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#5Actions of the Week: June 15, 2018

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June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and all of us at MomsRising are excited to celebrate—and we also recognize how much work we still have to do to reach full LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc) equality in our country. This Pride Month, let’s remember that policies that impact people in LGBTQ+ communities impact us all. Scroll down to request your free MomsRising Pride Month signs! 

Other top actions this week include speaking out about bump stocks, family separation and childcare. We're also looking for inspired members to host KeepMarching book parties! You in? Sign up below!

Please remember to share this list with friends and family, and thank you for all you do!  

1. ACT NOW: Ask Trump, Nielsen and Sessions to Keep Families Together! 

BACKGROUND: Lives are on the line. Children’s lives. Our nation's treatment of immigrant children, women, and families is devastatingly wrong. We cannot let the practice that Trump has put into place of purposefully separating children from their moms and families at the border to continue. We cannot allow human rights violations in the name of immigration enforcement to go on. *Sign on to urge President Trump, U.S. Attorney General Sessions, and D.H.S. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of intentionally separating children from their parents!


2. Get Together with Other Cool, Secret, Superhero Moms and Friends!

BACKGROUND: Are you interested in getting together with other MomsRising members and friends at a time & location of your choice? We're going to launch with book discussions, using the exciting and well-reviewed new book that covers all the top topics and tactics of the women’s movement today, Keep Marching. We'll provide a discussion guide and support, and you pick the time & venue, and have a great time! It's that easy. Sign up today! 


3. Tell the ATF: Ban Bump Stocks Now!

BACKGROUND: There is no reason that any American civilian should own bump stocks. These deadly devices turn semiautomatic firearms into machine guns by enabling weapons to produce automatic fire with a single pull of a trigger. Machine guns do not belong on our streets. The ATF has proposed a new rule that would ban bump stock-type devices by reclassifying them as “machine guns”. The new rule language is currently open for public comment, and we need your voice to help push it through! Submit a comment to ATF now - say you support their proposed bump stock ban – these dangerous devices have no place in our communities.


4. Tell Us Your #Movement4Childcare Experience!!

BACKGROUND: To build momentum nationally for childcare at the Grassroots Assembly for Childcare and Early Education *next week*, we need families (like yours!) to share their experiences in order to show our leaders that high-quality, affordable childcare is a priority for their constituents. The good, the bad, the complicated - we want to hear it! Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping elected leaders understand why supporting access to high-quality, affordable childcare is so important. Are you struggling or did you struggle to afford high-quality childcare? Are you a care provider who isn't earning a livable wage? Did you/did you have trouble finding a childcare program that works for your family? Please share your experience!


5. Download Pride Month MomsRising Signs!

BACKGROUND: LGBTQ people are parents, people of color, immigrants, and workers. While fighting for LGBTQ+ equality sometimes means fighting for specific rights—like transgender folks having access to changing their gender markers on their birth certificate - it also means fighting for equal pay, health care, a higher minimum wage, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, gun safety, maternal justice, and so much more. Please join us in calling attention to all of the issues we still fight for every day with our special MomsRising Pride signs. Fill out the form, and we'll email you a link to download your favorite signs to honor LGBTQ Pride Month!

6. BONUS: Stand Up for Families This Father's Day!

Father's Day is this Sunday. Join us to speak out about families being separated at the border by calling 1-855-440-1800 and telling your US Senator to end family separation! And check out five impactful ways to take action around family separation on the MomsRising blog.

Thank you for all you do, and #KeepMarching! 


UPDATED: 5 QUICK IMPACTFUL Actions to Take NOW on Family Separation!

We are in a moment of crisis and national outrage over the treatment of families separated at our border by order of the Trump Administration. At this very moment, communities are coming together to speak out against the cruel and inhumane actions against families seeking refuge. And at this very moment, no matter where you are, there are actions YOU can take that will help! 

We’ve listed below the top actions you can take immediately to make a difference. Please share this post widely!

Who are the families coming to the U.S. borders? So many of these are families seeking asylum for the safety of their children — which is a right protected by both U.S. and international law

No parent wants to disrupt their child’s life by taking them from home, friends, and family. For many, seeking asylum is an act of desperation to protect a child from violence.

It's the most basic instinct in the world for a parent to seek safety for their children. Generations of immigrants have come to America fleeing war, persecution, and famine.  Parents shouldn’t be treated with such cruelty for seeking asylum for their families. In fact, the U.N. Human Rights office is so concerned about about the Trump administration policy that they have called on the administration to "immediately halt" the intentional separations of children and families. 

In these incredibly challenging times, we need you to take action NOW, more than ever. Here’s how:


  *Children’s Lives Are On The Line! Protect Children, Women, and Families AND STOP Family Separation!

AND THIS ONE IN SPANISH: Dile al DHS y al Congreso: ¡Separar a los niños de sus padres es cruel e inhumano!

Why do petitions matter? Petitions present the emotions and demands of large groups to politicians succinctly and effectively. We want the Trump administration and our elected leaders know that moms and families across America are vehemently opposed to the policy of separating children and families.  With petitions, people come together to raise one collective voice, and that voice is amplified with each signature. These petitions also let the online community – including asylum seekers, immigrants, refugees, and other people living in fear of family separation by ICE – know that there are thousands of people who are standing together with them.

* BONUS: Join our Spanish language action arm, MamasConPoder:


Photo Credit: Agatha Bacelar

Your elected officials represent and work for you. Let them know that you believe #FamilesBelongTogether, and that they need to take action now! Call the Capitol at (855) 440-1800-- we'll connect you to your member of Congress, and then you can say something like:

“I am very upset that our government is separating children from their parents at the border.  I ask you to stand up against this cruel policy, stop funding it, and demand that the administration ends this policy right away.”


Many cities and states have local organizations that provide legal support to immigrants, especially those seeking asylum and who are impacted by the family separation policy. Do an online search for “free legal help for immigrants in (your state)” to discover your local organizations, and donate and volunteer to support their efforts. 

Family separation doesn’t just happen at the border, so you can find organizations you can support in your state.

You can also attend one of the many of events across the country happening today. See what’s close to you! Click here at the Families Belong Together website:


We need all voices coming together at every level to ensure that our leaders know that family separation must stop! Speaking out in our own communities at the local level is incredibly important. Here’s one easy way that makes a BIG impact: Write a letter to the editor to your local paper! 

We make it easy-- we will find your local paper and provide you with talking points and guidelines. Just click here to start-- it takes about five minutes or less! Click here:

Amplifying the conversation online is crucial as well! Share your support for immigrant families on Twitter and other social networks by using the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether. 

Here are sample posts you can share on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever you gather online with family and friends:


Please let us know in the comments what you’re doing to speak out, whether it’s sharing this post, attending an event in your community, writing your own blogpost, talking with your friends and family. Every action helps and ideas for further actions are welcomed! THANK YOU!

BONUS: Can you donate to support this work? Every donation helps us stand up for women, kids, and families:

We are now a country where a breastfeeding mother can have her baby torn out of her arms and whisked away by the government and disappear, just because she dared flee violence and seek asylum at our borders.  This is every mother's nightmare, and an affront to decency and our country's values. The surest way to fight such immoral policies as family separation is to make sure the will of mothers and family members is expressed through our electoral process. Please donate now to support this work:

*UPDATED: More ways you can help:

From Family Separation to Family Jail? NOT Okay!

Kristin's picture

Today’s Executive Order (EO) proves that the voices of moms, dads and people are powerful. But this EO does not stop the Trump administration from continuing human rights abuses, like imprisoning entire families, in the name of immigration enforcement, so we will continue to keep our voices raised, our calls going into Congress, and our letter writing, petition signing and rallying at full throttle. Imprisoning children with their families is still imprisoning children.

The moms of America have zero-tolerance for Trump’s human rights abuses.

It’s long past time for the President’s lies and destructive immigration policies to end. Children deserve to be with their families outside of cages and they deserve to have their rights protected. Families should not be imprisoned. Reuniting children with their families and then imprisoning them indefinitely in jails or detention centers is no solution, nor is forcing them to return to the violence and danger they risked their lives to flee. Trump’s EO today did not resolve these matters.

Our nation must do better than this.

The entire nation and world have been horrified by the cruel, vicious way the Trump administration has treated asylum-seeking families, causing deep and lasting trauma to children and parents who come to our country seeking help and escape from violence and natural disaster. The administration’s actions have been, and still are, completely indefensible and absolutely immoral, and mothers across the country – from First Ladies to everyday moms – have roundly and rightly condemned them. The Trump administration has been undermining our values and disgracing our nation.

Quite simply, our nation’s aspirational founding ideals in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were that everyone should have freedom from oppression and persecution, as well as liberty and justice. Those ideals haven’t been met yet. We’re still working on creating a ‘more perfect union,’” as written as an aspirational goal in the U.S. Constitution. We can’t allow human rights abuses in the name of immigration enforcement to continue to happen -- and we also can’t turn our backs on one another now.

The Trump administration created this crisis and the Trump administration must offer real solutions that treat immigrant and asylum-seeking families with fairness, compassion, care, dignity and respect.

SIGN OUR LETTER: Repeal tax cuts for 1% and Wall Street!

Today we are marking the six month anniversary of the passage of the disastrous Trump-GOP Tax Plan.

Who have the winners been? Millionaires, billionaires, and mega-corporations.

Who have the losers been? Me, you, America’s working families, and our economy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! The so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is still wildly unpopular even as some workers have seen a meager, short-term increase in their paychecks. People realize that it’s really a massive wealth shift to help the already wealthy get even more money! The rhetoric the president and GOP Congress used to peddle this piece of legislation has proven to be lies.

But, there is still time to fix this terrible policy. And we need YOU!

***SIGN our letter to the U.S. Congress calling on them to repeal the tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations and instead pass tax policies that boost working families!

It’s been six months since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed and if we were teachers grading the success of this tax policy we would be giving it a giant F!

The Trump GOP tax plan is more like a tax scam. It has failed to:

-Increase worker payNope!  Only 4% of workers so far are getting a bonus or wage hike due to the tax cuts. Corporations are giving huge windfalls to their CEOS and wealthy shareholders in the form of stock buybacks instead. Companies from Harley Davidson to Kimberly-Clark (the makers of Huggies and Kleenex) have been announcing major layoffs at the same time as they are spending millions of dollars in stock buybacks. And who do the stock buybacks benefit? The wealthy of course— who have already seen a windfall in tax breaks from the Trump-GOP tax plan. President Trump and his GOP cronies promised that the benefits of the tax plan would “trickle down” to working families, but as we have learned time and time again, trickle down economics does not work. In fact, it’s almost as if the opposite of what they are promised is happening. These broken
promises matter because even prior to the Trump-GOP tax plan being passed, workers were experiencing a historically low share of corporate income.

-Create tax fairnessNope again! Unless Congress takes action, the vast majority of the Trump-GOP tax cuts will go to the wealthy and mega-corporations, not working families. In fact, 83% of the tax cuts go to the richest 1% once the law is fully implemented. What does this mean in real dollars? The average tax cut for the top 1% is $51,000 this year alone. The rest of us are looking at about a dollar a day.

-Protect our healthcareNope, nope, nope!  Slipped into the final Trump-GOP tax policy was a provision that repealed the requirement for healthy individuals to buy health coverage if they can afford it, leading to 13 million people losing health coverage by 2025. They did this in order to help pay for their ridiculously expensive health plan and sneak in a blow to the Affordable Care Act to win Republican political points.

-Lower the debtNope again times $1.9 trillion. The Trump-GOP tax cuts cost $1.9 trillion, greatly increasing the national debt and leaving a legacy of debt for generations to come. This is giving conservatives and excuse to demand deep cuts to healthcare, nutrition, and education programs to pay for the tax cuts. The cost of this tax plan has ballooned even from six months ago and if the GOP gets its way, the cost will continue to go up as they move to a second phase of tax reform.

The damaging Trump-GOP tax plan is a complete failure any way you look at it. It fails our families, our workers, and our economy.

***Sign our letter to Congress now telling them to repeal the Trump-GOP tax cuts for billionaires and mega-corporations and instead pass policies
that boost working families and our economy.

You spoke out loudly while the faulty Trump-GOP tax plan was being considered. You called, you wrote, you tweeted, you told your stories and you showed up at your elected officials' offices. Now is the time to do it again. Why? Because believe it or not, the GOP Congress is considering a “Phase 2” of the tax plan. It’s unpopular among voters and hasn’t helped our economy, but still they think they can push through more harmful tax policies by the end of the year, especially a policy that would make permanent the trillions of dollars in tax cuts given to the 1%.

This is why we need YOU to speak out now and sign our letter to the U.S. Congress telling them to repeal the tax cuts for the 1% and Wall Street!

We want to send a strong message to Capitol Hill that these tax policies are harmful to our families and we want them repealed. After you take action, please forward this blog to your friends and family and post our action link to Facebook. The more of us that speak out, the louder our message will be. 

Thank you for continuing to speak out for our working families and the economy! 


The Human Needs Report: Immigration bills in the House, a better bill for SNAP, FY19 spending, and more

The Coalition on Human Needs just released another edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for the latest on immigration bills in the House, advocates fighting to stop family separations at the border, a better bill for SNAP, a spending cuts package, and FY19 spending work. Click here for a PDF version.

Senate to Take up Spending Cuts Package this Week
The Senate will take up the White House’s proposed package of domestic spending cuts, also known as rescissions, this week, just in time to meet the June 22nd deadline for using special rules that would allow the package to pass with a simple majority vote. All Democrats in the Senate are expected to oppose it, and its passage in the Senate is not a done deal, since several Republican senators have also voiced concerns about the package. READ MORE »

FY19 Spending Season in Full Swing
Fiscal Year 2019 spending season is in full swing, with appropriations work taking place in both chambers. Here are just a few of the highlights and lowlights from some of the bills that have moved in the past month, including in the areas of labor, health, education, low-income housing, and more. READ MORE »

Senate to Take up Bipartisan Farm Bill, While House to Vote Again on Harmful SNAP Cuts
The Senate Agriculture Committee approved its bipartisan version of the Farm Bill on June 13, clearing the bill for Senate floor action as early as this week. The bill includes the reauthorization of SNAP/food stamps but without the deep cuts and harmful changes to SNAP that were included in the House bill. Even though the House bill was rejected on May 18, House leaders may bring the bill back up for another vote this week. READ MORE »

Immigration Bills in Flux in the House
The House is expected to vote this week on two immigration bills opposed by advocates, but the future of the votes is uncertain. The more restrictive of the two bills, sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, is considered by advocates to be extremely anti-immigrant. The second bill would maintain many of the harmful pieces of the Goodlatte bill while creating a new merit-based visa program for Dreamers. READ MORE »

Advocates Take Steps to Stop Family Separation at the Border
On June 17, Father’s Day, members of Congress and demonstrators opposed to the separation of immigrant children and their parents arrived at detention facilities in McAllen, Texas and in New Jersey. Previously, advocates from across the country joined together at events in more than 60 towns and cities on June 14 to protest the Trump Administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at U.S. borders. READ MORE »

The Human Needs Report is the regular newsletter on national policy issues affecting low-income and vulnerable populations from the Coalition on Human NeedsSign up to get the Human Needs Report delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to CHN's blog, and follow CHN on Facebook and Twitter.

#FamiliesBelongTogether: Sign to OPPOSE the Ryan & Goodlatte bills!

Three children hold signs in support of immigrant rights inside the U.S. Capitol.

Trump is using children as hostages to bargain for his anti-immigrant agenda! It’s outrageous.

On Friday, President Trump suggested that he won’t change HIS new policy of intentionally separating kids from their parents, unless Democrats agreed to his other destructive immigration demands. 

Trump’s demands include passing a very dangerous bill proposed by Speaker Ryan. This bill will NOT end family separation. Instead, it would result in children being detained indefinitely in worse conditions, without basic standards for their care or well-being. It would also result in the near immediate return of other children to the very life-threatening conditions they are fleeing and from which they are seeking asylum (a legally protected right in both national and international law).

*Tell your members of Congress NOT to let President Trump and Republican leadership use children as hostages in order to bargain to pass Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda!

What’s happening?

On September 5 of last year, the Trump administration revoked the legal status of 800,000 DREAMers* that has allowed them to be able to work, go to school, and continue to contribute and live in the communities where they have grown up. 

Then in April of this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would begin intentionally separating parents from their children at our border, reflecting a pattern of breathtaking cruelty by this administration — and within two weeks of this policy going into effect, more than 650 children were intentionally separated from parents at the border. After failing to pass a bill that protected DREAMers and also failing to protect children from family separation, U.S. House Republicans are proposing a vote on two awful, terrible, very bad bills that will give bare bones legal status to a small group of DREAMers in exchange for decimating the pathway to legal status and asylum for other immigrant children and families.

The first bill is a so-called "compromise" Ryan bill, which is not a compromise, but rather another very harsh attack on immigrant children and their families.

Here’s what this terrible Ryan bill will actually do:

  • It Does NOT Not End Family Separations!
  • It Keeps Children in Detention For Longer Periods of Time. If passed the bill will allow for children to be kept in government detention centers for longer periods of time in jail-like hardened conditions without basic standards for their care or well-being.
  • Makes it Easier to Send Away More Children More Quickly. This Republican bill eliminates protections for young immigrant children and would allow DHS to quickly deport children without fully considering their asylum claims.
  • Shrinks the Number of Asylum Seekers By Making it More Difficult to Apply. It would change the law to facilitate the swift removal of asylum seekers and make it harder to apply for asylum.
  • Eliminates Special Protections for Children. The bill would terminate special protections for children in jail including suitable living conditions, routine medical care and emergency health services, and recreation time and counseling services necessary for the well-being and healthy development of any child. The bill would also prohibit any government funding for counsel for children — leaving many small children without a voice in the courtroom.

Completely unacceptable!

* Tell Congress to oppose both the Goodlatte and Ryan immigration bills!

The second bill is a bad faith bill, known as the Goodlatte bill that would provide legal status to only as little as 10% of DREAMers, which is completely unfair, while also:

-> Making it twice as difficult for Black and Latinx immigrants to gain legal status 

-> AND providing additional resources to the very immigration agencies that are separating kids from their parents and that have been found by the ACLU to be committing human rights abuses in the name of immigration enforcement! 

We all must speak up!

* Sign on to our letter to Congress now, telling them not to pass these terrible bills that endanger children and separate them from their parents.

The more people who make their voices heard, the bigger impact we can have. Please take a moment to forward this email to your friends and family and post this link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

The United States of America, as we know it today, was founded in part by people who were seeking refuge in a new land. Our nation’s aspirational founding ideals in the United States Constitution were that everyone should have freedom from oppression and persecution, as well as liberty and justice for all.

Those ideals haven’t been met yet. We’re still working on creating a "more perfect union," as written as an aspirational goal in the U.S. Constitution.

We can’t allow human rights abuses in the name of immigration enforcement to continue to happen — and we also can’t turn our backs on one another now.

It’s time to reach for that "more perfect union," not tear it apart, not intentionally separate babies from their mothers, and not close the door to opportunity for all of us.

Thank you for all you do. Together, we are a powerful voice for families!

Want to do more? Read this next:

* Then watch this DREAMer's story:

How You Can Help to End Family Separation Right Now

MomsRising supporters hold signs to show support for immigrant families' rights.

The Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have chosen to criminally prosecute 100% of people who have crossed between official border crossings, regardless of whether they are seeking asylum, resulting in the wholesale separation of parents from children when they are traveling together. There is no law that mandates this, nor is there any need for a legislative fix for this practice. This “de facto” family separation policy can be rescinded at any time by Sessions. Seeking asylum is a right guaranteed by United States and by international law, however under the Trump administration asylum seeking parents are being arrested, taken to court, and in some cases sent to federal prison. 

Families belong together; taking kids away from their parents is traumatizing and immoral.

Like separation, long-term detention of mothers and children is also not the solution to processing asylum-seeking families at our border. There are more humane and cost-efficient alternatives that have proven effective. The Family Case Management Program which President Trump terminated, allows families to be released together and monitored by caseworkers.  Despite claims that families won’t show up for court, the program had a 99% success rate of court attendance. 

Ways You Can Work to End Family Separation 

Reach out to your elected officials

Lawmakers can and should take the lead in calling out this inhumane policy. Has your elected official spoken out against family separation yet? Use our call in tool to be connected with your member of Congress by dialing (855) 440-1800. When connected, you can say something like:

“I am very upset that our government is separating children from their parents at the border. I ask you to stand up against this cruel policy, stop funding it, and demand that the administration ends this policy right away.”

President Trump suggested that he won’t change his policy of intentionally separating kids from their parents, unless Democrats agree to his other immigration demands, which include funding for his border wall AND the gutting of basic protections for kids in immigration proceedings, which would allow kids to be jailed for longer periods of time and would allow DHS to quickly deport children without fully considering their asylum claims. 

Trump is using children as hostages to bargain for his anti-immigrant agenda, so even as you reach out to elected officials, it’s important to reinforce that this problem can and should be fixed administratively

Visit your elected officials' offices

Lawmakers depend on contact from their constituents to gauge what people in their districts care about, which is why you dropping by in-person will make a strong impression. This is a critical time for them to hear from you about the need to stand up for immigrant children and families. 

Download the MomsRising’s Keep Marching toolkit for guidance on planning a meeting with your elected officials (pages 9 to 11).

Talking points

Ask your lawmakers:

  • To speak out against the Trump administration’s intentional policy of family separation if they’ve not already, and thank them if they have been vocal.
  • Call on Congress to stop funding family separation, and for them to demand that the administration ends this policy right away.
  • Ask them to visit the United States border to experience first-hand what is happening to asylum seeking families. 
  • Ask them to also visit the courtrooms where children sit before an immigration judge, by themselves, without a lawyer, to understand the obstacles and trauma that children in the immigration system face.

Policy Guidance 

You don’t need to be a policy expert to visit the offices of your elected officials, here are some resources you can use to prepare for your visits, and links to fact sheets that you can drop of with the offices. Let us know if you’re planning a visit so that we can back you up, and answer any questions that you may have. 

Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) advocates for the rights of women, children and youth displaced by conflict and crisis. Visit their website for up to date policy guidance and resources on family separation.

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) works to ensure that kids do not appear in immigration court without representation, and to lobby for policies that advocate for children’s legal interests. Visit their website for more information and resources on how to best support immigrant children.

KIND and WRC family separation fact sheet / KIND and WRC family separation fact sheet in Spanish 

U.S. Attorneys

The Department of Justice instructed 5 United States Attorneys to adopt a “zero-tolerance” policy on prosecuting illegal entry cases referred to them “to the extent practicable.”  The U.S. Attorneys can exercise discretion and decline to prosecute or delay the implementation of the policy. Contact the offices of the Attorneys to ask them to decline to comply with this cruel policy. A good place to start is John C. Anderson in New Mexico and Elizabeth A. Strange in Arizona.

State Governors

State Governors have some discretion on how immigration agents and facilities operate in their states. How are immigration policies being enforced in your state? Contact your Governor’s offices to ask if they can ensure that immigrants in your state are provided with due process and treated with dignity. Even where your Governor is limited in how they can intervene, they can make their voices heard by speaking up for immigrant families and helping pass legislation to limit state cooperation with ICE.

Addressing Corporate Support of Family Separation 

Corporations, some that we use everyday, are facilitating family separation. The Department of Homeland Security works with dozens of corporations we know and use everyday. For example, Accenture, a major consulting firm, is providing tools for immigration enforcement and hiring 5,000 new agents for the very border agencies that are ripping children from their parents. Tweet and message their CEO and board of directors to rescind these contracts that are facilitating families being torn apart. *Here’s a sample tweet that you can cut and paste to use:

Dear @accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme & company - #FamiliesBelongTogether. Please rescind your contracts to help Customs & Border Patrol hire 5,000 additional agents, who may be used to facilitate families being torn apart.

Volunteer Locally

Family separation doesn’t just happen at the United States border, immigrant families in every state are being torn apart. Additionally, with thousands of children being separated from their parents at the border, children from asylum seeking families are being sent across the country and will need support. 

You can support lawyers and advocates on the front lines, by volunteering with:

Other states 

Many cities and states have local organizations that provide legal support to immigrants. Do an online search for “free legal help for immigrants in (your state)” to discover your local organizations, and donate and volunteer to support their efforts. 

For lawyers who are in direct contact with families, Women’s Refugee Commission has resources to support families experiencing separation, in both English and Spanish. 

Write an Op Ed Or Letter to the Editor

Legislators keep track of media coverage of issues, so it’s critically important to keep family separation in our national, state and local media. One way you can do this is by writing an Op Ed. The Op Ed Project has information on how to go about writing and submitting your Op Ed. Speaking out in our local communities is also incredibly important. We make it easy to write and submit a letter to the editor to your local paper. We will find your local paper and provide you with talking points and guidelines. Just click here to start-- it takes about five minutes or less.

Protests and On the Ground Actions 

Visit the Families Belong Together website to find the latest information for on the ground and local actions.

Share your story

Immigrant families are facing threats to their safety and well-being daily and we cannot stand on the sidelines and simply let it happen. Whether you are an immigrant, love the immigrant communities in your life, or just believe in justice for all - we need to hear from you! Share your story here!

Share on social media

Amplifying the conversation online is crucial as well! Share your support for immigrant families on Twitter and other social networks by using the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether.

Here are sample posts you can share on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever you gather online with family and friends:

For more info, read this post next: 5 Quick Impactful Actions to Take Now on Family Separation

Join us Wednesday for a chat about Pride Month and LGBTQ Health!

Picture with the words, "LGBT Health PRIDE Month #WellnessWed Tweet Chat, Wednesday, June 20th @2pm ET" and organization logos

Please join us on 6/20/18 at 2pm ET for a bilingual #WellnessWed Tweetchat about Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Health!


  • Topic: Pride Month and LGBTQ Health; Mes del Orgullo LGBTQ Y Salud de la Comunidad LGBTQ
  • Date: Wednesday, 6/20/18; Miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018
  • Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET
  • Hashtags: #WellnessWed, #Pride2018
  • Hosts: MomsRising, MamasConPoder
  • Guests: Out2Enroll, Community Catalyst, PFLAG National, CenterLink Action Network, National Black Justice Coalition, Raising Women’s Voices

Important Reminders

  • All tweets must include the #WellnessWed hashtag to be part of the Twitter chat stream.
  • Retweet questions that you are responding to, so your followers can follow the conversation even if they’re not following the chat.
  • Responses should include the question number you are referencing [i.e. answers to questions 1 & 2 (Q1 & Q2) should begin with A1, A2, etc.]


  • MomsRising: @MomsRising
  • Guests: @Out2Enroll, @HealthPolicyHub, @PFLAG, @LGBTActionLink, @NBJContheMove, @RWV4HealthCare
  • Spanish: @MamasConPoder

We look forward to Tweeting you there!

5 Acciones PODEROSAS Que Puedes Hacer Hoy Para Poner Fin A La Separación Familiar

Estamos viviendo un momento de crisis y de indignación nacional por el trato que la administración de Trump está dando a las familias inmigrantes en la frontera. En este momento, muchas comunidades estamos protestando en contra de las acciones crueles e inhumanas para las familias que están buscando refugio en nuestro país. ¡Y en este mismo momento, no importa donde estés, hay acciones que TÚ puedes tomar y que podrán hacer una diferencia!

En una lista te tenemos las acciones que puedes tomar para hacer una diferencia. ¡Por favor, comparte este artículo!

¿Quiénes son las familias que están viniendo a las fronteras de EE.UU? Muchas de estas familias están buscando asilo por la seguridad de sus ninos - que es un derecho protegido tanto por los EE.UU como las leyes internacionales.

Ningún padre busca interrumpir la vida de su niño al llevarselo de la casa, de los amigos, y de su familia. Para muchos, buscar asilo es un acto de desesperación para proteger a sus niños de la violencia.

Es el instinto más básico de un padre querer buscar seguridad para sus hijos e hijas. Generaciones de inmigrantes han llegado a los EE.UU escapando de la guerra, la persecución y del hambre. Los padres no pueden ser tratados con tanta crueldad por buscar asilos por sus familias. Es más, la oficina de los Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas está muy precoupada por las políticas de la administración de Trump que han pedido a la administración a "parar inmediatamente" la separación intencional de familias.

En esta época tan complicada, necesitamos que tomes acción AHORA, más que nunca. Esto es lo que puedes hacer: 

ACCIÓN 1: FIRMA ESTA PETICIÓN Dile al DHS y al Congreso: ¡Separar a los niños de sus padres es cruel e inhumano!

Y EN INGLÉSChildren’s Lives Are On The Line! Protect Children, Women, and Families AND STOP Family Separation!

¿Por qué las peticiones importan? Queremos que la administración de Trump y sus líderes electos sepan que las madres y las familias en EE.UU están en contra de las políticas de separar a los ninos y familias. Con peticiones, las personas se convierten en una sola voz colectiva, y esa voz es amplificada con cada firma. Estas peticiones también permiten a la comunidad en línea -incluyendo aquellos que buscan asilo, inmigrantes, refugiados, y otras personas que viven con miedo debido a la separación familiar por parte de ICE - hay miles de personas que están junto a ellos.

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Tus oficiales electos te representan y trabajan para ti. ¡Hazles saber que tú crees que #FamiliesBelongTogether, y que ellos necesitan tomar acción ahora! Llama al Capitolio al (855) 440-1800-- nosotros te estaremos conectando a tu miembro de Congreso, y luego puedes decir algo así como:

“Estoy muy enojada que nuestro gobierno esté separando niños de sus padres en la frontera. Te pido que protestes en contra de esta política tan cruel, y se deje de ser financiada, y demanda que la administración ponga pronto fin a esta ley."


Muchas ciudades y estados tienen organizaciones locales que proveen apoyo legal a los inmigrantes, especialemnte aquellos que buscan asilo y que están impactados por la política de la separación familiar. Haz una búsqueda en linea escribiedno "ayuda legal gratuita para los inmigrates en (tu estado)" y descubre tus organizaciones locales, dona y participa como voluntaria para apoyar estos esfuerzos. 

La separación familiar no pasa solamente en la frontera, así que puedes encontrar organizaciones para apoyar en tu estado.  

También puedes asistir a unos de los muchos eventos en todo el país que están pasando. ¡Encuentra un evento que esté cerca tuyo! Haz click aquí en el sitio web de Families Belong Together:


Necesitamos todas las voces de cada nivel para asegurar que nuestros líderes entiendan que la separación familiar debe terminar ya. Alza la voz en tus propias comunidades en el nivel local es extremadamente importante. Aquí hay una forma fácil en hacer un GRAN impacto: Escribe una carta al editor de tu periódico local.  

Lo hacemos fácil-- encontraremos tu periódico local y te proveeremos con puntos de discusión y guías. Solo haz click aquí para empezar -- toma cinco minutos o menos. Puedes hacer click aquí:


    Por favor hazno saber en lso comentarios lo que estás haciendo para alzar la voz, ya sea compartiendo este artículo, asistiendo a un evento en tu comunidad, escribiendo tu propio artículo, habalando con tus amigos y familia. Cada acción ayuda e ideas para futuras acciones son siempre bienvenidas. GRACIAS.

    BONUS: ¿Puedes donar para apoyar este trabajo? Cada donación nos ayuda a defender a las mujeres, niños y familias:

    Somos ahora un país donde a la madre lactante alguien se le puede llevar a su bebé de sus brazos y ser llevado por el gobienro, solo por huir de la violencia t buscar asilo en nuestra frontera. Esto es la pesadilla de cada madre, y es una afrenta a la decencia y a los valores de nuestro país. La forma más segura para combatir estas políticas inmorales como lo es la separación familiar es asegurar que los deseos de las madres y de los miembros familiares sean expresados en el proceso electoral. Por favor, dona ahora y apoya nuestro trabajo:

    QUICK SIGNATURE: Build MOMentum for the Seattle Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!

    With everything that's going on right now, it can be easy to feel helpless. But amid all of the chaos and hate coming out of the Trump Administration, we have a powerful opportunity to take positive, proactive action here at the local level and pass policy that charts a stronger path forward. And we can do that by passing the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

    → Take action now to support the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for Seattle!

    Domestic workers take care of our families, our homes, and our children. Yet, too often, domestic workers are left out of basic labor laws like workers compensation and unemployment insurance. And domestic workers are usually left with few options when they aren't paid for their work or suffer sexual harassment in the workplace.

    That's why domestic workers and high-road employers are coming together along with Seattle Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, the Seattle Domestic Workers Alliance, Casa Latina, and Working Washington to develop a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for the City of Seattle.

    In fact, the City Council will be holding a hearing on the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights next week!

    Before next week's hearing, we need to show City Council that moms, dads, and families in Seattle are rising for a strong Domestic Workers Bill of Rights! Click here to send an email straight to Council!

    *Can you attend next week's hearing with us? Click here to learn more and RSVP!*

    Building on victories for domestic workers in California, Hawaii, and New York, we can pass a best-in-nation Domestic Workers Bill of Rights that other cities and states use as a model! Seattle has led the country in our work to pass paid sick days, a strong minimum wage, and secure scheduling. Together, we can make history again by passing the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

    We can win a MOMumental victory and pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Click here to sign on in support!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    P.S. Do you employ a domestic worker? Domestic workers are nannies, house cleaners, gardeners, or home caregivers. If you do and you believe in a strong Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, reply to this email and let's talk. City Councilmembers especially need to hear from employers like YOU that Seattle families stand with domestic workers!

    P.P.S. Have you joined the Washington State MomsRising Facebook group yet? Connect with other moms, build community, and learn more about online and on-the-ground opportunities to build MOMentum on policies that boost moms and families! Join on here!