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Sign now to support Biden’s COVID plan!

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Jan. 2021 COVID Relief Petition

“We not only have an economic imperative to act now, I believe we have a moral obligation. In this pandemic in America, we can not let people go hungry. We can not let people get evicted. We can not watch nurses, educators, and others lose their jobs, we so badly need them. We must act now and act decisively. My fellow Americans, the decisions we make in the next few weeks and months are going to determine whether we thrive in a way that benefits all Americans or that we stay stuck in a place where those at the top do great, while economic growth for most everyone else is just a spectator sport and where American prospects, dim, not brighten.”

- President-elect Joe Biden, January 14, 2021

Last night, President-elect Joe Biden laid out a bold, comprehensive plan to bring our country back from the personal, health, and economic despair brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. [1] From vaccines to childcare to paid family leave to addressing the staggering levels of hunger in this country to raising the minimum wage, the Biden Rescue Plan is the type of approach our country so desperately needs.

The direction of the country is changing, but President-elect Biden can't do it alone! We need YOU to speak up right now! 

→ Tell Congress to get moving and let the Biden Administration know that we are here advocating for change too! (When you click, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information)

Words hold power. So we stood up and applauded when President-elect Biden said these words last night (and now we need to raise our voices to make this vision a  shared reality!):  “Imagine millions of jobs in our caregiving economy to ease the financial burden of caring for young children and aging loved ones. Let’s make sure our caregivers, mostly women, women of color, and immigrants, have the pay and dignity they deserve.” - President-elect Joe Biden

***SIGN OUR LETTER NOW calling on the new Biden Administration and Congress to take immediate action to turn those words into policy that helps our families, communities, and economy deal with COVID! (When you click, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information)

We have no time to waste. COVID relief must be the first priority of the new Biden Administration and Congress next week -- and relief must move forward as soon as possible. Why? Because women and especially moms and moms of color are hurting. As the latest jobs report shows, women of color are bearing the brunt of the economic devastation the pandemic has brought: Some 82,000 Black women and 31,000 Latinas lost their jobs in December and there are indications that white women made gains. [2] Many more women and moms were forced to leave the labor force in the face of virtual schooling, dwindling child care options, and our nation’s lack of paid sick days and paid family leave. Overall, there are nearly 2.1 million fewer women in our country’s workforce today than were in it before the pandemic began, and even more women and women of color working part-time because they cannot find full-time jobs. Our economy will never thrive if women are not fully represented in the workforce.

The pandemic has shown the gaping holes in our system that leave women, and especially moms of color, behind. Our failure to make real investments in childcare, universal paid leave and sick days, and fair wages, along with anti-discrimination policies, has meant this pandemic has buried women financially and set them back decades, as more and more women lose their jobs or are forced to drop out of the workforce to attend to caretaking demands.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

This discrimination and failure to advance change has to stop now! Our elected leaders must do better! We need comprehensive COVID relief, including real policy change now!  And together we can make that happen.

**Add your name to our letter, which we will deliver to the new Congress and Biden Administration in the coming days. (When you click, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information)

At the end of 2020, after political infighting and endless negotiations, we were able to get some COVID relief. But many of our families are still struggling, had to wait too long, faced gaps in their unemployment payments, and too many families still face evictions, utilities shutoffs, or inability to pay their bills. And not enough has been done to make sure families can still access emergency paid leave, our childcare infrastructure is saved and supported, or states have the funding they need to robustly roll out the COVID vaccine.

Action is needed and it is needed now! Our letter to the new Congress and Biden Administration states the following:

“Members of Congress and Biden Administration -  As we enter 2021, COVID still rages on with hospitals throughout the country reaching capacity, vaccinations falling far behind the amount needed to protect vulnerable populations, children still out of school and businesses closed, and jobless numbers still at a record high, predominantly impacting women, especially women of color. This is all at the same time that 1 in 4 children are living in hunger because of the impacts of COVID and over 389,000 lives have been lost to this virus.

We call on our elected officials to take immediate action to help protect all of our families regardless of immigration status, children, communities, and economy and put an end to this deadly virus. Any COVID-relief legislation should include:

  • Help for parents to support their families, including extended and strengthened unemployment benefits, an extension of emergency paid leave and paid sick days, and protections from evictions and utility shut-offs;
  • A minimum of $50 billion dedicated to a childcare stabilization fund through the passage of the Child Care is Essential Act to stabilize the childcare industry, support and ensure programs don’t close their doors permanently and can reopen, safely meeting all new regulations, and ensure parents, particularly moms, aren’t pushed out of the workforce because of childcare breakdowns;
  • Financial relief in the form of direct payments of at least $2,000/person, including for immigrant families and an expansion of the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC);
  • Funding to support a scaled-up distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, with the federal government taking on a key leadership role and achieving a goal of 1 million doses a day in the first 100 days. This includes vital aid to state, local, territory, and tribal governments;
  • Ensure struggling families can access nutritious food during this economic crisis by boosting SNAP and increasing funds for school meals and other nutrition programs that are in unprecedented demand.

What our families and economy are facing continues to be a crisis and our elected leaders must treat it as such. We expect your support and immediate action!”

***Can you sign on to our letter calling on Congress and the new Biden Administration to take immediate action on COVID relief? (When you click here, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information)

There is no time to waste! Once you sign on to our letter please forward this email to your friends and family so they can sign on as well. You can also post our action link: on social media. We plan to deliver our petition to the new Congress in the coming days, so the more people who sign our letter the better!

I know these are tough times. But we so appreciate you continuing to raise your voices and speak out for the things that really matter to our nation, families, and economy! 

P.S. We have a much more comprehensive document with our full COVID priorities for the new Congress and Administration, which you can find here.

P.P.S Are you still out of working and relying on unemployment benefits? Did you lose your emergency paid leave at the end of the year? Are you struggling with childcare/virtual schooling? MomsRising wants to hear from you! Share your COVID story with us here.


[1] “Joe Biden Speech Transcript on COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan.” January 14, 2021.

[2] “The US economy lost 140,000 jobs in December. All of them were held by women.” CNN, January 8, 2021.

What You Need to Know About the New Federal Emergency Paid Leave

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A colorful graphic that says "Families First Coronavirus Response Act"]

Big News! For the first time ever, thanks to the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act, our nation will have a *limited*, nation-wide, paid sick days and paid family leave law in place during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new law is a huge deal and we all helped make it happen. Thank you!

But how will it work? Who's covered? How do you access the benefit? Scroll down for useful resources including a detailed fact sheet and handy infographic. 

Editor’s Note: This information is accurate as of today, 4/17/2020. These policies are continuing to evolve at the federal level, as well as at the state levels, and they may change, so please check back here on the MomsRising blog regularly for updated information.

While this package is a huge step forward, it's not enough. As many as 96 million working people are not covered, and it expires at the end of 2020. So be sure to click the link to take action on our petition calling on leaders to do more, and share your story about needing paid leave, too. We must keep the pressure on.  

MomsRising will keep updating this information and sharing additional resources as they're available.

The Facts: Who's covered, how it works, and more. 

Quick overview on the blog: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: New federal paid leave laws and what they mean for our families

Fact sheet to download and share: 

Check if you're eligible:


The Work! We must keep the pressure on to win paid leave for all! 


Review the Week: What's on Your Checklist? [Jan. 15, 2021]

A graphic of a MomsRising January Checklist including Convict Trump in the Senate instructions

ICYMI: One theme ran through each of these popular MomsRising posts for the week ending Jan. 15, 2021. We must do the difficult things to right the ship. 

FACEBOOK: January Checklist

Many parents have lists to help organize time and resources...groceries, household to-do's, birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

MomsRising members have a special kind of list, and it looks something like this.

LET'S GET STARTED: January Checklist

INSTAGRAM: The Grown Ups of America Say...

This post hit a nerve. 

DOUBLE TAP IF YOU AGREE: Remove the Mofo! 


BLOG: A Foundation of Accountability

Member Daniella Knight shares her thoughts about the way forward after Trump's tumultous and disastrous presidency. 

"Our Country is facing a set of challenges rivaling the Great Depression, and our very survival depends on our ability to unify...But, this will not be possible if we don't properly address the events of January 6th, and the conditions which made it possible."

READ IT: A Foundation of Accountability

A Foundation of Accountability

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A watercolor painting by a 9-year old, depicting three people sitting on a hill facing away]

I became a parent for the third time shortly after the 2016 election, and I vividly remember the sinking feeling of doubt and fear of bringing another child into a world where the United States would elect someone like this as our president. As the descendant of Austrian-Jewish immigrants, the thought of a leader who supports and sympathizes with Nazis and white supremacists was more than just worrisome. I wondered whether this was what my grandparents went through as young adults. Whether my grandmother’s family in Vienna knew that their life was in danger as Hitler rose to power, or whether they could never have imagined being driven from their home, their careers, their community, and seeing their brethren perish. Striving to be a positive and happy parent, I tried to push aside the pain in the world, at least temporarily, so I could fully focus my attention on my newborn boy, and his loving older siblings. 

Our eldest was only 5 in 2016, but I was bracing myself for many difficult conversations to come, as parents do, regardless of who was in the White House. I knew that one day we would have to talk about painful issues like racism, discrimination, and school shootings. As this presidency unfolded, the events became progressively more incredulous and bizarre. As I tried to instill kindness, compassion, and conscientious living as values for our young children, we had a leader who was erratic, unstable, and unmanageable, essentially turning the country’s highest office into nothing more than a tacky reality show. As we struggled to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, he mocked and minimized the virus that has claimed the lives of almost 400,000 Americans, and more around the world. I also saw the sad decline of the Republican Party, who although I didn’t align myself with, I considered an important part of the democratic process. 

Long gone were the days when my father-in-law would attend both caucuses in his home state of Iowa, and listened as intently to Republican candidates as he did Democrats and Independents. It became increasingly clear that an entire half of our democratic machine had been taken over by those who will at best humor the narcissistic ramblings of a deeply insecure con man, and at worst spin disinformation and exploit his supporters for their own financial gain.  

I took comfort in the fact that Americans were not staying silent on this and millions took to the streets to stand up to the inherently racist structure that has kept people of color and minorities in a struggle for justice for far too long. When those same people took to the polls in November 2020 we declared that enough was enough, and that we no longer wanted to stay on this path. That we want to work together to make life better for all of our communities, not just a select few.

I didn’t expect there to be a gracious and mature concession speech, but nothing could have prepared me for the denial, the embarrassing weeks of false fraud claims, the frivolous lawsuits, and their culmination in the events of January 6th. This is not to say that I was surprised that a group of election deniers would come to protest president-elect Biden’s confirmation, or that there would be demonstrations. I was not prepared, however, to have to explain to our now 9-year old, why our outgoing president was at the ellipse riling up supporters to interfere with the democratic process, and that the authorities were unable and/or unwilling to deploy adequate resources to contain this insurgency when the entire year of 2020 was marked by an overabundance of law enforcement resources responding to peaceful protests. 

How do I explain to her that white supremacists, wearing Nazi paraphernalia, waving confederate flags were freely walking around the halls of our Capitol building, vandalizing the offices of our elected officials, and disrespecting our laws and political process? How do I explain to her that not only did our president watch this unfold without condemning it, but also had the power to stop it and declined to use it. How do I tell her that it was our vice-president who eventually called in our National Guard, and that several of the responsible parties present at the Capitol that day were retired or off-duty military and law enforcement? Those who are tasked to protect us. How can we trust our institutions, when after the death of four insurgents and two Capitol Police officers, there were, on the day, minimal arrests, and the party of “Law and Order” is currently urging the nation to turn the page and unify, rather than deal with the consequences of their actions? 

Our country is facing a set of challenges rivaling the Great Depression, and our very survival depends on our ability to unify. Congress, President-elect Biden and Vice-president-elect Harris, all our state and local officials, and all of our communities have an enormous task ahead of us in healing the wounds from a long battle with Covid, which is not yet over, and digging our nation out of a massive recession. It will take all of our strength and determination. But, this will not be possible if we don’t properly address the events of January 6th, and the conditions which made it possible. 

We cannot continue to ignore the disinformation machines, the peddlers of conspiracy theories profiting off vulnerable and disillusioned citizens, and those who amass power by spreading lies and fear of the “other.” If we shy away from this difficult work, the seeds of authoritarianism will continue to spread their destructive tendrils and undermine our ability to uphold our constitution and democracy. This is a movement which seeks to tear down everything we have built since the coming together of our founding fathers. One which desires not to participate, but tear down the political process and destroy all checks and balances in order to install the same kind of regime we fought time and again to defeat in the past. 

We must move forward, yes, and unify under common goals. To bring an end to the pandemic, to rebuild our economy, to eradicate the systemic racism of our political and financial institutions. But before we can embark on this journey and build the trust that we live in an equitable society which supports the growth of all of its members, there must be a foundation of accountability. Without accountability, we will continue to build our future on quicksand. 

The Art of Human Whispering

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A black and white photo of two horses nuzzling.]

The ranch is my office where my horse, dog and other animal herds are my teachers and co-facilitators. They help me see myself as a human animal and shift how I take care of myself and how I show up in my relationships and work. 

As mammals of the human variety, we’ve been profoundly socialized out of our animal tendencies and flooded with stimulation to our nervous systems. This has resulted in a survival-based numbing of those animal sensitivities that long ago guided our daily lives. With practice, space, quiet, and the unintentional guidance from others in the animal kingdom, we can reclaim some of our precious instincts. Among the most of important of those is the art of human whispering.

Consider one of my mares, Riva, who we sometimes we refer to as “the street mare” because she was actually picked up as a stray. With Riva, and other animals, we don’t have words to exchange our life stories. Instead, we have walked through all kinds of experiences together and how she responded with her body told a whole lot about her history and who she is.

Even with the gentlest touch, when I first started leading her with a halter (think of it as a collar), she would shake her head violently like her face was under attack. That’s part of her story. I don’t know what happened, but she showed me she has a sensitivity. Each time I led her and with each point of contact, she showed me who she was as an individual through her sensitivity to touch and pressure. I listened and responded by lightening my hand as much as I could, letting her know, “I hear you. I see you.” With each activity, she would show me another layer of herself. By my quietly waiting, paying attention, and listening, she revealed another chapter to her story. 

My experience with Riva reminded me of Parker Palmer’s work and this passage of his writing, “If we want to support each other’s inner lives, we must remember a simple truth: the human soul does not want to be fixed, it wants simply to be seen and heard. If we want to see and hear a person’s soul, there is another truth we must remember: the soul is like a wild animal – tough, resilient, and yet shy. When we go crashing through the woods shouting for it to come out so we can help it, the soul will stay in hiding, but if we are willing to sit quietly and wait for a while, the soul may show itself.”

While Riva wasn’t a wild animal when we first met her, the essence of her wildness was something she learned to guard. But in the past, too many approached horse training from the old paradigm of “breaking” animals through intimidation, pain, and control. Relationships were based in fear, not in trusting partnership. Thankfully, that’s changing, and more people have found horses have something to teach humans. Some refer to it as horse whispering, which is pretty accurate. We have to be willing to close our mouths, set aside our stubbornness, listen, and learn. We have to speak their language. They have so much to say!

Too often we lead and show up in our relationships with complete ignorance. We plow through each other’s sensitivities like heavy machinery. We have been “breaking” each other.  With a slight pivot, we can become human whisperers, changing our approach to relating in some simple but profoundly effective ways. The art of mindful relating, with horses or humans, involves some essential capacities to expand or skills to practice:

1. Assume there is a story. Everyone has a story, good or bad. Be prepared to look for it so you can get to know what others have walked through and who they are.

2. Lighten your touch. Horses love the soft feel of our hands. It turns out people don’t like it if you knock down the door of their spirit and come crashing in. We really need to respect, honor, and learn how to soften and slow down our approach in relationship.

3. Keep a curious mindset. Listening carefully and observing goes a long way. But when we take personally what we see or take too much responsibility for other people’s stories, we can no longer see them accurately. It’s called projection and it’s a huge problem for humans. Allowing others to have a separate but relevant experience in the world without inserting ourselves is one of the kindest relational moves we can make.

4. Be patient. People may need to show you or tell you their story many times. Making meaning of our experiences is unique to our human mind and it’s how we process who we are. It’s how we learn and how we heal. Listening without judgment and without trying to fix allows others to feel seen without feeling broken.

5. Slow down and be quiet. It’s simply impossible to increase our awareness of ourselves or our relationships if we are too busy, allowing too much noise or stimulation into our lives, or moving too quickly. Horses are great role models for setting a wise pace. They graze for 20 hours per day. It’s a slow and steady and peaceful progression through the world. Most people are shocked when they are finally able to slow down. Our worlds are full of amazing moments all day long. And, when we change our pace, we’re able to experience those moments, have a deeper connection to ourselves, and we can be much more available to relate more intentionally with the world of living things around us.

Calling California Families: RSVP to help shape the future of child care!

This year comes with new resolutions, but one of my goals has not changed: Continue using my Mom Voice to make our child care needs to be heard and prioritized. 

I am a mother of two and a full-time educator working remotely due to the COVID-19. Like many of you, I am continuously trying to figure out how to juggle the pressure of being 100% present at work while also having to meet my children’s diverse needs. Sound frustratingly familiar? Let’s talk about it. 

It’s been 10 months since COVID-19 hit and child care has not gotten any easier for my family. Before switching to remote work prior to the pandemic, my partner and I relied heavily on my mother and sister’s support for child care. We quickly had to figure out how to shift our child care needs while still ensuring we followed our social-distancing protocols and keeping my family safe. 

And my family isn’t the only one struggling with child care during the pandemic. 

Right now, 72% of moms with children under 18 are in the workforce. And while the recent COVID-19 relief coming to our state’s child care programs is a good downpayment to help alleviate the the strain on the system, it will be nowhere near enough to save our child care system if we don’t see additional action ASAP. 

That’s why we need to hear from you. We need to ensure that parents and caregivers are heard loud and clear so that solutions are built by families, for families! 

****RSVP**** to join our Family Friendly Virtual Listening Session, where we will come together to talk about our child care struggles amid COVID-19 on Saturday, January 23rd, from 10:30 AM-11:45 AM PT.

I enter into this year with new possibilities for change. That’s why it is more important than ever that we use our parent voices and speak up.

People often think of childcare as a “personal issue” and something that we should “figure out” on our own. However, we know that creating systemic change is the best way to support our California families during this unprecedented time. Because of this, I would like to invite you to join MomsRising and me for an opportunity to share our stories to collectively amplify our voices to show elected leaders that child care is an essential need in our state and nation.

Are you interested in helping shape child care conversations in California? Share your story and speak to other members in the Los Angeles County area on Saturday,  January 23rd, from 10:30 AM-11:45 AM for our Virtual Listening Session. Kids and all family noises and needs are welcome!

**Can’t make it? Take our online survey to provide feedback on some of the topics we will share in our virtual listening session. 

I hope that you consider joining me as we stand up for child care in California. Together we are a powerful voice for moms, children, and families!


From one volunteer to another: Donate to MomsRising today

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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a woman and her mother, seated on the floor in front of a low round table filled with 2500 handwritten postcards. One woman is holding a dog.]

Today I want to introduce you to a standout MomsRising supporter. Meet Miyun, a MomsRising volunteer who hand-wrote 2,500 postcards with her 80-year-old mom.

Miyun shared her story and picture with us:

Thank you so much for sending me 2,500 postcards. Even though my fingers and hand hate me now, it’s been so empowering writing messages to help get out the vote. My 80-year-old mother, Kyujung, despite the terrible arthritis in her hands, helped me, too. She could only write three postcards at a time, but she was so happy and thankful to be able to participate in this critical effort.

I’ve been involved in social justice activism for most of my life—human rights, animal rights, environmental integrity, and more—and knew I had to do more to help get out the vote. When I heard about MomsRising, I jumped at the opportunity it provided to do just that. In the midst of a global pandemic with so much fear and uncertainty surrounding all of us, we need to fight even harder for our future. Thank you, MomsRising, for your leadership.

Again, THANK YOU for all you do and all you enable us to do as volunteers!

Warm wishes,

This is the kind of power and spirit that saves democracy, moves critical COVID relief forward, and keeps our MomsRising movement strong everyday! 2020 has been a year of physical distancing, but also of powerful movement building. And you have been a big part of that. We hope you can now donate to the life-changing work of MomsRising , which means not only advancing key economic security and justice policies, and moving voters to ballot boxes, but also empowering volunteers like Miyun and her mother.

The truth is: We need your support now more than ever. It’s because of individuals like you making donations right now that we’re able to do everything that needs to be done to produce complex--and highly effective-- campaigns like the postcard campaign.

And it’s because of supporters like you that we can think even bigger for 2021! Together, we’ve accomplished so much in 2020, despite truly monumental challenges like dealing with a devastating pandemic. That’s why we know we can count on you, on us, together, to win even more for families in 2021. Can you chip in to support this work today?

We have BIG plans to build on the progress we made in 2020; and to make even more gains for parents, families, and children in 2021. Can you support this vitally important work with a donation today? Please let us know you’re with us by making an end-of-year contribution as we plan for 2021!

Together with supporters like you, we WILL continue to make progress, advance justice, and empower change. Please chip in what you can today to help MomsRising go into 2021 with strength and power!

Thank you for all you do!

P.S. There’s one more easy thing you can do -- please share this blogpost now with friends and family so we can raise our voices even more powerfully in 2021!
P.P.S. We made a minute-long video on the wins you powered in 2020! *Check out the short video here and please share!


MomsRising's picture
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo collage of MomsRising volunteers]

Pictures. Notes. Your messages… we love them all! And now, below, we’re excited to share some of our favorite pictures and messages with you. That’s right, as 2020 winds to a close, we’re sharing just a few of the powerful, joyful, from-the-heart notes and photos that literally thousands of MomsRising supporters like you have shared with us in the past year. Thank you.

Why share these notes? Because even though we’re experiencing a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and more twists, turns, and shenanigans than we can count, these notes and photos remind us that through everything, MomsRising supporters continue looking out for each other. And even though we’ve been physically separated this year, we’ve managed to organize as powerfully as ever, busting through one goal after another during election season and beyond.

Together, we’re not only facing 2020’s challenges, we’re envisioning even bigger steps forward for progress in 2021. Together, we’re amplifying our voices -- the voices of parents and caregivers, children and families, people at every stage of life. And make no mistake-- lawmakers, the media, and businesses are hearing us!

Together, I believe that we will win.

– Kristin, Anita, Nate, Ruby, Jordan, Sue Anne, Amber, Aryan, Beatriz, Beth, Casey, Christina, Claudia, Diarra, Diana, Donna, dream, Elyssa, Felicia, Gloria, Hanna, Jessica, Joy, Julia, Karen, Keisha, Kelle, Linda, Lisa, Lucrecer, Maggie, Marysol, Monifa, Nadia, Nancy, Nina, Rocío, Ruth, Sara, Shanette, Sheila, Sili, Tasmiha, Taylor, Tina, Tola, and Xochitl, and the entire MomsRising/MamásconPoder team



Just a few of the thousands of MomsRising supporters who joined together to help register voters and get out the vote


“I am 68 years old, my husband just had surgery. We are quarantined like everyone else. Your [organization] offered something hands-on, something a person like me can do to help.

Thank you for your work and including me in this little piece of hope.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

You are welcome, but I am the one blessed.”



“I don't remember how I first learned about the postcard campaign (somewhere on FB) but signed up immediately. I received my cards yesterday and they are in the mail back to you today...

I don't know if I will always have the means to donate but decided to donate my stimulus check to charities and decide MomsRising was a worthy one.

Thank you for all you do.”



“[I support MomsRising because] with everything going on right now, I wanted to be able to contribute in a way that keeps all of our babies and mamas alive, happy, and healthy.”



Thousands upon thousands of MomsRising supporters continue to speak out for justice for Breonna Taylor and for Black lives.


“The values that are promoted by MomsRising are the basic, common sense solutions that serve our democratic society well. They support human dignity and justice. I admire the energy and tenacity of the young women who initiated the MomsRising movement. Their skillful use of electronic communication is impressive and effective. May Moms Rising bloom and grow forever.”

— Leona


THANK YOU for being part of the MomsRising movement.