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Toddler Thursday: Shoe Tie Practice Board

August 30, 2012
Welcome to Toddler Thursdays! Join us every Thursday on the MomsRising blog for crafts and recipes for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as news and tips on childcare and early education. Sometimes I feel like we are the A-Team around here! Did you ever watch the A-Team ? It was one of my favorite television shows in the 1980's. If you think about it, it was the ultimate DIY show. In each episode, the A-Team would scavenge around for materials to create something essential to hatch their plan. Part of the comedy (and awesomeness) of the show was the silly stuff they would use. For instance,...
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Washington, Are You Listening? Invest in Education with One Simple Change

August 20, 2012
Patrick Pylvainen grew up in a small town outside Minneapolis. The Minnesotan college student has seven siblings, so he borrows money for his tuition — Stafford loans from the federal government, plus loans from private banks that require interest payments while he's still in school. Now, those more affordable federal loans are in jeopardy. The cascade of federal budget cuts expected to begin in January would slash every single program the government classifies as "discretionary," including funding for education. That's heartbreaking, since public investment in education was a driving force...
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First woman to moderate a presidential debate in DECADES.

August 14, 2012
Candy Crowley. Image via Wikipedia. Great news yesterday! FINALLY, after decades without a female moderator, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that a woman, Candy Crowley of CNN, would moderate one of the three nationally televised Presidential debates. [1] Woot! *Click here to congratulate Candy Crowley on being the first woman in decades to moderate a televised presidential debate - AND while you're at it, submit a question for consideration for inclusion in the presidential debates. Show politicians and pundits that it's time to take the issues of American moms and families...
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Election 2012: What's the budget impact on moms and families?

August 14, 2012
If there was ever any doubt that the U.S. federal budget would claim center-stage in the 2012 presidential race, it vanished with Mitt Romney's selection of House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) as the GOP Vice Presidential nominee. Although Mitt Romney has emphasized he will run on a Romney budget, not a Ryan budget, he has already endorsed central elements of Ryan's plan – such as significant cuts to Medicaid and education – and has indicated that the Congressman will play a lead role in shaping the Romney/Ryan platform. Paul Ryan's federal budget proposal includes sweeping changes that...
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It’s National HIV Awareness Month — Have You Talked to Your Kids?

July 26, 2012
When I was in college during the first years of the AIDS epidemic, I assumed that by the time I had a child, all kids would be taught about HIV in school. In the past 20 years, lots of evidence shows how HIV education helps young people make healthy decisions including delaying sex and using condoms when they do have sex. So, it is extremely frustrating that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that the percentage of students nationwide being taught about HIV/AIDS has fallen by eight percent over the past 14 years. This month there’s been a...
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Teens Need Guidance on Healthy Relationships

July 16, 2012
As the mother of a teen, I’ve approached that point in parenting where I’m compelled to spend much of the next several years concerned about the nature of my child’s relationships and when and whether they might involve sex. I know I’m hardly alone in this worry since, as a sex educator, I’ve spent much of my career addressing how other parents can help their kids make smart choices about sex. Yet I’m also clear that there are other, more disturbing, aspects of teen relationships that get less attention. Teen romantic relationships can be very intense, and sometimes, unfortunately, violence...
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Raise Your Hand If You Want Representation

June 27, 2012
Alright folks, let’s take a poll: Raise your hand if you think our current media system covers the issues you care about and gives you the information you need to better understand the world around you. If your hand is up, lucky you. If your hand is down, you’re not alone. Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission invited the public to its headquarters to find out what researchers have learned about our information needs, and particularly about barriers to accessing critical information like news, emergency information, and information about local elections. It was a staid affair. A...
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Dear Southwest Airlines, Our Children Are Paying Attention. Stop Degrading 50% of the Population

June 18, 2012
Photo from: More and more people are recognizing the exploitation of women's images in the media and the impact it can have on our daughters -- and our sons. They are pushing back, not gonna take it anymore. I am impressed by the mainstream embrace of courageous campaigns, like my local Costco's sales of the DVD of the documentary Miss Representation . When I see dads on Facebook reposting links to the Dove Soap campaign for Real Beauty , glimmers of hopefulness are stoked in my heart. But then, almost as my optimism begins to sink in, I'll overhear a popular --...
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What do President Barack Obama, Senator Olympia Snowe and Oprah Winfrey have in common?

May 30, 2012
Like 1 of 11 people in the United States, they spent some part of their childhood being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. This practice, called kinship care, has grown over the last decade. Last week, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a KIDS COUNT policy report, Stepping up for Kids: What Government and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families , which shows that more than 2.7 million children across the nation are being raised by kin. These families can provide safe, stable and nurturing homes for children suffering from the trauma of parental separation and other...
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Breakfast in Bed is Nice, but a Seat at the Table is Invaluable.

May 11, 2012
Meet Annie Spiegelman, a Bay Area mom who blogs as " The Dirt Diva " on matters of love, gardening, and cultivating a healthy planet. Just in time for Mother's Day, Annie shares her interview with Rachel's Network Co-Director Laurie Syms on the evidence that women in Congress, regardless of party, support the environment at rates that outpace their male counterparts. A Rachel's Network report entitled "When Women Lead: A Decade of Women's Environmental Voting Records in Congress," compares the environmental voting records of Congresswomen and Congressmen from the 107th through the 111th...
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