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Mom Victory! My son knows it's important to eat healthy, fresh food. But it's still not easy to get him to actually eat it. That's why I'm so proud of getting not only him - but his ENTIRE CLASS OF 4-YEAR OLDS - to eat Rainbow Salad Wraps on this Food Revolution Day (#FRD2014)! Woot!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is a great opportunity to add some oomph to that neverending struggle to get kids, and families, to eat healthy. Hey let's face it - it was also a good reminder to me about the importance of healthy eating. 

The kids thought it was great fun to shred veggies, pick parsley, mix yogurt dressing, and fill our wraps. They also learned basic cooking skills, including how to use a box grater safely! 

It took us about 20 minutes to prepare our ingredients, then it was on to EATING the wraps! Every kid in the class took at least two bites. A huge victory. They also left with a renewed appreciation for fresh and local foods, and or the art of cooking (yes - 4 year olds shredding veggies is best described as "art"!).

Check out the links and photos below!

Yum yum veggies!

Yogurt dressing!

The finished product! 

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