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A disturbing pattern

April 7, 2011
"It's offensive to me when politicians compare our current national budgeting issues with tightening a family budget. We moms know how to budget for our families. We know to not always buy the $20 steaks, but we don't cut out milk for our kids. The current proposed federal budget cuts literally stop kids from getting milk, while not even trimming the fat off the corporate steaks." - Sarah, MomsRising member Just when I thought the news from Washington, D.C. couldn't possibly get any worse than a looming federal government shutdown over the 2011 budget, it did. This week, the House Budget...
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Can You Explain Your Sudden Objection to Going Potty?

April 6, 2011
I was in the ladies’ room in the airport. Honestly, I was minding my own business. Honestly, I wasn’t eavesdropping on the next stall. On purpose. Honestly, this is what I heard from the young mother to her child. “Stephanie, can you explain to Mommy your sudden objection to going potty?”
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No No Nintendo: Parents, Children, and the Latest Media Wonder

April 5, 2011
The much acclaimed Nintendo 3DS promises endless hours of screen-time pleasure—and a load of trouble for parents and children. It provides 3D gaming with no bothersome glasses. Reviews glowingly describe a three dimensional experience that is more real and more compelling than ever before—instead of objects appearing to come at you, the new Nintendo technology creates a more realistic sense of depth. According to the New York Times , “Just about every child in America who likes video games is going to want a 3DS; the clamor will reach a fever pitch this weekend and will continue straight...
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March in the Rear View Mirror

April 3, 2011
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Women's History Month has drawn to a close, but there's time to sneak in a few comments. In recent weeks, two notable women have died. Elizabeth Taylor left as her legacy decades of activism and outspoken advocacy, saying what many in politics were too afraid to say about HIV/AIDS. Geraldine Ferraro left a marker for women's political participation. For many, her passing provokes dismay and despair that a woman still has not been elected President. Both of them made us see the world...
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Mommy's On Strike?

March 30, 2011
What if we just stopped having babies? You know, like an ANTI-labor labor movement. This may sound like a silly, made up argument, but right now, women in their childbearing years are "on strike" in something like than 90 countries in Europe and Asia and it's creating serious problems.
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The Mother/Scholar and On-Campus Child Care

March 30, 2011
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ A young mother wrote me some time ago asking if there were any Mothers’ Centers on college campuses. She wanted to connect with students who were also raising children, facing coursework and degree requirements at the same time. I regrettably had to say no, not yet. I had no idea how many student/parents there were, or how much support they needed, until I attended a briefing this week to usher in a new report, Improving Child Care Access to Promote Post-secondary Success Among Low-...
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The Right Priorities For Our Working Families

March 29, 2011
The 2010 election was a mandate for one thing: creating jobs and strengthening our economy for the long term. I heard that message loud and clear from New York families in every corner of our state, and I am working with my colleagues in Congress on solutions that will help create good-paying jobs and get the economy moving again for everyone. But, instead of focusing on rebuilding the economy, House Republicans have unleashed an extreme ideological attack on America’s women and working families with HR 1, the first bill they introduced this Congress. The House-passed bill slashed critical...
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Hope for Innovation in Education│TEDxNYED

March 28, 2011
There is hope for education innovation in the U.S. Earlier this month I had the great honor of joining several hundred people committed to innovation in education in various forms, for the TEDxNYED conference. The speaker roster , folks behin d the scenes and participants I met (like Nathan Dudley of the NY Harbor School ) truly inspired me, with their sincerity, diversity of initiatives, experience, passion, knowledge and commitment to what's best for our children and our collective future on the planet. I've been really grateful for the outpouring of support for my talk , which came more...
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A Wish List for Moms & Moms-to-be

March 23, 2011
Co-Authored by Michelle Noehren & Michelle Pompei We’ve been advocates for women’s rights for a while and while we have been big supporters of advocating for working moms in particular, nothing really prepared us for what life would be like as we each started our own families. The inequities faced by moms and moms-to-be have only become more glaring and our drive and passion to support moms is stronger than ever. We’re two Michelles at different points in our motherhood experiences. Michelle Noehren is expecting her first baby in May of this year while Michelle Pompei had her son Phineas...
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Making Time to Protest Colorado's Budget Cuts to Education

March 6, 2011
Wednesday, February 16th. 8:30am I make my daily run to drop my kids off at school and daycare. 9:10am I arrive at my office and check email. I find a personal email from national journalist David Brancaccio from PBS. We met a couple years ago when he interviewed me for a piece he did on MomsRising and on the economic issues affecting mothers. He tells me he’s in Denver today covering the state budget crisis. Then he tells me, a Colorado citizen, that he’s sorry to hear about what’s taking place. What’s he talking about? I wonder, becoming concerned. But it’s time for my first meeting so I go...
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