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Will never give up, although the 'system' is a failure..still struggling

We are of mixed race descent. My husband had renal failure in May of 2001, that same day (while he was being admitted into ICU), I recieved a call to come to Sacramento to rescue my four young grandchildren. The oldest was 3 years,the younger ones, triplets were 21 months old and had suffered neglect under the care of their biological parents, my bi-polar drug addicted daughter, and their father who was also addicted to drugs. At the time this happened I had been a dental office administrator for nine years in a Beverly Hills dental office and eventually forced to resign due to the amount of care my family needed. My husband was on Hemodialysis, and I was also forced to give up two of the triplets. Fortunately, my brother and sister in law in Portland Oregon wanted to adopt the two boys, and my husband and I adopted the older sister and the little triplet sister. I ceased being able to pay my health insurance after it became Cobra, @ $500.00 per month, and have struggled for the past thirteen years, but have always maintained enough of a job to not qualify for food stamps. Even when we had no food. I recently list my job, last June and because my last paycheck was $2000.00, even though my rent and car payemtn took all...I was told that I was not qualified for food stamps and we lived on my freshgrown cucum,ber, tomatoes and popcorn for most of the summer. Although I sent claims to EDD, the amount I recieved was a paltry7 $370., and had to borrow money from friends and family to pay the rent and car payment. I now have a job but am still struggling due to the commute and high cost of gas. My husband is alive and on a home peritoneal dialysis machine 10 hours every night.The girls are 14 and 16, but cannot participate in activities and sports due to me being the only working parent and having to commute I leave early and get home late. Our 16 year old studies and attends an accredited online highschool so that she can stay home and care for my husband while I work. I am now reaching an age that I am concerned for the security of my daughters. ( biological grand- daughters). I am 57, and now again working as a dental office administrator. I do not have the funds to send them to Universities. I hear Oregon has a 'pay it forward ' system now for several of its Universities. I hope it is adopted here in CA. Bottom line, why are we giving tax breaks and subsidies to the wealthy, when people who need a helping hand are starving? Why are we building Drones instead of clean energy systems? Why do our tax dollars get funnelled into weapons building and GMO farms when we could create better jobs and livelihoods, and treat one another with more reasonability. I witnessed first hand in the Carribbean what happens when weapons abound and education is lacking. Now, it seems that this is the new 'normal' in the USA , except for the elites. When everyone is starving, some people may commit crimes. People who wouldn't otherwise do so become desparate enough that they could become criminals to survive. In my opinion, the biggest criminals are those who are in power to make a positive change in this world and succumb to bribery and lobbyists for the big corporations who are taking the jobs out of this country and paying slave wages in third world countries.
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