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Can you hear us Congress? #WEmatter!

August 21, 2014
There is an election right around the corner and that makes now the perfect time to make sure that our elected officials in Congress and beyond know that we matter and we will be holding them accountable. Women and family economic security issues are more than just political footballs and talking points. Our voices, and our votes, matter. #WEMatter.
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Childcare - The Low Hanging Fruit

September 17, 2014
Low hanging fruit. Ripe. Ready to be picked. Easy to reach. Social or political 'wins' most folks can get behind and that don't have many cons. In today's economy, our lowest hanging fruit is childcare -- basic facilities (or homes) that offer children of low-to-moderate incomes a safe place to learn and socialize. My 3.5 year-old godson (GS) is bright, inquisitive, and active. As a middle class godparent, I want him to learn in a pretty building that keeps him engaged and pushes him to new heights. In my neighborhood, that type of childcare costs $1200+ A MONTH. That is a mortgage payment...
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Take Action!

Historic: US Senate Just Advanced Paycheck Fairness Act

September 10, 2014
BREAKING! Due in no small part to your efforts, letters, calls, stories, and testimony, the U.S. Senate just advanced the Paycheck Fairness Act in a historic vote. But the bill isn't fully passed yet.
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Take Action!

URGENT: Senators Voting on Fair Pay, Minimum Wage Bills

September 9, 2014
Breaking news: The U.S. Senate could vote soon on the Paycheck Fairness Act and on the Fair Minimum Wage Act. Votes could happen as early as Wednesday, September 10. Time is short! And your voice is needed now to let Congress know we're paying attention to how they vote -- and we expect them to step up for women and families.
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Once again, Medicaid saved the day

September 9, 2014
I have relied on Medicaid for both my daughter and I on and off since she was a toddler. Not long after graduating with my MA in Family Counseling, my daughter and I were left without health insurance, since I was no longer allowed to purchase the university's group health plan. With my first job out of college being part-time and for very little pay, I was forced to get us Medicaid coverage—and I couldn’t have been more thankful. That was the first time Medicaid saved the day. I eventually found full-time work and purchased an individual plan for myself, but my daughter remained on Medicaid...
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I'm a Koch Sister, Too!

September 8, 2014
You’ve heard of the Koch Brothers, the ultra-rich, corporate extremists whose deep pockets are flooding election-season airwaves. Too often, their goals are part of a political playbook to drive down wages, cut Social Security and Medicare and secure more corporate tax breaks at the expense of our environment. Their money may dominate American politics and law-making, but their values and ideals sure don’t. We have a better alternative. Meet The Koch Sisters , Karen and Joyce, who share the same last name but not the same values as the infamous Koch Brothers. They’re not related to David and...
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Transporte: vital para la seguridad económica de las mujeres

September 3, 2014
Transporte seguro, eficiente y a buen precio es vital para la seguridad económica de las mujeres. El transporte posibilita la autosuficiencia y permite acceso oportuno al empleo, a servicios de primera necesidad –como tiendas de autoservicio, guarderías y cuidado médico –y permite que las mujeres se inscriban y gradúen de programas de capacitación y entrenamiento. Encontrar vivienda a un precio accesible para familias de bajos ingresos, particularmente en la región de Washington D.C., requiere cada vez con más frecuencia, largos viajes al trabajo y altos costos de transporte. Con la...
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California Passes Paid Sick Days Bill!

September 3, 2014
California has long led the way in establishing family friendly workplace policies, from enacting the nation's first paid leave program in 2002, to the nation's first citywide paid sick days law in San Francisco in 2007. Last week, the state legislature made further history by passing a bill that would allow around 6.5 million additional California workers to earn paid sick days. The bill's next stop is Governor Jerry Brown's desk and the great news is that he has already voiced his support for the bill!
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Employers of nursing mothers think outside the bathroom stall

September 2, 2014
A provision was added to the Affordable Care Act in 2010 requiring that employers “provide a reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child...and a place, other than a bathroom...which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.” The health benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers is widely known. Did you know that employers benefit, too?
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Labor Day: A Time to Recommit

August 29, 2014
This Labor Day, throughout the nation we will pause to recognize the incredible achievements of America’s working women and men. We will gather in communities to march in parades, host barbecues and celebrate the people who really make this country run. But we also should recognize that despite our sweat, our sacrifice and our innovation, too many families are struggling to get by. This hasn’t happened by chance. Increasing political and corporate attacks on working people have pushed wages down for decades . Good jobs have become harder to find. Unemployment remains too high. Large raises...
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