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U.S. Educational Outcomes Improved Despite Our Economic Woes

September 26, 2012
Headlines about the “crisis in education” might lead you to believe otherwise but most educational outcomes in the United States have improved over the last decade. High school graduation rates and national math and reading scores for students of all races and incomes are higher than ever. More...
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County Fact Sheets Highlight Health of Children of Color

September 25, 2012
We have long known that communities with higher rates of poverty and unsafe school conditions face sizeable barriers to leading healthy, successful lives. To provide data that illustrates the intersection between our surroundings and our health, we developed a new series of fact sheets, Spotlight...
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Raising Kids Who Care

September 25, 2012
It was one of those mornings when I was in a hurry, but the universe had other plans. I sat my groggy four-year old down with a buttered bagel so I could rush to get ready while she ate, but when I came running back to her, I saw that she had placed a favorite coffee-table book in front of her and...
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Eat, Read, Sleep

September 20, 2012
Back-to-school night: With four kids, I’ve attended a few. Last night the Principal at my children’s grade school delivered an opening message worth memorizing: Eat, read, sleep. Families today are busy! It sounds trite, but it’s true. With 24/7 connectivity, a recession, and a global economy, most...
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#RADIO – On Location at the Democratic National Convention

September 18, 2012
We have a very special show for you. We were at the Democratic National Convention and met amazing and inspiring leaders from across the nation. We recorded some great interviews with spectacular guests for you to listen to at your leisure. Enjoy! **You can hear the whole show now by clicking here...
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School’s Out for Teachers

September 7, 2012
By Abby Lane, Fellow, National Women’s Law Center We’re back this Friday with your monthly update on the BLS jobs numbers . Other things are back too – cooler temps are back, Monday night football is back, and kids are back to school – but one thing that isn’t back are teachers . Local education...
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The National Women’s Law Center’s Labor Day Index

September 5, 2012
This blog was cross-posted from Womenstake , the National Women's Law Center's blog. In honor of Labor Day, here’s a snapshot of how working women are faring in today’s economy, by the numbers. Percentage of college graduates earning bachelor’s degrees who are women: 57 . Percentage of students...
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Playborhood Party

August 31, 2012
Many times, I’ve walked my neighborhood with my kids and though I see lots of playscapes in backyards, I never see kids playing outside. EVER. I occasionally see some kids get off the bus after school, but once they go inside, they are GONE. Are there really so few kids living near us? Or are they all holed up inside, tied to their electronic devices? My boys and I would linger in the cul-de-sacs on all the nearby streets, playing and making a lot of noise, hoping some kids would wander out. Nope, never happened.
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Toddler Thursday: Shoe Tie Practice Board

August 30, 2012
Welcome to Toddler Thursdays! Join us every Thursday on the MomsRising blog for crafts and recipes for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as news and tips on childcare and early education. Sometimes I feel like we are the A-Team around here! Did you ever watch the A-Team ? It was one of my favorite...
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Memoirs of a Wimpy Kid: Why Buying Books For Our Kids Matters. A Lot.

August 27, 2012
“So how do I make my little boy as clever as you are?” The question came out of nowhere. We were teenage waitresses in a Wimpy hamburger joint in a working-class town in England, taking our break squeezed together in a little red naugahyde booth, chowing down on the greasy burgers the management...
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