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In New York City Schools Racial Profiling and Discrimination Starts Young

July 30, 2016
THREE MILLION students, including preschoolers and kindergartners, are suspended from public schools each year across the nation . Last year in New York City, more than 800 kindergarten through second graders were suspended from school. Not only are these children only approximately 5 - 7 years-old...
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Using my outside voice for early learning in Orlando!

July 26, 2016
Last week I joined MomsRising to visit Mayor Buddy Dyer’s office to talk about the importance of early learning programs, like pre-k and childcare, in ensuring kids get a strong start both academically and in life. ‪Why? Because early learning is so critical and is something dear to my heart. When...
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Lives can change in an instant

July 6, 2016
When I recently attended an advance prescreening of Intelligent Lives, a wonderful film by Dan Habib that will challenge our definition of intelligence when it is released next year, in the discussion that followed the clip, a number of participants from the film were answering audience questions...
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Why Moms Should Care about Child Care as an Election Issue

July 19, 2016
If you’re a mom with young kids, what may be on your mind on Election Day isn’t “who is better on economic policy?” but “how am I going to juggle child care so that I can find the time to vote?” But you need to hold that thought even after you’ve resolved the day’s child care challenges and headed...
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Sign up for some high impact, summer fun for you and your family!

July 5, 2016
Whoa. Childcare costs more than college in most states right now. That’s a national emergency in my book. But you can do something to help address this challenge and fix it. You can educate city leaders about how they can strengthen early learning programs, like pre-k and childcare, in your...
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¡Cinco formas de ayudar a tu niño a tener éxito en la escuela y en la vida durante las vacaciones de verano!

July 13, 2016
Durante las vacaciones de verano, muchos padres y niños tienen tiempo extra, lo que hace que sea la oportunidad perfecta para ayudar a tu niño a desarrollar sus destrezas socioemocionales antes de que comience el año escolar. Tal vez te estás preguntando, ¿qué son destrezas socioemocionales? Son...
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Mi vida cambio completamente cuando empecé a trabajar la educación temprana

July 13, 2016
En 1989, cuatro años después de que emigramos a los Estados Unidos, me presentaron el programa de preescolar llamado Head Start. Aún recuerdo esos primeros días cuando caminaba a mis niños a su escuela cada mañana. A pesar de los retos de la vida diaria, podía mirar la emoción que con anticipación...
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My life changed completely when I started working in early childhood education

July 13, 2016
In 1989, four years after we immigrated to the US, I was first introduced to Head Start preschool. I still remember those initial days walking my children to school each morning. Despite all of life’s challenges, I could always look forward to my children’s joy in anticipation of getting to school...
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Troubled moms and dads learn how to parent with ACEs

July 12, 2016
A father in county jail is ordered to take a parenting class, but isn’t too enthusiastic about it. As part of the class, he learns about the ACE Study, and does his own ACE score. “Oh my god!” he announces to the class. “I have 7 ACEs.” His mother’s an alcoholic. His dad’s been in and out of jail...
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How to Win Mom's Vote

July 11, 2016
More than 20 million moms with kids at home are likely to vote in the presidential election this fall, but the very real concerns they have for their children are too often overlooked. In the 2012 presidential race, nearly 10 million more women than men voted for president – 71.4 million women...
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