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Where do I begin?

Finding affordable, and at the same time safe and reliable, childcare has been a big part of my life since my first child was born in 2004. I only had 6 weeks off from work when she was born and had barely enough time to even find childcare before going back to work, let alone finding someplace great for her to spend her day. I interviewed several in home childcare providers, since a daycare center was going to be way too expensive. I was appalled at the choices I was finding in my area. I got lucky and finally met a stay at home mom, just by chance, who was willing to watch my daughter 2x per week for $50.00 per day. My husband and I staggered our schedules to avoid childcare for more than 2x per week for a while, this situation worked till she was one year old.

After that time, I again had to perform my search. (and by the way I had to do all of this searching before or after work, on foot or by bus since I didnt have a car). I finally found a place that seemed like it would work. The provider was willing to only charge me $800. per month rather than the usual $1000. per month for full time care (which was almost as much as our apartment rent at the time). My daughter seemed happy and safe there for some time till one week when the provider left town for a week without notifying the parents and our children were left with her 18 year old assistants. She was then shut down by the state due to that and because of other issues like unsanitary conditions. When she was shut down I lost the money that I had paid for the month along with my inital depsoit and again had to find another provider.

I finally felt fortuate to locate a childcare center after I moved out of the city, although it was still expensive and often inconvenient that it was closed all the time on days I still had to go to work on, it was finally a more stable and reliable situation. But I was extremly grateful when it was time for her to start actual school so I could worry less about where she would be everyday.

Now, we have a 5 month old baby girl as well. We have opted for my husband to stay home with the baby for now, because we have yet to find some place affordable and reliable for her to go to. Honestly I will avoid the situation as long as I can.

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