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    Back up Erin TODAY as she goes to WalMart!

    Posted January 15th, 2013 by

    Have 10 seconds to spare? Today, moms are at the Danbury, CT, Walmart–just minutes away from Sandy Hook Elementary–urging Walmart to keep its promise to stop selling assault weapons.

    And these moms need a little telephone back up, which you can provide from the comfort of your home or office.

    Can you help us strengthen our moms’ message? Take two minutes to call Walmart headquarters today (right now!) to let them know that families don’t want assault rifles on our store shelves.

    *Just click here to make a quick call now:

    Why are we doing this? We couldn’t quite believe it when we heard that Walmart–a place where many moms take their children to shop–is the nation’s top seller of guns, including assault weapons. Neither could Erin, and hundreds of thousands of moms across the country.

    So today, Erin, a Connecticut mom of a toddler and baby, and other area moms will visit their local Walmart in Danbury, CT. They are going to deliver MomsRising’s petition urging Walmart to stop selling military-grade assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. The Danbury Walmart is just minutes away from Newtown, where the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings took place, and yesterday was the one-month anniversary.

    *Do you have a moment to make a quick call?

    It’s easy! MomsRising’s handy calling tool will remind you what to say right before we connect you directly to the Walmart consumer hotline. And it takes just two minutes! Your simple message will be:

    I’m a mom (or dad/grandmother/whatever family title you prefer) and a member of MomsRising. I’m asking Walmart to stop selling assault rifles immediately.

    *Click for the toll-free number to dial the Walmart headquarters now:

    Your calls will help us send a clear signal to Walmart that parents are demanding action. As news comes in about our Connecticut petition delivery, Walmart will be getting calls from YOU. This combination of activity on one day will be powerful.

    Walmart operators are trained to collect customer feedback, and will record how many callers support these changes. And we’re happy to report that Walmart’s operators are super-friendly and respectful too!

    *Call Walmart headquarters now:

    Together we are a powerful voice for moms and families!

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    January 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm by Ashley

    As women I believe we should make informed decisions. As Americans I believe we need to make decisions based on our CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Let us not make decisions based on strategic, publicized, media enforced scare tactics. We are women and we react based on emotions. Let us not make haughty decisions that will forever effect the state of our nation, for the worse. I urge you to be more informed about what is actually going on in the United States and in the world, not just what we see in the news and on the television.


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