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Babies’ Mental Health Matters

April 18, 2016
When we hear about a person’s mental health, it’s often in the context of a problem – a colleague is struggling to handle stress at work, a friend’s child is having behavioral problems at school, or a family member has received a diagnosis. And almost always, these discussions are limited to older...
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Courageous Conversations: How Moms and Families Can Have an Impact on Social Emotional Development through an Anti-Bias Approach

April 18, 2016
Moms don’t need much convincing: we know that the early childhood years are critically important in setting the stage for all that life has to bring, and the ways that children learn how to respond and react. Young children’s social and emotional development - that is, how they learn to relate to...
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My #InsideOut Story: How Social and Emotional Learning Made a Difference for My Kids

April 18, 2016
As a mother of two, including one with special needs and a birth defect, I have seen first-hand how parents, children and society all win when families have access to high-quality affordable childcare, early learning programs, and mental health programs that take children’s social and emotional...
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Supporting Social and Emotional Learning through Every Student Succeeds Act

April 18, 2016
A core component of a healthy school environment is supporting social and emotional learning. Social and emotional learning includes knowledge and skills such as understanding and managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, feeling and showing empathy for others and making responsible...
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The ABCs of ACEs #InsideOut

April 18, 2016
Underlying the buzzwords “social emotional health” and “trauma-informed care” is some astounding new knowledge that will knock your socks off if you haven’t heard about it. And once you grok it, it will change your entire outlook on why humans behave the way they do, including kids. This new...
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Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities: Creating a just, healthy and resilient world

April 18, 2016
Community networks organized around ACEs and resilience, like those participating in MARC, provide a ready vehicle for concerned moms (and non-moms) to join the movement to end childhood trauma and to create a just, healthy and resilient world.
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Who helps the helper? #InsideOut: Why attending to Secondary Traumatic Stress is an imperative for Early Learning Programs

April 18, 2016
“Who helps the helper?” In a new documentary, Portraits of Professional Caregivers: Their Passion and their Pain , this poignant question is posed by an early childhood educator. Over the last decade a plethora of research has emerged demonstrating that exposure to trauma and violence in early...
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Maverick, Violet, and How Trickle-Down Economics Fails to #ActOnPoverty

April 15, 2016
Maverick Bishop says he and his mom have stayed in every homeless shelter there is in San Francisco. When there wasn’t room in the shelters, they slept in hospital lobbies, along with other, even-less-desirable locations. Yesterday, he shared his story with members of Congress to try to protect and expand programs that helped him and his mom, and shed light on the need for more resources for programs to help others escape poverty.
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Our Voices for Our Issues

April 11, 2016
You would think a first time mother’s reaction to “congratulations, you are pregnant” would be happiness and not an anxiety ridden look of utter confusion. We had been trying for quite some time and I even went on a dose of Clomid so yes, we were hoping and expecting this news, but what I was not...
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Let's make early learning a priority in all cities

April 5, 2016
I know there’s a whole lot of yuck happening in national politics right now, but we have good news! In spite of all the yuck, local leaders are doing GREAT things on early learning across the country. Leaders like Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who is piloting an evidence-based 4-year universal pre-k...
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Women’s March on Washington and Sister Marches Across the Country

January 21, 2017

No matter where we are, in person or in spirit, we are marching together!

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