. No one can light a fire under slow-moving bottoms like moms! Why? Because if Congress doesn't act quickly, after 11:59pm on December 31st, then our nation could go over the "fiscal cliff." And if we go off the fiscal cliff because some in Congress refuse to end the Bush era tax cuts for the very wealthy, then not only will crucial public services be in jeopardy, but taxes for the average family could go up by $2,000 per...
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There’s Still Time to Keep Kids From Falling off the Cliff

December 30, 2012
With New Year’s fast approaching, the “fiscal cliff” puts billions of dollars of critical investments for children at risk. If policy makers do nothing, millions of children could be pushed into poverty with the expiration of improvements to the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Families with an income of less than $50,000 could see their taxes go up by $1000 from just the changes to these and other tax credits. Sequestration, automatic across the board cuts to most areas of the government, will cut investments to kids by $6.4 billion in 2013 alone. Here are some of the real...
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December 19, 2012
I have spent 20 years working for social change, and I have come to realize that we need to find new ways to reach people, let them know what's at stake, and inspire them to action. Just look at our budget debate. Even though progressives may win on taxes, the conversation is still dominated by out-of-touch deficit hawks who have no idea what’s actually happening in our neighborhoods and schools. Right now, Washington is in a frenzy, willing to toss Medicare and Social Security overboard to avoid asking those who do well in America to do well by America. Does anyone think our communities will...
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The Fiscal Cliff: What All Parents Should Know

December 16, 2012
By now, most people who pay attention to the news have heard about the “fiscal cliff.” The problem: Most people don’t know what the fiscal cliff actually is, or how it will impact their families. The term “fiscal cliff” is shorthand for a series of events that will occur at the end of 2012 that will impact how the federal government operates. These include automatic, across-the-board cuts to funds for schools with low-income and special needs students; increases in income taxes and the payroll tax, which fall primarily on middle-income families; decreases in tax credits to support working...
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Ask the President to Keep His Promise to Home Care Workers

December 13, 2012
A year ago this week, President Obama announced an initiative that would have a profound impact on mothers and daughters across the country. At a press conference, surrounded by a dozen women who assist—or are assisted by—home care aides, President Obama announced that he was going to end the exclusion of these workers from federal minimum wage and overtime protections. “They deserve to be treated fairly. They deserve to be paid fairly for a service that many older Americans couldn’t live without. … We’re going to do what’s fair and we’re going to do what’s right,” the President said. One...
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Going Over the Fiscal Cliff: Women and Kids First

December 10, 2012
Congress is likely to remain in session until Christmas Eve -- wrangling over the looming sequester and expiration of the Bush tax cuts. The country doesn't have enough money, or doesn't spend it right, or the rich have too much of it, or the middle class doesn't have enough, or the poor get too much in the way of handouts. If lawmakers don't do something quick, on January 1st we're all going to turn into Thelma and Louise and go over a cliff. But this time it won't be the Grand Canyon. It's something called the fiscal cliff. Who's right? Who's wrong? And most of all, who gets pushed over...
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We Can Avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" Without Turning Our Backs on Our Most Vulnerable

December 4, 2012
Like most voters, Latinos cited jobs and the economy as their greatest concern in the days leading up to the election . The pressing importance of these issues led to an historic turnout of Hispanic voters in the 2012 election and overwhelming support for President Obama’s reelection. In the post-election period, Latinos are looking to our nation’s leadership to pursue policies that spur economic growth and keep us on the path to recovery. That progress, however, will be in jeopardy if our nation falls off the dreaded fiscal cliff on January 2, 2013, the day that deep spending cuts...
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Eldercare, Childcare, and Everything In Between:'s Thank You to Caregivers

November 27, 2012
Late night calls are the worst. Mine came all the way from Shanghai, China, where my parents live part of the year. My dad's voice was faint, halting. He told me quickly that my mom had fallen and broken her leg and he was with her in the hospital right now. She would need surgery. Could I leave Los Angeles and go to Shanghai within the week? My parents, both retired, were in basic good health but before leaving for Shanghai, my mom had had persistent nerve pain in her left hip and also back pain. She was also slightly overweight, and learned in the course of trying to find a treatment for...
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Member Voices: A Thanksgiving Wish

November 20, 2012
Finally, the election is over. After such a contentious and lengthy battle over the direction our country will take for the next four years, we can all calm down, shake hands, and get on with life (is anyone else LOVING Nashville ?). Let's all heave a sigh of relief, right? Oh. Wait, what? We're not heaving a sigh of relief? Well, what are we doing? Oh. We are laughing at each other and gloating about winning. We're deliberately annoying and antagonizing each other, like this gun shop owner , who has decided that having voted for Obama proves you are too irresponsible to own a firearm. We're...
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