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North Carolina: Raising the Minimum Wage is a Women’s Issue

April 7, 2014
In North Carolina the minimum wage isn’t enough to support an individual, let alone a family. Our minimum wage has remained stagnant at $7.25/hour for years, which is completely unacceptable when the majority of minimum wage earners are women, many of whom are supporting children during these increasingly expensive times. As the daughter of elderly parents, I can relate, but still only in a small way to what single mothers with small children and aging parents have on their plates. As the Shriver Report described it, women are brushing the hair of their children with one hand while...

Michigan Families Need a Raise

April 7, 2014
Michigan needs to raise the minimum wage. Not just because it's the right thing to do for the minimum wage workers in this state. It is important for everyone in the states and is the single most important thing that could be done to help our state recover from the worst economic recession in a decade. People don't have money to spend on the basics like groceries and gas. This sets off a ripple effect, causing harm to many people, businesses and industries beyond low wage earners themselves. When someone can't afford to buy groceries, they definitely aren't going to be going out to eat,...
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Massachusetts Should Be Leading the Way on Earned Paid Sick Time

April 7, 2014
Guaranteeing earned paid sick time for the people of Massachusetts is a priority that I've long fought for as a representative in the state legislature. As a mom with a background in nursing and interest in public health policy, it is also an issue that resonates with me personally. These are the key reasons why earned paid sick time is a primary focus of mine, particularly during the National Week of Action , when state legislators across the country are promoting a shared agenda designed to secure real prosperity for all Americans. What does real prosperity look like in Massachusetts? I am...

Georgia: Public Education is Critical to Economic Security for Families

April 7, 2014
Americans have long seen education as a path to economic prosperity. As a Georgia State Senator and Leadership Chair of Progressive States Action’s Public Education Working Group, I work with fellow state legislators, families, educators, and advocates to battle education budget cuts year after year. The need to restore the draconian cuts to Georgia’s public education funding is the focus for us during the National Week of Action for Real Prosperity. Real prosperity across America starts with making real investments in our students. Remarkably, a small group of Georgia leaders are making...

Why We Fought So Hard For Connecticut's Higher Minimum Wage

April 7, 2014
I am proud that my home state of Connecticut made history last month when we enacted the highest state minimum wage in the country: $10.10 per hour. As $10.10 per hour is also the federal minimum wage proposed by the President and Democratic leaders in Congress, Connecticut is essentially leading the way as national momentum builds. In part to demonstrate why we fought so hard for this wage raise for the people of Connecticut, I began my own Minimum Wage Grocery Challenge on the eve of the final vote in the state legislature. With the National Week of Action set to begin in the coming days,...

Arizona: Making the choice to support low-wage workers, but we need to do more

April 7, 2014
As an Arizona state legislator, mother, and social worker, I see firsthand the barriers women face to success in my state and around the country. For decades I have worked with women who are marginalized by society and have few opportunities to get back on their feet. Victims of domestic violence sometimes lack job skills and experience because their abusive partners kept them from working and gaining independence. Women leaving abusive situations often have to rely on minimum wage jobs that don’t offer the benefits necessary to support individuals or families. For a female victim, pay equity...

Gross Domestic Product - What if you got paid to raise your children?

April 4, 2014
The idea to write a play about motherhood came to me when I was writing my last play, Flipside and nursing my second child. Actually, it had been gestating since the day I was nursing my first child and complaining to my HartBeat Co-Artistic Director Greg Tate that the intersecting struggles of child care, career and being broke were making motherhood feel impossible. To this my wise friend said, "Well that's what's behind the movement for counting childrearing as part of the Gross Domestic Product. Think about how much easier this would all be if raising children was valued for what it is -...

Comparing Competing Visions on the 2015 Federal Budget

April 3, 2014
On Tuesday we at the National Priorities Project released our fourth annual, one-of a kind Competing Visions analysis , which compares the president’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal to two significantly different visions – the House Republican budget resolution, introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan, and an alternative introduced by the House Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). Our analysis highlights the top issues that matter most to Americans and, using opinion polls, shows how each proposal stacks up against what Americans want. It’s clear that some lawmakers’ visions are out of step with...

We've Got a Math Problem -- but Help May Be on the Way!

April 3, 2014
I remember sitting down with my mom doing my math homework almost every night. One night I was tasked with creating a budget for a family of four -- I remember my mom being elated that I was learning the importance of budgeting from such a young age. I’ll admit at first the purpose was a little lost on me. But as we plugged in the income, and subtracted monthly costs like food, rent, the basics, the added cost of child care was a nut the two of us couldn’t crack alone. Now more than ever do we need to address major policy issues that have been damaging to women and families for far too long...
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Oregonians: Let's End General Electric's $3 Billion Tax Refund

April 2, 2014
General Electric got $3 billion in U.S. income tax refunds between 2008 and 2012. You read that right: They paid LESS THAN ZERO in taxes. You probably paid more than they did! We have a chance right now to close two of the biggest tax loopholes that let them do it -- but we have to act really fast. Tell Sen. Ron Wyden to close GE's loopholes and make them pay their fair share of taxes. These two loopholes reward big corporations like GE for shifting profits to offshore tax havens, where the U.S. can't tax them. Sen. Wyden (D-OR) chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which will vote...