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Where has our money really gone??

In my family, there are three children who have had serious auto-immune diseases. Two of them have had to rely on Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare/Medicaid because they were completely unable to work and care for themselves.

Fortunately, they had paid into the fund for years as hard-working, responsible American citizens, and were able to use some of the funds they'd helped create!

Additionally, my sister gave birth to a little boy with hypo-plastic left-heart syndrome. He would have died immediately, had it not been for the intervention of the Governor's office in Nevada to help him get the care he needed through Social Security and Medicaid.

My family's story is not unusual. There are millions of families who would be homeless and devoid of any income without the help of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Additionally, my family also works in the health care field - and has for generations. My sister is one of the gifted nurses who cares for the elderly and infirm who have been relegated to nursing homes because they are completely unable to care for themselves. What would happen to all those human souls who are so fragile and vulnerable is their medicare and medicaid benefits were stripped from them? They already have little or no voice - and they have NO financial reserves to speak of. These are usually people who have worked their ENTIRE LIVES contributing to the Social Security and Medicare funds, knowing that they may have to rely on those funds at some point in their lives.

Are our senators and congressmen so completely out of touch with their constituents that they really are not aware of the needs of the people they have sworn to represent and protect?

I would like an accounting of every dime that was "borrowed" from the Social Security and Medicare funds. I would like to know the names of the borrowers, the dates, the amounts and where that money went. This fund would be completely stable had those funds not been siphoned off for some patch up of the economy - and now my hard-working parents, my generation and future generations are in jeopardy of losing the support we've worked so darned hard to maintain. That was the American Taxpayer's money - my money, your money, my parent's money and my grandparent's money - and it has been squandered and stolen! I deserve to know how and where that money went - and how it's going to be repaid!!

I don't hear any talk about how we're going to replace that money or how to fix the problem. All I hear is a Republican grab to dismantle the whole program because they don't want to answer the tough questions and be responsible for their actions!

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