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Summiting Together

July 21, 2014
The White House Summit on working families was last month, but we’re still riding the high of the momentum and energy cultivated at such a groundbreaking event. The fact that our nation’s leaders dedicated an entire day to issues that MomsRising members have been working on since we were founded in 2006 is huge.
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LIVE from #Netroots: #FoodFri + #Detroit Food and Water Justice

July 18, 2014
We're excited to be tweeting LIVE from Netroots this week! Join us as we have a vibrant discussion about #Detroit food justice and water. "Detroiters are symbolic of the core values of most people in this country."-Monica Patrick #nn14 #DetroitWater #Detroit — MomsRising (@MomsRising) July 18, 2014 Join us this Friday, July 18, 2014, at 1 p.m., EST as @MomsRising chats with @PeoplesWaterDet . During the chat we'll touch topics that Detroiters are experiencing, including: Detroit's current water crisis as a public health issue with clear public-health oriented solutions intersections of health...
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Changing the Workplace With Four Walls, a Chair and a Lock

July 8, 2014
I recently had the opportunity to attend the Southern HR Managers Conference. And I left there feeling positive about what employers were taking back to their organizations on the importance of four walls, a chair and a lock. And how these things help moms out when they return to work.
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Great Work Cultures Big Tent Initiative -- Moving from Command and Control to Respect and Empower

July 7, 2014
Turns out that pretty much all the good work culture practices that are good for moms are good for everybody. And movements are more powerful when they inspire everybody!
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Top Summer Kid Care & Activities

July 7, 2014
School’s out and summer is here! As a kid, that meant sunshine, long days full of fun, and all the perks of summer: BBQs, popsicles, swimming, summer camps, and no homework! As an adult and as a soon-to-be parent, it leaves me with more questions than anything!
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#FoodFri Healthy Recipe #4thOfJuly Tweetchat

July 2, 2014
This 4th of July, my family and I are heading to a family shindig. We'll be spending time with family and friends around the pool and laughing around the backyard tables.
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A Bipartisan Answer to Hungry Kids During the Summer

July 2, 2014
Only 1 in 5 eligible kids access the Summer Nutrition Program. These leaves behind a lot of hungry children June through August. Luckily, a bi-partisan group in Congress is coming up with some answers to this problem.
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10 Tips for Finding Safer, Non-Toxic Sunscreens

July 29, 2013
One of my least favorite things about parenting is applying sunscreen to my small children. The kids despise it. They squirm. They scowl. They walk away. It takes parental persistence and fortitude to apply sunscreen-- and then, 2 hours later (or sooner if you have a fair skinned kid like I do) to dry them off, and reapply.
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