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A Step Forward In Food Safety

March 18, 2010
Each year approximately 87 million Americans -- 5 million in New York alone -- are made ill by contaminated food. Of those, 371,000 are hospitalized with foodborne illness, and 5,700 die. In 2010 America, this is simply unacceptable. The fact is, our food safety laws have not truly been overhauled in more than a century. Back in December, in my post "A New Approach To Food Safety," I wrote about the importance of developing a new comprehensive food safety agenda that brings these laws up to date and focuses on prevention and notification. As I wrote then: ...we must improve public education...
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Mothers Snowed Under

March 13, 2010
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Would you believe me if I told you that a major snowstorm affects the lives of men and women differently? Could I convince you that there is a gender difference, even in the weather? Let me try. In February, parts of the East Coast had a humongous snowstorm. Nobody could go anywhere for 5 days to a week. There was no paper delivery, no mail, no traffic, just heaps and heaps of snow. Everywhere. So, child care centers closed early, opened late, or just couldn't operate. Parents couldn't...
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Bring on the radical homemakers

March 12, 2010
...At some point, of course, I realized I wasn’t happy. I was trapped. I had money, but not time. It was like being surrounded by food, and dying of thirst. It turns out that there is a way out of this mess. There are people all over this country–both women and men–who have made a conscious decision to value their time more than their money. Against the formidable current of popular culture, they have decided that this may be the only life they will ever have, and they’re going to live it fully.
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71% of US supports food for kids, will Congress?

March 10, 2010
Nearly 17 million U.S. children (almost 1 out of every 4 children) faced hunger at some point last year. That is a staggering statistic. But for MomsRising member Yvonne, it's much more personal: "My sister, the mother of 2 preschoolers, has track marks up and down her arms. Last July both she and her husband lost their jobs. Although they applied for every job they saw, she didn't find a job until late November--and then only a part-time one. My brother-in-law still hasn't found one. The track marks? My sister, my wonderful sister, gives plasma several times a week, earning $25 each time, in...
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March Forth Today!

March 4, 2010
"My husband and I have to work opposite shifts because child care is unaffordable. He works from 6am to 2:30pm, and I have to meet my husband at his job to drop off our son so that I can be to work by 3:00pm. I miss out on putting my son to bed ." - Kristina, MomsRising Member Unfortunately, Kristina's story is not unique. In today's economy, we hear story after story of parents struggling to find and afford quality child care and preschool. Today we have a chance to do something about it. Will you contact your Congressperson today to urge them to help keep families working and young children...
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When will we dictate policy to protect our future generations?

February 18, 2010
Why are other countries recognizing the need for a paid stay-at home option, yet we are not? When will we dictate policy to protect our future generations? Our country's leaders seem to be primarily concerned with the here and now, instead of maintaining a balance that satisfies the present and the future. When will we, parents, amass and demand better options for balancing work and parenthood? How long will we wallow in a discontent disillusionment that our leaders won't listen or aren't concerned? Aren't we the ones who determine who our leaders will be? Aren't "we the people" destined to...

Tots Rock the Washington State Capitol!

February 9, 2010
Last Friday, February 5th we held an all-ages-sing-along-dance-party with in the Washington State Capitol Rotunda to make sure Washington legislators don't forget about kids and families this legislative session. The fantastic parents, tots and friends that joined us proved that Political Activism + Dance Party = Silly, Affective Fun. Caspar Babypants and Tots Rock the House and the Senate Thanks so much to Caspar Babypants for leading the sing-along-dance-party, to Majority Leader Senator Brown for kicking off the party, and to all the many, many dancing tots and parents who joined us...
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State of the Union: Don't Lose the Family Amidst the Headlines

January 27, 2010
In listening to the political commentators prepare for the State of the Union Address tonight, most of them are telling the President that he must reframe the discussion, have courage, and focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. I think that the President is doing something quite courageous that SADLY may be missed in the media dissection of, and public debate about the speech. If the messages being disseminated from the White House and from the Vice President's Task Force on Middle Income Families in the past days are true, the President will not only be focusing on jobs, but he will be focusing on what...

Hungry children can't wait!

January 9, 2010
'I ask why they don't have any energy, and they say they haven't had enough to eat,' Jackson said. 'Then I talk to their mothers and they tell me there's no food in the house. It breaks my heart every day,' says program director Rita Jackson." Washington Post 1 in 4 children in our nation are on the brink of hunger ; and we need to fight together to get them help right away. Passing the Access to Nutritious Meals for Young Children Act would be a big step forward for hungry kids by helping programs like Jackson's ensure that millions more children across our country have access to healthy...
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Olympia, WA day one

December 3, 2009
To start, I am a 25 year old mommy of three, all under the age of 6!! As most parents do I think my little ones are amazing and I wanted to be as active as I could in their educations and lives. I got started in Head Start a year ago and with my oldest son and quickly got involved in the Policy Council. From there I learned of the Parent Ambassador program through Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP, and applied for it. Since then I have been on the move and trying to stay as involved in the policies that affect my children and family as well as all other families and...