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Five Ways to Help Your Children Succeed in School and Life During the Fall and Holiday Season!

October 20, 2016
Welcome to our second installment of #MomsReading! In this series, we discuss book suggestions and activities that parents and care providers can use to build a child’s social and emotional intelligence.You can check out our first blog post in the series : The fall and start of winter can be an...
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Courageous Conversations: The 2016 Election

October 20, 2016
As we prepare to elect a new leader of our country, the vitriolic stump speeches and debates can tend to consume all of our time and attention. Children are also watching and listening, trying to make sense and meaning of the words, images, and feelings swirling around them and us. Children as...
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Quack Quack! Can you back up California's Littlest Learners?

October 18, 2016
Can I get a Roar! A Neigh! A Woof! A Meow! Say Whaaaaat? You heard that right! Animal noises and early learning- a match made in heaven, and two weeks ago, close to 75 of California’s littlest learners roared, whinnied, meowed and neighed in support of high-quality, affordable early learning,...
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The High Cost of Being Poor in Your State

October 18, 2016
Partners in 13 states have been working with the Coalition on Human Needs to release reports on high cost of being poor and policies to reduce poverty. See what's happening in your state.
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Why do we need mindfulness at school?

October 11, 2016
Both adults and children can benefit from mindfulness training, especially in the sometimes-challenging public school environment. Mindfulness is simply the practice of training our brain to be aware of our feelings, our bodies, and our environment in the present moment. Although it is an ancient...
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Growing Pains in the Teenage Brain

October 11, 2016
Why are teenagers so much more impulsive and more emotional, than adults? “It’s all about the brain,” said Chandler Todd, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico, to an audience of parents at the Albuquerque Academy preparatory school in New Mexico, Oct. 5, 2016. Teens...
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Dayton RSVP

Join MomsRising at Dayton City Hall on Oct. 19th to thank the city!

October 7, 2016
I’m flying into Dayton on October 19th to join local parents and residents at Dayton City Hall to thank Mayor Nan Whaley and the Dayton City Commissioners for being early learning champions! Can you meet us there and bring your kids, friends, and family? Click here to join me and other MomsRising...
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Fun FREE Event!

Bring your Halloween costumes and love of early education to Burlington City Hall!

October 7, 2016
Have your kids or grandkids been trying to sneak into their Halloween costumes early? They aren’t alone! On October 24th at 10am I’ll be dressing up for Halloween early with candy in hand to visit the Burlington Mayor’s Office. Why? To send one strong message: Let’s give Burlington kids the treat...
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Mi taza de café en español/inglés

October 7, 2016
Cuando era niña, mi papá siempre me dijo que era una niña “café con leche”. Una mezcla de dos culturas distintas que, al unirse, se transforman en su propia y única creación. Parte de esa mezcla especial también incluye el haber aprendido dos idiomas en mis primeros años. Al crecer, aprendí español...
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Social & Emotional Needs of Students: An Islamic Perspective

October 3, 2016
As an educator of 30 years, I have come across various methods of disciplines such as Lee Canters’ assertive discipline, Jim Fay’s teaching with love in the classroom and the classroom management techniques provided by the Master Teacher Video Series. Mind you all of these programs have merit and...
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