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Crossroads: Will We Let a Generation Grow Up Poor?

November 3, 2010
Every seven seconds, a baby is born in the United States. Recent Census data suggest that more of these babies than ever before are born into poor families. Yet poverty, let alone the extremely high rate of childhood poverty, wasn’t part of the public discourse this election season. Poverty is going to continue to grow unless we make a decision to address it–a decision that will take significant investments. In this difficult budget time, these investments must be cost-effective and based in the best knowledge we have. We need to decide what is best for the country: billions of dollars in tax...

What I Learned At the Mothers Conference

October 31, 2010
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ I was at Rutgers University on October 19th for the "What Mothers Want" conference and it was a mamapalooza of the first order. It'd be hard to say who was the more interesting - the experts and advocates at the mic or the totally engaged and informed audience. Everybody knew motherwork was hard, vital, and made unnecessarily more difficult by the way work and family life are currently structured. Research presented let us listen to the opinions of thousands of mothers as they...
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Live from the House, it’s Nancy Pelosi!

October 31, 2010
Recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi participated in a Tweetchat organized by MomsRising. The questions poured in from a diverse group of participants. Dozens of individuals, bloggers, organizations, media and even a fellow legislator (Rep. Rosa Delauro) joined in to chat about everything from the latest legislation impacting moms and families to secrets from the Congressional restroom. Quick media coverage of the tweetchat came from The Hill, a DC paper, which posted this article with some fun and informative highlights minutes after the tweetchat ended. Here’s a sample of the back and forth:...
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Majority of Voters Support Workplace Flexibility, Job Quality and Family Support Policies

October 29, 2010
by Robert Drago and Jeffrey Hayes New data collected for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) by Precision Opinion finds widespread support across party lines, gender, race and ethnicity for policies that will assist working families and protect workers’ rights, especially for low income workers. The majority of registered voters favor political candidates who will promote policies that increase workplace protections from unfair treatment, and provide paid leave and flexibility to meet family care giving demands—and women consistently show greater support than men. “To excite...
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ELECTION 2010: Governor Schwarzenegger's Legacy--Successful “welfare to work” program to ineffective “work to welfare program”

October 28, 2010
The lives of low-income working mothers and children are hanging in the balance with California Governor’s economically irresponsible and morally reprehensible line-item veto to eliminate the Stage 3 child care program . Despite having a bi-partisan “hand shake deal” that would have protected child care subsidies, the Governor shocked the legislature by claiming the cuts were necessary to bolster up a “rainy day fund.” Well Governor, it’s been pouring down on low-income mothers for way too long, and it’s raining right now! His cut will impact 60,000 low-income families, 81,000 children, and...

"School Reform" Manifesto: The Reality Check

October 25, 2010
Last week the Corporate Model School Reformers issued a manifesto. Like most manifestos, it’s simple and slick … and wrong.
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"Banging Little Body" and "Tight Little Butt"- Must Women Running for Office Put Up With This?

October 18, 2010
Wonder why we’ll likely have fewer women in Congress after the November elections than we’ve had in the last three decades? [1] Well, one reason might just be because the current women running for office are too often subjected to outrageous sexist comments from media pundits and commentators--commentators who talk more about female candidates' physical attributes than about the attributes of the policies they support. From likening female U.S. Senators to prostitutes, to rating candidates based on their body shapes, media commentators are repeatedly crossing the line. [2] For example, on...
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Leading the Way: Unions as Family-Friendly Employers

October 15, 2010
We know the value of unions to working Americans: unionized workers make more money, have more access to pensions, receive better health insurance, and have safer workplaces. Less known but equally critical is that unionized workers also receive more generous family-friendly benefits – union members are more likely to be in workplaces that promote a healthy and viable balance between work life and home life. But what about union staff? Working Mother recently released its rankings of the 100 Best Companies for family-friendly benefits and programs, and the National Education Association (NEA...

Chicago Sit-in for an Elementary School Library

October 12, 2010
Sometimes it's easy to forget that I live in a world of relative privilege. No, I'm not a millionaire or getting ready to jet off to any exotic location for the holidays (though I did see some interesting "wildlife" in South Beach while attending a recent conference !). In my suburban neighborhood, even with cutbacks and belt-tightening, we've got good schools, libraries and lots of resources for our children. In many inner city neighborhoods in America, that's not the case, and it's often the fault of adults who have other agendas. I was shocked when my political gal pal Veronica Arreola,...

Share Your Story on 10.10.10 - One Day on Earth

October 6, 2010
Imagine what it’s like when musicians from disparate countries, playing diverse instruments, dedicated to different genres come together on one stage, having never met each other before. Initially the collaboration produces dissonance, but among skilled practitioners dedicated to their craft, disharmony transforms into harmony and something altogether new forms. This is what took place in 2008 at the World Festival of Sacred Music, and became the inspiration to create a similar collaboration, but this time using the medium of film, with the whole world as its stage. The project One Day on...
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